Top 50 Blog Commenting Sites (High DA) To Get DoFollow Links

Blog commenting can prove to be one of the most effective marketing strategies if done correctly. And blog commenting sites are the ultimate gold mine if you’re looking for an easy way to amplify visibility and drive traffic to your blog. 

So in this article, let us talk about blog commenting and introduce you to the top blog commenting sites that will transform your business game with do follow links.

Top 50 Blog Commenting Sites

Here’s a list of top 50 blog commenting sites with high domain authority:

List Of Blog Commenting Sites For Digital Marketing

The top blog commenting sites for Digital Marketing are given below:

  1. Smart Passive Income: DA 63

List of Blog Commenting Sites Related to Internet and Social Media Marketing

Top blog comments sites that are into internet marketing, social media marketing are given below:

  1. Neil Patel: DA 87
  2. QuickSprout: DA 73
  3. ShoutMeLoud: DA 69
  4. Copyblogger: DA 78
  5. Yoast SEO Blog: DA 79
  6. Backlinko: DA 63
  7. Problogger: DA 77
  8. Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog: DA 60
  9. Unmarketing: DA 54
  10. Buildfire: DA 54

List of Blog Commenting Sites Related to Technology

The free blog commenting sites list related to Tech are given below:

  1. OnlineTechTips: DA 73
  2. Trak:  DA 64
  3. AllTechBuzz: DA 58

List of Blog Commenting Sites Related to Health & Fitness

The blog commenting list related to health and fitness for digital marketing are given below:

  1. 100DaysofRealFood:  DA 65
  2. HiveHealthMedia:  DA 51
  3. AggiesKitchen:  DA 56
  4. HealthBeckon:  DA 53
  5. Diabetes Strong:  DA 52
  6. TechWalls:  DA 57
  7. YogaWorks: DA 61
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List of Blog Commenting Sites Related to Finance

The blog commenting site list related to Finance are given below:

  1. MoneySavingMom:  DA 70
  2. SavingAdvice:  DA 63
  3. ChristianPf:  DA 56
  4. ComFree:  DA 50
  5. ModestMoney:  DA 54
  6. OneCentAtATime:  DA 58

List of Blog Commenting Sites Related to Travel

The list of blog comment list websites related to travel are given below:

  1. BoardingArea:  DA 78
  2. GloabalGrasshopper:  DA 58
  3. DangerousBuisness:  DA 56
  4. ManvsDebt: DA 56
  5. VelvetEscape:  DA 54
  6. TheShootingStar:  DA 52
  7. TravelsOfAdam: DA 58

Other Blog Commenting Sites List

The other list of high DA PA commenting websites are tabulated below:

Backlinko: Domain Authority = 63TroubleFixers: Domain Authority = 49
Elegant Themes Blog: Domain Authority = 90TechTricksWorld: Domain Authority = 43
AdvanceWebRanking: Domain Authority = 55TechWalls: Domain Authority = 59 Domain Authority = 51HubsAdDomain Authority =: Domain Authority = 32
SmartBlogger: Domain Authority = 58AggiesKitchen: Domain Authority = 56 Domain Authority = 47100 Domain Authority =ys of Real Food: Domain Authority = 61
Niche Pursuits: Domain Authority = 52Fit Bottomed Girls: Domain Authority = 61
RobbieRichards: Domain Authority = 41ManvsDebt: Domain Authority = 56
Inspire to Thrive: Domain Authority = 39Small Business Trends: Domain Authority = 82
Yaro Blog: Domain Authority = 50SeedTime: Domain Authority = 58
Beaver Builder Blog: Domain Authority = 55Making Sense of Cents: Domain Authority = 57 Blog: Domain Authority = 56Doctor Of Credit: Domain Authority = 54
Torque Magazine: Domain Authority = 56White Coat Investor: Domain Authority = 54
WP Tavern: Domain Authority = 57IESE Blog Network: Domain Authority = 70
Jungle Scout Blog: Domain Authority = 57Smart Bitches Trashy Book: Domain Authority = 60
ThirstyAffiliates Blog: Domain Authority = 43The Book Smugglers: Domain Authority = 56
TheShootingStar: Domain Authority = 52Modern Mrs Domain Authority =rcy: Domain Authority = 55
LakshmiSharat: Domain Authority = 42TravelDiaryParnashree: Domain Authority = 35
Aha-Now: Domain Authority = 43Swoon Worthy: Domain Authority = 49
EverythingMom: 45Design Milk: Domain Authority = 74
Domain Authority =shofWellness: Domain Authority = 33AchhiKhabar.Com: Domain Authority = 30 Domain Authority = Domain Authority = 24
PurseBlog: Domain Authority = Domain Authority = 19
Wit & Delight: Domain Authority = Domain Authority = 26
Family Focus Blog: Domain Authority = Domain Authority = 46
Centsational Style: Domain Authority = 65Puppy Leaks: Domain Authority = 50
Style By Emily Henderson: Domain Authority = 64

Other Blog Commenting Sites without DA

A few other blog commenting sites without DA are given below:

S.NoWebsiteLink Type

How High DA Do-follow Blog Commenting Sites is Helpful in SEO?

