10 Out-of-the-Box Instagram Feed Ideas To Make Your Profile Stand Out

Over the past few years, Instagram has become one of the primary sources of social media for individuals and companies to reach out to their audience and get their message out.

Over the past two years alone, Instagram has grown from 800 million in September 2017 to one billion monthly active users in June 2018.

The said number has only grown in the past year and is expected to surpass 111 million by the end of 2019, with globally 41 per cent of Instagram users being 24 years old or younger.

Due to its visual nature and with the majority of its users being millennials or youngsters, Instagram is said to make a huge impact on its audience and is considered one of the best tool for marketing.

But with such a huge audience and marketers, it has now become hard to attract an audience and stand out among thousands of Instagram users who are trying to achieve exactly the same thing.

Thus, here are 10 out-of-the-box Instagram feed ideas that will not only help you attract the right audience but also make your profile stand out from the rest.

10 amazing Instagram feed ideas that you can try starting today:

1) Choose Your Core Colours

Instagram feed ideas - 1

For this, every photo you post on your Instagram feed should feature 1 or 2 of the core colours that you want your feed to be identified with.

While it can be difficult to make this happen if you don’t have a core colour but once you identify which colour suits you and your brand the best, it will go a long way for your audience to identify with you as well.

Further, this will be especially beneficial for brands that are known by the colours and are often identified by it. Choose your brand’s core colours and stick by it when designing your Instagram feed.

Even if you don’t have a core colour for your brand just make sure you use consistent coloured filters and you’ll be set as your feed’s look and feel will embody your brand and you.



2) Use Monochrome

Instagram feed ideas - 2


If you are not a person who can stick with consistent core colours, the easiest thing to do is use monochrome as your theme which is easier to maintain.

What’s more, at present monochrome feeds are very rare on Instagram and it’s a theme that will never get out of style. Thus, your feed will definitely stand out and with an easy consistent theme for your audience.

This idea would be especially beneficial for people who like to take portrait photographs or photographs of people or animals in action.


3) Highlight Brand’s Identity/Product

Instagram feed ideas - 3

If you can’t keep a consistent tone and the majority of your posts are not portrait shots, you can try to highlight your or your brand’s identity instead of highlighting its core colours.

Identify the qualities and characteristics that represent you or your brand and then define and design your Instagram feed’s personality by posting images that identify with it.

This idea would be especially beneficial for travel bloggers or people in the travel industry or adventure sports business.

Even if you cannot consistently post similar images from a particular place, you can also think of props and objects that can represent your brand and post artistic images of that on your Instagram feed.


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4) Be Minimalist on Your Feed

Instagram feed ideas - 4

One of the best yet simple Instagram feed ideas is to be a minimalist on your feed, especially if you love clean simple lines.

It not only is one of the most popular Instagram feed ideas in the design world is but the theme also enables you to give a polished and organized presentation of the contents on your page.

This feed idea is best suited for designers who want to show clean lines and aesthetically pleasing content on their Instagram feed which stands out and doesn’t look like chaos when seen together.


5) The Checkerboard

Instagram feed ideas - 5

The checkerboard, or more commonly known as tiles theme can be done by alternating your posts between quotes and an image.

This looks very chic if done properly and while keeping a constant colour theme in check. You can

do this with quotes, 2 colours, two photo ideas, contrast, perspective and people mixed with backgrounds, just keep the alternative posts consistent.

It is also best suited for people who love to write quotes or small poems or identify with words and love to add that as text post on their Instagram feed.


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6) Floral Instagram Feed Theme

Instagram feed ideas - 6

This theme is for people who love natural beauty and especially love flowers. You can post anything with this type of Instagram feed theme, just make sure that you’ve always got that floral element in each post and that’s it.

This is best suited for brands that are close to nature and natural beauty and want their Instagram feed to reflect the same love for natural beauty and colours.


7) Puzzle Layout

Instagram feed ideas - 7

The Puzzle layout as one of the most common used Instagram feed ideas but is also one of the most complex ones to execute.

It is a major undertaking to execute and requires about 9 to 12 photographs to fit on your Instagram feed.


Your audience will also need to scroll these 9-12 photographs to see your next photo and needs to be carefully organized in order to be done successfully. While the end result would it would be mind-blowing. Many audiences are not patient enough to scroll these many images to see the end result or visit your Instagram page regularly to see the full image.

This idea is best suited for brands who want to make big announcements or a major reveal but should not be done regularly as it messes up your feed’s colour scheme.


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8) Vertical Lines Feed

Instagram feed ideas - 8

One of the other very common Instagram feed ideas used by people is the verticle lines feed which helps their Instagram account standout from other feeds yet not stick out for being extreme.

The idea is as the name suggests, to create vertical lines from your photographs that would make your entire feed look organized and clean.

The idea will also help you get into a posting schedule that is a must if you want to keep on top of Instagram’s regularly changing algorithm and keep your brand fresh for your audience.

The trick requires you to post content that is aligned with the brand’s theme but use the middle image to stand out from the other two.

You can do so by posting quotes with the same background colour or a photograph in between two texts images. The idea is to create a vertical line on your Instagram feed that would catch your audience’s eye right away and help them focus on the centre image.

The theme is suited for any Instagram feed, be that of a blogger who loves to show his work on Instagram or a photographer who wants to express his art by constantly bringing focus on his main photograph.


9) Choose a White/Dark Border

Instagram feed ideas - 9

If you have a ton of different interests and don’t know which theme is best suited for your Instagram feed, the best option for you is to put a solid white or black border around each of your image before posting it.

But make sure that when you choose a border (dark or light) you stick with it all the way, This will help you feed look consistent and put together and at the same time make it stand out.

Your feed will appear aesthetically pleasing and it is easy to follow as compared to any other Instagram feed ideas.


10) Rectangular Images

Instagram feed ideas - 10

While the idea of using rectangular images is similar to using a white or dark border, Instagram feeds with rectangular images is not that common and thus would definitely stand out.

This theme is perfect if you want your feed to appear elegant and sophisticated as it not only does it make your feed appear clean, but it can also highlight certain details in a photo which majority of square images miss.


Just instead of a Dark rectangular border, use a white one as the white space can improve a viewer’s experience and makes the photograph appear clean, uncluttered and easy on the viewer’s eyes.

This theme is best suited for photographers, travellers and adventure sports enthusiasts and is one of the most sought after Instagram feed ideas.


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