List Of 13 Best Social Bookmarking Sites With High PR

Social bookmarking sites are the online platforms that help a user to bookmark sites on a cloud-based server. Since this is done on a cloud-based server, the user can access it anytime and from anywhere. Social bookmarking sites also have the unique capacity to differentiate resources based on the category. As a result, social bookmarking is becoming hugely popular nowadays.

Social bookmarking is also one of the trusted off-page SEO activities. It can help you to get better backlinks along with the relevant traffic for your website. Once you do social bookmarking of your website and blog, you are expected to get indexed on leading search engines, resulting in better ranking for your website.

As a user, you can register on various social bookmarking sites. In those sites, you can tag your website or blog under different available categories. From the point of view of a marketer, social bookmarking is one of the most important tools for distribution and promotion of the desired content.


How does social bookmarking help in SEO?

These list of social bookmarking sites are very useful in your content marketing efforts. Generating good quality content is of paramount importance but unless you put your content in front of the relevant people, the content strategy would not work.

Here’s how these sites help you in SEO:

1) Indexing: Indexing on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo can be done quickly only by the effective use of social bookmarking.

2) Quality backlinks: It also helps you to get quality PR backlinks owing to their strong audience base.

3) New traffic: You can generate significant new traffic for your website or blog by submitting the content on social bookmarking sites.

4) Reduction in bounce rate: Social bookmarking sites helps you get more relevant traffic resulting in a substantial decrease in the bounce rate.

5) Improved domain authority: High PR bookmarking sites will also help you to upgrade your domain authority.



List of social bookmarking sites with high PR

Read below to find out the list of social bookmarking sites which have high page rank and will help you to get enormous traffic for your website or blogs. These are some of the most used social bookmarking sites and ideal ones for the promotion of your website or blog.

1) Reddit 

Reddit Social Bookmarking Site

Reddit is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites. This is a site where millions of users submit their content on a variety of topics. Reddit has got a bulletin board kind of structure which is subdivided based on categories known as subreddits.

On Reddit, you need to increase Reddit karmas by resubmitting Reddit posts created by others or by upvoting them. Once necessary karmas are accumulated, you can submit blog posts on Reddit.  To get more upvotes on your content try to put some links to popular websites or current news articles.

One thing that you must avoid while using Reddit is avoiding things that might fall under “spamming”. Once other users identify your content and style as spam, it would be really difficult to build a good repo.

Check out the site over here:


2) Mix (formerly StumbleUpon)

Mix Social Bookmarking

Mix (previously known as StumbleUpon) is a content discovery platform. It is one of the prominent social bookmarking sites using which the user can search and collect any linkable content. They can also share the content directly from this site.

In Mix, you can create the account using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account. In case you are an iOS user, share the content by using the iOS share menu. Once you share unique and relatable content you will surely receive a good amount of traffic from MIX.

Check out the site over here:


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3) Pinterest


Pinterest is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites used for graphical content distribution. On Pinterest, you can find out any content in graphical format. Upon joining,  you need to choose a few categories based on your interest.

You should create a board before the creation of a pin on Pinterest. The board title created by you must be SEO friendly and based on target keywords. You can pin your content on others’ boards as well once you join them.

Check out the site over here:


4) Bizsugar


In case you are a business owner or social media manager, you should use Bizsugar to promote your content. Bizsuagr is not only effective for social bookmarking but also useful for sharing your content and networking with others.

Remember it is very tough to push your own content into the Bizsugar website. At first, you need to post content from a high authority website into Bizsugar. Along with these, you are required to upvote or comment on others’ content. This will in-turn make your profile stronger.

Once it is done you can submit the content. For a better response take care of the title, category, and description of the content while submitting the content.

Check out the site over here:


5) Digg


Digg is one of the leading social bookmarking sites which also works as a news aggregator. In Digg, you can upvote any content which is known as digging and downvote any content known as burying.

You should create a strong profile and push relevant content to feature on the first page of Digg. These will help you to receive a good amount of traffic for your website or blog.

Check out the site over here:


6) is a popular site with a content curation tool. You can either bookmark your blog post or share a completely new article with a backlink to your original blog post on  The domain authority and Alexa rankings are very high for which will help you to get better backlinks.

You will be able to control multiple topics by creating a single account on While posting content on the site please make sure you have a catchy headline with high traffic keywords.

Check out the site over here:


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7) Folkd


Folkd is one of the most popular social search and social bookmarking site. It is having one of the biggest bookmarking communities. You can bookmark your favorite sites on Folkd. You can also share the content with your family, friends and followers on social media. Folkd allows you to achieve superior exposure to your content because of the decent amount of traffic.

Check out the site over here:


8) Slashdot


Slashdot is a social news website that also gets in the list of social bookmarking sites. It contains news stories about science, technology, and politics.

Each story is followed by a comment section where you can add comments online.

This is a very effective social bookmarking site for content promotion.

Check out the site over here:


9) Fark

Fark is a leading community website that can fetch a good amount of traffic for your website or blog.  It is primarily a news aggregator site with humor as an essential part of it.

In Fark, you can comment on a variety of daily news or interesting articles. As part of your content promotion activities, you can post your content on this website.

Check out the site over here:


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10) We Heart It 

we hear it

We Heart It is an image-based site with an emphasis on visual expressions. It contains several types of images based on categories. You can browse and select any particular image and organize them into collections on We Heart It.

You can also share the image you have selected with relatives, friends or colleagues.

Check out the site over here:


11) Pocket

pocket for Social Bookmarking

Pocket definitely makes it to the list of social bookmarking sites. It is available both as a website and mobile app form. You can easily bookmark any site or video of your choice using Pocket.

Since this is stored on a cloud-based server, you can access the bookmarks anywhere and anytime. Pocket is available on most of the leading browsers.

Check out the site over here:


12) Tumblr

tumblr Social Bookmarking Site

Tumblr is a micro-blogging website. You can share, explore and communicate about the things that you love using Tumblr.

Post your blog or video content on this site for quality backlinks.

Marketers love Tumblr because it is free and customisable to a great extent.

Check out the site over here:


13) Pearltrees

Pearltrees Social Bookmarking Site

Pearltrees is one of the leading social bookmarking sites. Using Pearltrees you can save any digital objects be it file, photo, note or video. You can also organize your elements into collections and sub-collections. Pearltrees lets you get substantial traffic to your website.

Check out the site over here:


Final words

Social bookmarking sites are the most unique and explored avenues of content distribution. Consider the top 13 social bookmarking sites listed above for the effective distribution of content.

You will surely get an additional boost for your content if you use them smartly and efficiently. Check out different tonalities of various websites for successful marketing of your content on any particular platform.


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Q. How helpful is a social bookmarking website in distributing content?

A. Social bookmarking sites are considerably helpful if you lack in house distribution methods or are looking for a broader reach for your content. Additionally, these are perfect for backlinking and other marketing aspects as well which also directly impact your SEO.


Q. What to keep in mind before choosing a good social bookmarking site for your blog?

A.  A number of things work for a decision to publicise your blog on a social bookmarking website. From finding a suitable audience to reachability to the most amount of people searching for similar topics, you would have to keep a lot of such things in mind.


Q. Why is a Social Bookmarking website important?

A. Social Bookmarking website works wonders in improving the overall google ranking of your page. These provide quality backlinks and other exposure opportunities.


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