5 Trending Careers In India To Get You Live The Life Of A Digital Nomad

Digital nomads are individuals who use telecommunication technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner. Such workers typically work remotely — from home, coffee shops, public libraries, and even recreational vehicles — to accomplish tasks and goals that traditionally took place in a single, stationary workplace.”

This is how Wikipedia defines the millennial term for remote workers or telecommuters, a.k.a the digital nomads. Unless you are living under a rock, you’d be more than familiar with this totally Instagram worthy breed of professionals. In fact, sitting in your four by four cubicle alternating between deadlines and cranky bosses, you often dream of a life of a digital nomad.

Coming to your desperate rescue, here is myHQ giving you five hot career options to get you started with your dream life:

1. Content Writer

There might have been a time when sitting in a cozy cafe and writing on to your heart’s delight was just a romanticized version of poor writers who struggled to make ends meet. But ever since Internet and startups have revolutionized the work sector, writing has come to be accepted as a darn serious business in the world of digital marketing.

While it gives you flexibility in terms of time, it also gives you the creative freedom to choose from a variety of projects. Build a blog to put on your samples for starters followed by networking through friends and social media.

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2. Illustrator/ Graphic designer

With market saturation on its peak, sellers are using all ways and means to sell their brand today. A visual appeal which makes their brand stand out is undeniably the biggest selling point. You, as a graphic designer, has just the right weapons to nail it.

Right from designing website layouts and templates to product packaging, a visual illustrator or designer has varied roles to fit in. Most of the companies usually look for freelance designers rather than full time as the work is usually project based.

You can start by building up an attractive portfolio as you spread out your network. Being a freelancer you have to remember that the only way to bag the best of projects is to put out the best of your work on your blog, Instagram, Behance, etc.

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3. Social media manager

While it’s exciting to see brands expand through social media, it’s bewildering and isolating for corporations which have been in existence for years. Good for you, though, millennials! These changing dynamics of marketing gives you a perfect space to explore the kickass life of a digital nomad as you tweet and gram your way effortlessly.

Featured as one of the highest paying professions in 2017 by Economic Times, social media management requires to have an eye for what’s trending and what lures your audience (or your brands’ audience). If you love clicking pictures, sharing inspiring quotes and digging in kickass stuff on the internet, you can totally own this game as a freelancer.

Start by building a page with a specific niche to showcase your skills in building an audience and then using it as a base to bag projects.

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4. Web/App Developer

Finally, businesses which in the past continued to rebel against the online businesses have also started giving in and panning out digitally. Tech junkies are making big bucks with this shift as their demand seems to be on a continuous rise.

As a freelancer, you can go to choose developing websites and apps based on your own preferences and quotations. According to a study, companies are big-time seeking developers on a freelance basis to cover up their cost. You, as a developer, can only use this to your benefit by quoting only what you think you deserve without compromising. No business in this date can operate without a website and so you know, there’s not going to be a dearth of projects in the pipeline.

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5. Photographer

By now you’d know how creepily visual creatures we humans are becoming every passing day. When we are developing beautiful websites, content, Instagram and Pinterest handle, we definitely need beautiful pictures to support them.

Photographers in India are seeing a never before demand — and the coming year is only going to get bigger and better! Perhaps it’s time to delve deeper into your weekend hobby as you dust off your camera to explore all the magic it can sprinkle on your monotonous 9–5 life.

In fact, photographers are not just cashing big time on lavish Indian weddings. Photoshoots for brands, bloggers and social media are also becoming more and more lucrative as India’s lifestyle standards are upscaling day by day.


According to a poll conducted by Gallop, it’s not just startups but big corporations too following the trend of hiring freelancers. Consequently, there is greater demand and better pay.

Living in this golden time, you can chase freedom and totally be your own boss as you follow the life of a digital nomad a.k.a freelancer, a.ka. remote worker, . . . a.k.a whatever the heck you want to call it!

We, at myHQ, give you this amplified experience of working as an independent professional. With our diverse work cafes and co-working spaces clubbed with networking opportunities, we give you a life to breathe, grow and thrive. Find your plan today!


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