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Coworking Spaces For Designers – The capital city of India is stormed with coworking spaces, popping up at different locations rapidly. These workstations provide the unique working experience to freelancers, designers and start-ups and even turn out to be extremely affordable.

Are you in a creative field and looking up for some chilled out coworking spaces for designers in Delhi NCR to unwind, work and relax? Yes, you read it right, doing all of this together.

Once you have asked yourself the right questions to identify your perfect pick, you can delve deeper to discover the top 7 creative coworking spaces for designers in Delhi. These coworking spaces have all that it needs to fit your needs right from holding important business meetings to chilling out with a cup of hot cappuccino. Surely you can’t wait to find out about these hideouts, dedicated solely to upcoming designers.

Coworking Spaces in Delhi

Top 7 Coworking Spaces in Delhi to Boost Your Productivity

The top 7 quirky and designer coworking spaces in Delhi are listed below.

1. myHQ, Delhi

myHQ - coworking spaces in Delhi

myHQ Delhi has redefined the collaborative working scenario by turning boutique cafés and studio into workstations for upcoming entrepreneurs at nominal membership rentals. Most of these have dedicated sections for freelancers so they can work without interruptions. The quirky interiors of these themed cafes give the right trigger to ignite the creative mind.

Also one can easily grab a quick bite from the scrumptious menu at discounted deals. And if this doesn’t sound enough, there is also a parking spot reserved exclusively for myHQ users. Too irresistible to miss out on! Take their free work trial to experience it yourself.

Address – Delhi

2. AtWork, Delhi

AtWork - Coworking Spaces in Delhi

Are you looking for coworking spaces for designers in Delhi NCR with affordable rentals? AtWork, Delhi is where exactly you should belong. Convenient connective, great infrastructure, and productive community are the few parameters that define this outstanding coworking space for designers in Delhi.

Creative people cannot be bounded by prefixed working hours. AtWork allows the designers flexible working hours, with special night shift discounts and artistic freedom to blossom the creative genius within them.

The array of tangible benefits here include dedicated seats, private cabins, leased line internet, conference rooms and all-day coffee and fresh fruit juices to keep you afresh, all day long.

Address – 2E/25, 4th Floor, Jhandewalan Extension, Block E 2, Jhandewalan Extension, Jhandewalan, New Delhi, Delhi


  • Dedicated Desks – Starting at INR 6,999 per month
  • Private Cabins – Starting at INR 7,499 per month

3. Spacetime, Gurugram

Spacetime - Coworking Spaces in Delhi

Professionals in the creative field are frantically looking for workspaces with provoking environment that allows them the freedom to splurge, rest and create. Spacetime in Gururgram does exactly the same for such imaginative souls. Even the interiors of this place are aesthetically done using recycled junk with walls adorned with masterpieces by graphic designers.

You have access to all the basic amenities including uninterrupted Wi-Fi, printers, lounge, meeting room and even a pantry. They have dedicated in-house staff to ensure smooth functioning of the place while you are brainstorming ideas.

Spacetime was created to provide a comforting working zone for freelancing designers and they even have a fully functional in-house studio to enable you to create your masterwork while you are leisurely sipping coffee!

Address – Khasra no.261, Lane no.5, Westernmarg, Saidulajaib Extention, New Delhi-110030.


  • Dedicated Desks – Starting at INR 11,999 per month
  • Private Cabins – Starting at INR 11,999 per month
Coworking Spaces in Delhi

4. Awfis – Qutab, Delhi

Awfis - Qutab - Coworking Spaces in Delhi

Awfis – Qutab is a space that blends the best of the office and the café. Combining work and play, it’s an urban hangout designed to take you offline while still keeping you connected. Awfis – Qutab is a collaborative workspace, a hub for artists and innovators. The place is beautifully designed and offers all the basic amenities one could ask for. Indeed an ideal workplace in Delhi NCR for freelancers and new-age entrepreneurs.

Address – C 28-29, Ground Floor, Block C, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi, Delhi


  • Dedicated Desks – Starting at INR 10,999 per month
  • Private Cabins – Starting at INR 12,999 per month
  • Managed Office – Starting at INR 12,999 per month

5. myHQ Workspace NH8, Delhi

myHQ Workspace NH8 - Coworking Spaces in Delhi

myHQ Workspace NH8 is a dedicated workstation exclusively for people with a creative streak. The place has created quite a buzz ever since it’s launch in 2013 and is always packed with architects, designers, bloggers, filmmakers and even social workers.

The interior is kept minimalistic but you have access to almost every office utility that could be needed. Being a small coworking venue, at myHQ Workspace NH8 they are choosy about their members and even ask newcomers to fill a bio. It’s indeed a boutique coworking space for all you amazing people out there.

Address – Celebration Gardens, Avenue Bouganvillea, Mahipalpur, NH8, New Delhi


  • Dedicated Desks – Starting at INR 7,999 per month
  • Private Cabins – Starting at INR 8,999 per month

6. Cube8, Delhi

Cube8 - Coworking Spaces in Delhi

Ever since its launch, Cube8, Delhi has been a preferred coworking space for designers and creative working folk.  Nestled in the lanes of Delhi’s Connaught Place, this coworking space for designers takes you away from the chaos of city life to work in solitude bliss. Yet when you need a break, there are numerous bars and pubs in close proximity to indulge.

The place is quite big and you can easily choose your favorite corner and the terrace overlooking the forest is an ideal spot to take a quick break. Little Ararky serves as a creative den for designers by providing them with the ideal settings to learn, explore and collaborate with like-minded people. Their seminars and events are great for network building and serve as a platform for budding designers to showcase their talents.

Address – 10th Floor, Ashoka Estate 24 Barakhamba Road, Fire Brigade Lane, Barakhamba, New Delhi, Delhi 110001


  • Dedicated Desks – Starting at INR 12,999 per month
  • Private Cabins – Starting at INR 18,999 per month

7. Buzz by Spacetime – Regal Building, Delhi

Buzz by Spacetime - Regal Building - Coworking Spaces in Delhi

The Buzz by Spacetime is one of the coworking space in Delhi NCR for upcoming designers and freelancers. This workspace with bright and quirky metal interiors gives a very fresh vibe to begin your day. Satiate your hunger pangs while you are on work with their lip-smacking sandwiches and burgers. The ground floor of the place also showcases aesthetically designed accessories from top brands to get down to some shopping spree, right after work.

These coworking spaces for designers surely feel like a dream place for the creative lot. The vibes of these workstations will only raise the bar of your creative to new levels. With these ultra cool co-working spaces for designers, it’s time to bid adieu to the 9-5 work culture forever!

Address – 50,51, REGAL BUILDING,Connaught place, New Delhi


  • Dedicated Desks – Starting at INR 12,499 per month
  • Private Cabins – Starting at INR 13,999 per month
Coworking Spaces in Delhi

FAQs on Designer Shared Office Spaces in Delhi

Frequently asked questions on quirky and shared office spaces in Delhi are as follows:

Is shared office space profitable?
The Global Coworking Survey claimed that 43% of coworking spaces are profitable and getting positive public responses.

Why are coworking spaces expensive?
The cost of coworking spaces depends heavily on the location. The cost is usually higher in major cities.

What is Incuspaze?
Incupaze is the brand name of a coworking space. Incupaze has many branches across different cities in India.

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