When you receive a do-follow link from a high-DA blog or website, there are numerous opportunities to improve SEO parameters such as:

  1. Helps increase website traffic and visibility.
  2. Improves search engine optimization
  3. Helps create meaningful relationships with other websites.
  4. Increases referral traffic to your website
  5. Boosts domain authority
  6. Enhances website indexing
  7. Allows for a more diverse link profile.
  8. Improves the overall user experience.
  9. Increases brand recognition
  10. Helps establish credibility

When you see the above list, you can be pretty sure that do-follow back links from the comment section play a major role in your SEO tasks. Hence, it is always good for you to go and comment on as many of your relevant blogs as possible.

What is Blog Commenting in SEO?

We all are aware of what commenting is and what it does. Blog commenting is no different. Comments essentially establish a relationship between bloggers and blog readers. So it goes like this:

  1. Read a blog.
  2. Gain value through the mentioned content.
  3. Leave a valuable comment appreciating the blog/blogger or even better, stating your learning or how the blog added value to your life and parts you want to add in the same context. 

Doing this, you’re exchanging your thoughts, ideas, or opinions (for a particular topic) with all other people reading the blog. Blog commenting thus leads to healthy discussions. 

So, blog commenting is, by all means, the easiest way of making blogs interactive. But wait – it helps the blogger who has written the blog as the comments got so many people discussing the blog topic in context. Also, blog comments helped in making the blog social as people talk about it and share it. But is it also valuable to individuals who are commenting on the blog? 

Yes obviously! 

How To Find Blog Commenting Websites?

In order to find the top blog commenting websites, you can head to your browser or search engine and type the relevant keywords. Some of the most popular keywords that you should use to find the relevant blog or website are as follows:

  1. Post a comment
  3. Leave a comment
  4. Add Comment
  5. Post Comment
  6. Write Comment 
  7. Submit your Comment
  8. Submit Comment
  9. Leave Your Comment
  10. Discussion

When you search with the following keywords, the search engine automatically suggests those pages that have relevant words on their websites. Hence, you can directly jump on those websites and start commenting there.

Other Methods to Find Blog Commenting Websites

There are many queries that can be used to find good and niche relevant blog commenting sites when looking for blog commenting sites. The following 5 queries will help you to find blog comments to be more effective.  

  1. inurl:blog + “post a comment” + keyword
  2. inurl:blog + “post a comment” + comment enabled
  3. “Add comment” Your Keywords
  4. “Post comment” Your Keywords
  5. “Write comment” Your Keywords

Why is Blog Commenting Effective and Important?

If done right, blog commenting is really effective and can have a great impact on your website/blogs SEO, thus leading to traffic influx. Here’s how:

1) Visibility

When you add valuable comments on blog commenting sites, your visibility increases. I’ll tell you how! There are so many people reading the same blog and going through the comments. When they come across your comment – they might find it interesting and worth their while to visit your website. Thus the key here is to put your name in front of the maximum number of people related to your industry. 

2) Credibility

Remember that to establish credibility on blog commenting sites, you need to add value through your comments. Once you begin to regularly add thoughtful comments to the post, people will start recognizing you as someone who knows the subject in context. The key here is to market yourself as an expert on the said topic, once you do that, people will start following you and your brand. 

3) Business Relationships

Commenting on blog commenting sites can help you form relationships and eventually open new business opportunities. How? When you remain consistent on the blog through commenting, the blogger of the page and other fellow commenters will start recognizing you and will wilfully connect with you.

Over time, you can introduce them to your product/services and voila a friendly connect may turn into a business lead. Also, if the blogger of the page likes your thoughts/opinions, you might get a chance to guest blog on the site. So, you see how it benefits you from all sides. 

4) Traffic

If you select high DA blog commenting sites (I’ll help you with that!) – relevant to your industry and leave valuable comments, the people who read those blogs will click over to your website. They’ll do so because through your consistent and meaningful comments you position yourself as an expert and people always want to know/hear more from experts. And that’s how you increase traffic to your website

5) Comment Backlinks

Note that if you do not get authority from search engines, it will be hard for your website to draw traffic. Here’s the cure for that! When you comment on blog commenting sites, you create a backlink for yourself which helps you to establish authority and thereby gain traffic. Also, remember in this technique – it’s not the quantity but the quality of your comments that will make a difference.  

6) Brand Recognition 

Have patience! Why am I saying that? Because it’s possible that people genuinely like what you comment but do not become your subscribers immediately. And it’s okay if that happens. Even if those users do not become your visitors/subscribers with immediate effect, they recognize your brand and will remember and consider you while buying a product/service. 

