Quick Heads Up Before You Jump In The Digital Nomad Bandwagon

The path you choose becomes the life you lead.

The idea of living like a nomad abandoning the conventional belief systems and blurring the lines of work and home life might seem all fun and games but it has its own consequences. No, we are not suggesting you restrict yourself from taking risks but it’s better to be prepared before you leap in to live your much-anticipated dream life.



All Home & No Home

When you constantly travel, every day is a journey and that journey becomes your home. Life is adventurous when you don’t know where will you will wake up the next day but it is also intimidating at the same time. Having to change one’s place of stay frequently is tougher than it sounds. Having to set up your life again every time you travel a new city can take a lot out of you.

If you’re someone who’s adventurous, adaptable and always looking to jump on the next train, this would work for you. But if you’re someone who craves familiarity, stability and a feeling of home in spite of an adventurous streak, you might be better off choosing a versatile career offering you plenty of vacation breaks.

Self Motivation

If you don’t have a fixed time frame, a set workplace or a boss right on your head, can you guarantee your productivity and motivation? As a digital nomad, your schedule would be very impromptu even though flexible. Can you ensure that in spite of sitting on an exotic beach, taking a sunbath and sipping your coconut drink., you’d be able to deliver cent percent productivity. Being a nomad doesn’t allow you to be completely undisciplined. It takes hard work and control to keep this life moving active and productive while money pouring in consistent and plenty.

Physical Absence of Family & Friends

Life is about fetching what you love but if you don’t have the closest of your people to share it with you, the idea may seem a little overwhelming. You will miss out on your family gatherings, your best friend’s birthday and maybe some important weddings you had wished to attend. While on the brighter side you get to meet new people every day and making new friends, keeping up with them will be equally harder.

However, this is not to say people who are nomads don’t have friends or family. They do. Nonetheless, it requires extra effort to combat that loneliness and stay in touch with your beloved as you try to make up for the lost time when you meet.

You can always join a lot of online communities as well as Facebook groups like Digital Nomads Around The World and Female Digital Nomads to make consistent friends and discover more people and experiences across the seven seas.

Money Matters

Social media’s reach is bigger than we can imagine and ever since it has been turned into a business platform, fetching work has become easier. Although in a virtual world, payment surety is a myth and who will you complain to? With every changing city, you will need to do so some local jobs to keep your tummy full and getting into the deep of the skin to get work is a task. If you’re someone who’s new to digital nomad-ing, look for digital nomad friendly careers for yourself which can flexibly comfort your adventures.

However, if you think you have got what it takes to live the laptop lifestyle, there should be no turning back. Unpredictability in itself is an amazing adventure. Experiences only make you help feed your soul and a happy soul with a contented mind is the biggest thing one can achieve.

Let us know in the comments below if this motivated to shift gears in your life?

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