Growth Of Coworking Spaces In India (Infographic)

As the new age working style evolved offering flexibility for all, the coworking industry effectively bloomed all over the world. The growth of coworking spaces has been taking place in spurts, across the world for some time now.

But is this phenomenon here to stay?

Will we fall back into the traditional style of cubicles?

Well, myHQ Team decided to explore co-working and its sustainability in depths through a research study- Is Co-working here to stay in India? The study is based on secondary data with an aim to discover facts and discoveries about coworking in India and its future. Following is a comprehensive infographic designed and studied by our team charting the beginning of co-working spaces, the growth it has experienced leading us all the way up to the present and future trends.

growth-of-coworking-spaces-indiaWith the study, we can affirm out loud how coworking is not just a trend but an evolved concept catering to the increasing population of self-employed and independent solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and freelancers. As people are evolving to choose a flexible lifestyle, they are looking for collaborations and community. No longer do people look to expand vertically. The horizontal expansion is encouraging collaborating opportunities in the community, hence sowing seeds for cohabitation spaces where people can engage and connect closely while at the same time retain their freedom and independence. As shown above, by 2020, co-working is all set to outgrow the traditional serviced offices as 13 million people set their foot to work out of shared coworking spaces.

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