What Is a Good Blog Commenting Site?

First things first, the more accurate question is: How to find a good blog commenting site, what parameters to look at and what output to expect? 

1) Relevancy

This one is no brainer. Identify the blogs where your target audience hangs out. A highly valuable and meaningful technology-related comment won’t work on a beauty based blog. So, the first step is to find blog commenting sites that are relevant to your niche. 

2) High Domain Authority

You must understand that your commenting process will bear fruits only when they’re on sites that are already established and have a high inflow of traffic. You cannot just comment on any random website and expect it to work for you. That is where the concept of high domain authority drops in. 

Domain authority or DA, developed by Moz, basically predicts how well a site will rank on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). It is a ranking score of search engines. This ranking is based on multiple factors including number and quality of links that point to that website. 

The domain authority scale ranges from 1 to 100 with 1 being the lowest DA and 100 the highest. To find a site’s DA, simply type it into the Moz link explorer tool.

It is important to note that all new websites start with DA 1. And then as a website builds its reputation on search engines through high-quality backlinks, it keeps on increasing. 

3) Do-Follow Links

When you comment on blog commenting sites, there are two possibilities – you can either get Do-follow links or No-follow links. A Do-follow link gives you more SEO points and boosts your link juice. This makes your site rank high on SERPs. Dofollow links are rightfully Google telling the world to visit your website (as it’ll rank higher). 

How To Write a Good Blog Comment?

To write a great blog comment, you cannot just leave haphazard phrases on blog commenting sites and expect it to look like great blog comments. So, one thing is clear, a good blog comment doesn’t happen, you need to build it. Here’s how you can do it:

1) Add value

This is the most important point to remember while commenting. Hey, great post!’ won’t help your purpose. You need to understand the blog topic and think about how can you add to the topic. If you want to make your comment noticeable, it must be different from what everyone is saying. Also, why would anyone be interested in your brand if all you don’t stand out through your comments?

2) Say no to over-promoting

‘Wow, great post’. Check out my latest post on a similar topic *inserts link*.’ No one wants to read these kinds of comments. If anything, they’re insulting the efforts of the blogger. But promoting my brand is why I am commenting in the first place! Yes, you’re right! But there’s a way to do that. If you continuously add value through your meaningful comments, that’ll anyway end up promoting your brand (in the right manner).

3) Ask

Questions never fail. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagrees with the blog post, asking relevant questions not only attracts attention but also engages the blogger and other readers. Questions usually extend the conversation and get people talking about different viewpoints. And a little attention does no harm, does it?

Here are some bonus tips to write a good blog comment:

  • Use a Gravatar image. It’s hard for people to trust you if you don’t reveal your face. 
  • Say no to fake names. You’ll seriously hurt your credibility.
  • Don’t make your comment a dumping ground for your website links.
  • Keep it precise and to the point. No wants to read an essay in the comment section. 100 is a safe word limit.
  • Don’t comment on blogs that have spam comments.
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FAQs on Blog Commenting Websites

Some of the frequently asked questions can be found here:

What are the education blog commenting sites list?
Education blog comment sites list could include sites such as:

  1. Edublogs
  2. Blogger
  3. WordPress
  4. Quora
  5. Medium
  6. LiveJournal

Additionally, many universities also have their own blog comment sections on their websites.

Blog commenting in SEO is the right approach to build backlinks?
Yes, blog commenting for SEO is one of the powerful way to build SEO traffic. Blog commenting is one way to build backlinks for SEO, although it should be done carefully and strategically. It’s important to ensure that the blog comment sites you choose have a high domain authority and are relevant to your target audience. Additionally, you should keep your comments on topic, truthful, and of value in order to generate the most benefit from your backlinks.

What are the best dofollow blogs commenting Sites?
Some of the best dofollow blog posting sites are tabulated below:

S.NoWebsite Name or High PR Blog CommentsDomain Authority
2Apple maps100

What is the importance of blog commenting?
Blog commenting is an important part of content marketing and SEO. It can help build relationships with other bloggers, increase backlinks to your website, and facilitate more traffic to your site. It also offers a chance to share your own knowledge by offering valuable insights on the topics being discussed. Blog commenting can help create a more engaged community around your content and make your site more visible in search engine results.

How to find high DA PA guest post blogs?
You can find high domain authority and page authority guest post blogs by performing a search on Google, using keywords such as “guest post” or “high DA PA blog”. You can also search on popular blog directories such as,, and Additionally, there are plenty of websites that list only high-quality guest post blogs such as and

What are the free blog commenting sites?
All the blog commenting sites are free. Comments are kept for the purpose of sharing opinions and ideas. So in the comment section you can post about opinion of your view on the article, or share the link which helps others users.

Wrapping up

That’s all about Blog Commenting. Now it’s time to get back to action and start leveraging Blog Commenting Sites to drive traffic and amplify the credibility of your site. 

Yet to start blogging? Check out this article.

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