10 Upcoming Branding Agencies In Delhi For Growth Stage Startups

I am sure everyone is familiar with the word, ‘brand.’ It is what we look for in clothes, shoes, electronic gadgets, and heck, even the food that we eat! In this article, we would learn what is branding, what it does what for its customers, why it is important and 10 best branding agencies in Delhi you can connect with, should you ever need their services. 

What is Branding?

Branding, in layman’s terms, is simply your promise to your customer – in terms of the quantity and quality of the service delivered by you to them and differentiating the same from that of your competitors. This helps in setting the right expectations for both the customer and yourself.

A brand is all about what you want to be, what you are made of and what people perceive you to be.

So, where does your branding start/ How do you define yourself? Are you offering an innovative product/service? Is your product a high-end, high-quality or a low cost, high-quality one? This, of course, also depends on your target audience and their respective needs. 

The foundation of any brand is its logo – your website, packaging and promotional materials should align with your brand’s motto and communicate the same to your target audience. 

Your brand strategy should also be crystal clear in terms of how, when, what and where it will be communicated. Also, advertising, distribution channels, visual communication etc. are all means to convey your brand strategy to the world. 

Through strategic branding, your brand gets strong brand equity which means you add more value to your company’s products/services, allows you to charge more for the same and churn in more output, numbers and business! Coca Cola, Lays, Parle, Volkswagen, you name it -they all have strong brand equities and have minted money from its customers for years. 

Some define their brand with popular celebrity endorsements, some align with a sensitive icon or a message, which is fine, as long as the message resonates with the buyers and propels them to purchase the product or subscribe to the service you are offering.



Before starting on your branding mission, you need to gain clarity on the below-mentioned pointers:

  • Your company’s vision and mission.
  • Benefits and features of your products or services
  • The perception of your brand in the market
  • The qualities and attributes you want to associate with your company


Once you are clear on the aforementioned factors, you must:

  • Get a great logo.
  • Jot down your brand message: Key factors to be communicated to the employees and customers
  • Integration of the brand: The way you answer the call, the uniform of your reps or sales executives, email signature and everything encompassing your company in general.
  • Create a voice for your brand: Apply this to all written communications ads and endorsements.
  • Get a meaningful, distinctive and unforgettable tagline 
  • Stay true to your brand and stay consistent with your message and promises.


When is the right time to get branding done for growth-stage startups?

Brand strategy is a critical tool for a startup looking for growth. Honestly, it should be neither very early nor too late – when a startup quits stealth mode and launches into growth mode, it will be powered by right customer insights, right value proposition and the right messaging to succeed.

Startups must build and test their products properly, besides having both their long and short-term goals clear. Once that is done, a brand strategy can be looked at. All startups need a story, and a good brand strategy helps it do so effectively.


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Here are top 10 upcoming Branding Agencies In Delhi


   branding agencies in Delhi

This one is a strategic branding consultancy. Founded in 2013, its 4D process helps in creating brand stories by integrating art, science, logic and of course, magic! They have worked across several industries spanning from food to maternity, with clients like Dhampure, Pidilite, The Telegraph Online, C K Birla group, The Dalai Lama, Not So Serious, Wodehouse Capital and more.

Through them, several of their clients also managed to bag awards and accolades, so this one branding agency is one to watch out for!

(Check them out here: http://nh1design.com/accolades)



branding agencies in Delhi

Algorithm Digital is also one of the best branding agencies in Delhi and is ideally a space between traditional disciplines who offer a fusion of crafts for creating a mark. They are known to be objective with a tint of creative madness and boundaries and perform their assignments diligently.

They make change pay for brands in all sectors and are open to working for clients worldwide. Services offered by them include branding, motion graphics, social media management, print and outside media, website and more. 

(Check them out here: http://algorithmdigital.com/)



branding agencies in Delhi

Again, one of the best branding agencies in Delhi, this one understands how important context and target audience is and how to deliver unique services and identity to their clients, considering the competition. They know how to do branding the right way with their knack of ideation and inspiration.

Top clients include Lulu and Sky, The Grub Fest. Bercos, KOOVS, Jalsa and more. Top projects include Uncle Jack, Snhug, Kapsons, Dromen and Co among others. 

(Check them out here: https://www.theneattrick.com/)


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4)branding agencies in Delhi

With the motto, ‘Everything is by design,’ Lopez Design was established in 1977 in New Delhi as a communications and branding studio with an integrated approach. 

Their design philosophy is unique – they believe in taking on the challenge to create brands and experience in a way that the brand’s authenticity and unique attributes are retained. The end-product is highly customer-centric and results in customer satisfaction and long term association. Rapid change is the new constant and Lopez Designs; makes it their core essence and amalgamating modernity, tradition and technology. The team is as diverse as its founder, Anthony Lopez.

They provide print collaterals, branded packaging services, signage systems, modifying interiors spaces and more.

Top clientele includes Nestaway, Ayushman Bharat, Mercer, Hercules etc. 

(Check them out here: http://www.lopezdesign.com/)



brand consultants in Delhi

WAT Consulting is India’s most globally awarded agency, which believes in making impactful creatives combined with effective technology and media. They offer end-to-end digital services. Top clients include Emami, Vero Moda, Himalaya, Clinic Plus, Nikon, Usha, Godrej – need I say more? 

(Check them out here: https://www.watconsult.com/)



branding agencies in Delhi

Rep India comprises of an army of creative thinkers who come from diverse backgrounds and are waiting to transform your brand through infectious storytelling! Founded in 2013 in New Delhi, it has vast expertise across several domains like social media management, SEO, content marketing, photography, website design and development, digital and display advertising among others.

Top clients include Tarun Tahiliani, Max hospital, Dhaba, Shiv Nadar Foundation, Indian Accent among others. 

(Check them out here: https://www.repindia.com/)


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branding agencies in Delhi

Branding Monk boutique creative agency in Greater Kailash, New Delhi, which is culturally driven and goes by the philosophy ‘digital brand strategy and engagement’ which encompasses everything ‘brand strategy!’ They are a 100% online service who serve clients worldwide offering solutions on social media marketing, packaging design, UI/UX identity, website development and of course, brand strategy!

Clients include ListUp, Rivigo, Zeleno, Meraki, Tawa Tales and more.

(Check them out here: http://www.brandingmonk.com/)



design agencies in Delhi


They believe in creating, rejuvenating and repositioning brands! Specializing in advertising, communications and marketing campaigns that help build brands, this one is also one of the best branding agencies in Delhi.

Top clients include a vast repertoire including Apollo Hospitals, Department of Education (Delhi Govt.), Oriflame Natural Cosmetics, Discovery Channel, SEBI, Moser Baer, McKinsey among others. 

(Check them out here: https://creative-inc.in/)



branding agencies in Delhi


Offering a wholesome marketing and branding support, Brand Wand believes in brewing a concoction of fun ideas, combined with marketing insights and business acumen and voila – magic is created! Clients include several startups. 

(Check them out here: http://www.brandwand.in/)



creative agencies in Delhi

One of the most admired and best branding agencies in Delhi, it comes up with solutions so as to impact business growth and enhance brand building. They offer a wide range of development solutions to clients like JLL, Vardhman, Karvy, ABP News, Nokia, NSDC and more.

They offer strategic lead to both long-term and short-term business execution. 

(Check them out here: https://www.radicalreflex.com/)


Branding is a must when it comes to distinguishing yourself from your competitors and setting the right expectations for the audiences. Unless it is adequate and the right kind of brand awareness, a product or service will die down soon or witness terribly slow growth. So, do check out these top branding agencies in Delhi and let us know what you think! 


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