How We Converted Delhi’s Most Happening Lounge Into A Perfect Coworking Space

When myHQ started, we never really imagined the kind of spaces we could unlock and make work friendly. Over the past one year, we have tried our hands on a diverse set of spaces ranging from a studio to a hotel to even a pub. Thanks to some of the most amazing partner owners who have willingly joined hands with us in making this city’s space utilization more efficient and helping us crack the co-working market, we now have a boastful list of power-packed workspaces throughout the city.

A question that we regularly get asked is how do we identify such spaces and make them work friendly. While we try our level best to answer this, we thought of penning this down so that when we onboard our next space, you know we have your best interest already covered.

Here we are with our trade secrets on how we made one of our newest partners, The Darzi Bar & Kitchen, a myHQ space:

“We started The Darzi Bar and Kitchen  a year back inspired from the streets of Saville, London (known for Bespoke Tailor Shops). We aim to give you the best experience with tailor-made cocktails accompanied by splendid culinary. To put it simply, what fashion is to a Tailor, cocktails are to Darzi!” says Manuj M Gupta, the owner of Darzi Bar and Kitchen.

The Darzi Bar Experience

An enchanting, much-coveted space in the Connaught Place,  The Darzi Bar & Kitchen needs no introduction. This is a beautifully designed bar spread across two floors with a unique concept based on tailoring. With needles, sewing machines adorning their decor, they also house a tailor shop right on the ground floor. In their own words, “the Darzi Bar & Kitchen always tries its best to give its valued guests a ‘tailor-made’ experience of quintessential drinks and food, and pleasant ambiance.”

Well, so do we! And this is exactly where our values collided to bring you a workspace that’s custom and tailor-made to fit your ideal workspace requirements – and imagination.

Partnering with them on the 2nd floor, we chose this exclusive area for coworking for its ample sunlight and great sitting area. What makes it even more lucrative is how it is separate from their regular daytime operations on the 1st floor. So precisely what we have extensively worked on are two things: sound and light.

  • We ensured that we got in perfect lights for you to work without straining your eyes. This is why we have got special white lights evenly installed for daytime operations in this area.
  • The music controls of the 2nd floors were separated from the first floor to create an exclusive work zone and let both Darzi lovers and myHQ hustlers have a time of their own.


Answers For Your Empty Stomach

We agree lounges are expensive for everyday consumption and that’s also one of the many reasons why working in a lounge and a cafe has been unimaginable for so long. That’s why we worked with the very friendly owner of Darzi, Manuj, to curate an exclusive co-working menu which was healthy and comfortable for everyone’s pocket.


How did we do this exactly?

We worked on some special meals, homely food combos and a Buy-one-get-one-free offer on tea and coffee. While we have kept it in mind that the average spend of a person is not more than 250–350 INR/ day, we are still consistently working to make it better through continuous feedback. Needless to say, if you are a myHQ user, you don’t just get free redeemable food credits with your subscription but also access to enjoy cashback and discounts on A la carte.

Getting The Work Experience Right

The work experience is directly controlled by our technology which runs behind the scenes to ensure your work experience goes without hindrance. It’s not an easy feat to convert a party space into a workzone, but needless to say we loved every bit of this challenge.

Here’s what all can a myHQ user enjoy working at Darzi:

Blazing wifi:

Bad connectivity is the real deal breaker at any workspace. Which is why this comes in our priority task to install blazing 20mbps+ wifi at myHQ spaces. At Darzi, you might just be astonished to find it 100 mbps! However, we agree there are bad days when connectivity is not even in our control. But should that hinder your work pace? Nope! Get in touch with the kind Darzi staff to ask them for a myHQ dongle for the days Wifi is acting up.

Happy concierge :

Workspace is so much more than just that – a space! Convenient concierge including accessible printer and scanner with quirky stationery like fun notebooks, pencils, and the coolest laptop stickers make your work experience 10X more convenient and happy.

Easy payments:

Our app-based credit payments have made the entire payment process much more simplified. We put in our EDC machine at the location to ensure you can use the myHQ credits for the food you eat. All you need to provide is your phone number and as soon as you redeem, we have a backend system which also allocates cashback in your myHQ points.


The word tailor-made summarizes our entire vision for The Darzi Bar and Kitchen. We realize the growing freelancer, startup market is always in need for a space to work in CP. With the property rates astronomically high, it is impossible for them to actually rent out an office. Keeping that in mind, we realize we can actually open our doors for coworking during day time. We have two floors and the 2nd floor works perfectly well for it. People get a great work experience at zero cost, we get a good crowd and an opportunity to play a small part in the journey of future Sachin / Binny Bansals”, shares Manuj.

And of course, we couldn’t have put our philosophy better than this!

Like what we do?

Get on board with us, take a work trial at Darzi myHQ Space here. 


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