Companies don’t mushroom into giants in a day – they require care, attention, and nurturing to bloom to an impressive stature. Communication in any venture can be a minefield or a goldmine, depending on how work in the field is executed. Cloud telephony services assist your business’ communications by moving them all to the cloud, providing exciting and widely-used features such as toll-free number, click-to-call, and IVR.

Here’s how you can leverage cloud telephony solutions to give your company a massive leg-up:

Record and analyze large amounts of data

Cloud telephony software records and analyzes communication with your customers so that you don’t have to. It keeps the records that would use hours of work from employees. A customizable data dashboard gives you exactly the insights you need to understand how many and which customers are happy and make quick, data-backed decisions. Missed calls are not lost opportunities because these solutions ensure that you never miss a call and that your customers are nurtured at every step. Utilize this might to identify quality leads, to keep track of every individual’s needs, and to cater to them all with ease!


Better Connectivity: Gets you connected to your customers seamlessly

Your customer experience can be made much better by using cloud telephony solutions like an inbound call center.  Various features include greeting callers on wait time with personalized regional greetings, custom hold music, and skill-based agent routing using a caller’s individual location and purchase history. Moreover, it requires no extra equipment! A different solution but also an extremely effective one is the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Use it to connect with your customers as soon as they call – so that the menu options direct your customers to exactly the right agent, as well as make them feel catered to.


Better Networks: Helps you reach out to more

Having a large clientele is frustrating to handle without a large team. Even with a large team of employees, coordination and maintenance of records can be a massive company task. You can reduce cost, time, and stress by using the Outbound Calling feature. This will enable you to reach out to hundreds of people with personalized voice/text messages at once! It has an unprecedented reach: the more you reach out, the greater your number of conversions is likely to be. It is also the surest way to prevent churns from your company.


Better Revenue: Convert More Leads 

Using cloud telephony solutions such as virtual number and toll-free number creates an experience centred around the user. A customer is more likely to call a toll-free number because they know that their communication is solicited by the person they are approaching – shown by the fact that they do not have to pay for their call. These numbers also protect privacy on both ends, because the agent is rerouted to the call via a centralized system, and is not privy to any personal number. Moreover, having a company-wide toll-free number makes it look more serious and professional as it will make your customers will feel cared-for and secure.


Better Security: Protect your employees

Cloud telephony is backed with end-to-end security. An employee at your firm never has to worry about disclosing personal details to the customers they speak to since the calls they attend will come through cloud-based technology and not through personal numbers. The calls they attend are randomized and they do not have to fear harassment from the same callers. Additionally, there are also options for creating blacklists. These can be created so that offending callers or spammers do not interfere with the company’s performances. Networks free of distractions such as these boost employee productivity and make for a more methodical work environment.


Better Productivity: Saves Time And Money 

Employees can sometimes be required to do the needful mechanical jobs. Reducing the number of repetitive tasks – like maintaining a database or sending out reminders – frees up your employees to make effective use of their innovation and creativity. They can save hours of time, which can then be invested into the growth of the company. Cloud telephony helps you conserve your resources so that you can optimize them for maximum benefit. It streamlines communication for you and assists work.


All enterprises, big or small, can get a  boost because of cloud communication services. Knowlarity works behind the scenes to develop and implement cloud telephony solutions like these for giants in a plethora of fields. Some of our clients include IndiaMart, Uber, AirAsia, to name a few. Head over to to know more, or simply give a call at 1800-419-0333!.