How myHQ Helps Coworking Spaces To Increase Their Occupancy & Generate Revenue

Nowadays a lot of coworking spaces are sprouting up across the country since it seems like a promising way to utilize the available real estate. However, there are a few challenges associated with coworking space marketing and running it successfully, and profitably.

One of the main reasons behind this is the sudden influx of coworking spaces in every locality. It, thus, becomes difficult for a space to generate the required demand to at least breakeven, leave aside the question of earning profits.

Deciding the location is one of the critical factors in the success of a space, the major demand areas are the Central Business District & Secondary Business District areas which have high capital costs and it may take a space years to recover these costs.

Besides this, the competition is increasing with various spaces coming up leading to inability to fetch a higher per seat price. It also poses a roadblock to your coworking space marketing efforts.          

What is myHQ?

myHQ started with a mission to revolutionise the way millennial and modern businesses work. We are a premium rent-free coworking space provider.

We partner with various coworking spaces, business centres, office spaces and cafes to run affordable coworking on a limited number of seats. With more than 125+ locations, we are one of the fastest-growing chains of workspaces in the country.

myHQ coworking spaces and work cafes are an ideal place for users to work on a daily basis, as well as for sporadic use cases and meetings. We have a vibrant community, ranging from entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, enterprise teams to freelancers, marketers, consultants, artists and more.


myHQ partners


How does myHQ help a coworking space? 

Many coworking spaces run at low occupancy since they are unable to generate demand and the required customer base. The space might meet all the factors of a good coworking but may not be able to grow a suitable customer base because of various challenges like consistency in work experience, developing a community, providing networking opportunities and other effective coworking space marketing initiatives.

This is where myHQ comes in and provides a ready-made customer base of over 10,000+ members along with additional visibility to the space. Through its flexible day pass model, new users visit the workspace every day thereby bringing in more eyeballs to the space and also monetize the vacant inventory.

Many of the flexible myHQ coworking users eventually convert to a monthly plan which brings in regular fixed income for the space. Hence, the involvement of myHQ speeds up the process of filling up the space and also brings with it additional marketing outreach in the form of social media promotion, blogs, offline branding and events.

Here is the occupancy graph of a space which achieved high occupancy after the collaboration with myHQ. This space located in South Delhi achieved 95% occupancy in 5 months; Sold 70 permanent seats, along with regular 12 flexi seat users.


myHQ coworking spaces data

The collaboration with us is a very integrated form of partnership wherein we bring in our operational devices to ensure smooth internet usage and also do extensive promotion of the coworking space on our application, website and social media platforms. 

Existing myHQ coworking partners:

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