How To Make A Coworking Space That People Love

Exclusive tips from myHQ Team to make your co-working spaces stand out, adored and attractive to more and more people from diverse backgrounds. 

India’s coworking scene has been booming in a skyrocket fashion in the last two years — and in the coming days,  it’s only going to rise further. Becoming the backbone of India’s burgeoning business class, these co-working spaces are making their time tick just at the right moment when more and more service class is feeling inspired to quit their safety nets and explore their entrepreneurial side.

And, if in the middle of this, you are someone who’s looking to explore an opportunity in this business, then we suggest you make the kick while the pan is still hot and tempting. However, at the same time, with a surge of these coworking spaces in the industry, yours got to be extra in every dimension.

myHQ workspaces restructure and re-designs existing infrastructure in hotels, cafes and office lounges to work as daytime work zones where you can network, create and co-create with each of our flexible coworking state of the art facilities. Henceforth, here are some easy tips from our side to make your co-working space uber cool, lucrative and absolutely tech friendly:


Pretty sure, this is a no-brainer. You may spend thousands on designing your beautiful co-working space, but everything can go down the hill if your Internet screws up. People lack patience and if you don’t give them urgent answers, their only answer will be to stand up and leave.

  • People are using co-working spaces only because they expect a seamless, blazing connectivity. So make sure your WiFi is hot and blazing. Keep your speed range 6mbps+ if you’re on a dedicated lease line, otherwise, 16mbps+.
  • Establish a strong relationship with your WiFi supplier on board from Day 1. While a lot of backend issues can be out of your control, make sure you do have someone as a one point contact to fix connectivity issues ASAP.
  • Make your request support application swift and urgent. In addition, someone from your team should always be there to re-assure your customers. Nothing like a human voice.
  • Always have dongles as a back up options in your space.
  • Make sure your space is good with mobile networks and in case, it isn’t, get it sorted. Workaholics hate walking out of the spaces to take calls!


No matter how we plan to break the glass ceiling, know that we are converting spaces into offices at the end of the day. We may be devising this new-age work culture, but essentials shall always remain the essentials.

  • Give them access to free stationary if possible. Pen, pencil, eraser, notebooks may seem like ordinary things, but they go a long way in building reliability with your customers.
  • You don’t want your customers to run down every time they want to take a print out. You are offering them a work zone and it’ll do you only good to invest in high end printers, cartridges and papers.
  • Make sure you do have a stock up of overhead projectors or flat screens when so ever a customer requires them. You can’t expect them to work at your space and hold meetings elsewhere.
  • If you can afford, you might as well try stocking up your space with good audio sets.
  • Again if you can afford, modern digital tablets in your space can do you a lot of good.
  • In the coming future, you can also invest in renting out softwares like Photoshop, InDesign or Adobe for your freelancing community. Alternatively, you can create a trusting community which may agree to mutualize softwares or negotiate with a faculty or a company of computerized resources to offer your customers the same.

Of course, keep re-stocking every now and then. Consistency is the key.


While a lot of coworking spaces like to skip this, we have learnt that availability of affordable food and beverages can make the experience of your customers much more pleasant and in fact, impact their long-term stay with you.

    • Create an in-house pantry with lip-smacking snack options and healthy choices.
    • You can also collaborate with a food chain or a restaurant to deliver your customers.
    • Offer you customers something unique when they’re taking up your co-working plan. For example, myHQ workspaces have food credits which can be redeemed from your coworking plan. You can try offering an inclusive food offer, a home-made food option, unlimited beverages on the house, etc.
    • Keep on introducing new offers and discounts on your food and beverages.
    • Introducing collaborations with food brands will also perk your coworker’s interest.


A co-working space is for a bunch of passionate innovators who decided to leave the regular drill and explore a world of their own. Now just because they chose to leave the 9 to 5 life, doesn’t mean they don’t crave a feeling of social belonging and community. We all know, what a lonely journey can this be. Here’s where you can give them a sense of belonging:

    • Encourage collaborations and partnerships through introductions, platform engagements etc.
    • Give them your exclusive platform to help the community communicate their requirements, their experience and opportunities. You can do this through a Facebook group or build an on-app discussion platform like myHQ board.
    • Hold multiple events to educate them about the current trends of freelancing, entrepreneurship, venture capital, seeding, etc. We have been collaborating with multiple associations and events like Huddle: Founders Meetup & 1–1 VC Pitch to SAIF PartnersBlockchain and AMA Matrix have always generated a wonderful response in myHQ community.
    • We also suggest you hold a monthly socialising event to help the community mix up, have fun and explore opportunities to co-create.
    • Social Media engagements can bring your community closer in more than one ways and in fact, build up your brand in astonishing ways. Share pictures of your community, spread word about your events, put out your new launches and you will see the interest sparking.

We have been invading spaces across Delhi NCR for some time and we can safely say starting and running a co-working space are two very different things. The operation aspect can be very unpredictable and can throw you off the grid at times, but if you focus on delivering customer satisfaction at every point, you will nail it. The Indian co-working industry is booming like never before, and even in the presence of players, there’s always space for something exciting. What are you bringing?

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