Top 8 Free Online Meeting Tools For Freelancers & Businesses

An easy, fast, collaborative & cost-effective communication tool is essential for every professional. Free online meeting tools are even more important for freelancers, who are working with their clients remotely and constantly need to keep in touch.

It is estimated that only half of the freelancer community works in their local cities and communities. This means millions of independent workers across the world rely on free online meeting tools to talk to clients and collaborate with other freelancers.

There are several free online meeting tools available today. Some of them even offer features such as file management, time-tracking, project management, invoicing, 3rd party software integrations etc, along with audio/video conferencing.

Here is a curated list of some great free online meeting tools based on their features:

1) Skype

Free online meeting tools - Skype

Skype is one of the best free online meeting tools to stay connected with your clients no matter where they are based in the world. You can make free voice or video calls, share files or send instant messages with Skype.

Adding some credit to your account will also allow you to make calls to landlines and mobiles.  With an additional monthly subscription, you can also set up your own landline-style number to receive calls.


2) Zoom

Free video conferencing tool - Zoom

Another great option among the best free online meeting tools is Zoom. With Zoom, you can hold online call/video conferences (or webinars) of 100+ people. It also has video recording capabilities.

Zoom is free to use for meetings of up to 40 minutes with limited participants.  However, in case you need more than that, their paid plans are incredibly affordable too!



3) Join.Me

Free conference call - Join.Me

A virtual meeting application, Join.Me focuses on sharing your screen with the client. This makes it a great platform for a lot of different types of freelance projects, especially to go through mock-ups or review drafts with clients.

There can be a slight lag on the screen, making the scrolling and transitions can a little jumpy. Just make sure you’ve got a strong internet connection and you will be good to go!


4) Uber Conference

free online meeting tools - Uber conference

This free online meeting tool is the most modern-looking service by far. It works great when you’re setting up meetings with clients and want to look professional.

UberConference also provides a range of great services for free. The services include free conferences for up to 10 callers, call recording, the ability to see who joins and who’s talking, and no PINs for the organizer.


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5) MyOwnConference





MyOwnConference is a straightforward tool for remote work, online business meetings, employee training and especially for webinars. This platform enables business owners, freelancers, managers to organize meetings with employees, prospective customers and clients, across the world. 

It provides useful toolkits for every step of webinar organization. You can invite attendees via email, send reminder emails, start polls and surveys during the meeting, share content, chat with others and send private messages. It also has screen sharing and recording capabilities. Another  great feature of MyOwnConference is call to action. You can encourage participants to click on the banner and go to the landing page. 

MyOwnConference is free for 20 attendees and 3 presenters. However, if you need more presenters, attendees and more features, you can choose one of their pricing plans.

6) GoToMeeting

free online meeting tools - GoToMeeting

At GoToMeeting, video conference for up to 3 people is for free. It has a simple interface and is great if you are looking at just video conferencing. If GoToMeeting is well suited for you, then you can also consider using GoToWebinar in case you want to upgrade.

GoToWebinar is a paid tool that lets you do presentations to up to 1,000 people. This can be a great way to pitch to a client remotely or, branch into a side gig, or teach a class online. You can charge for access to the GoToWebinar link.


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7) Google Hangouts

Google Hangout - Free Video Conferencing Software

Google Hangouts is without a doubt one of the most popular and reliable free online meeting tools out there. Hangouts are integrated into Google+ and Gmail. Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices are also available.

Hangouts resemble a social network and make you feel comfortable about sharing information in a secured setting following the newest protection standards. You can use Hangouts as a collaboration platform for meetings and interaction with your clients and collaborates via HD video. Hangout’s face-to-face functionality also helps you save time on travel and expenses for online meetings and conferences.

Another interesting feature of this free call & video conferencing tool is being able to record your Hangouts to view later on. Recording your hangouts will reduce the time you spend taking notes and make sure that you don’t miss anything.


8) MeetingBurner

Meeting Burner - online tools

Features which are chargeable on most online meeting tools are free on this one. With MeetingBurner, you can include up to 10 people in a conference, record calls, do in-meeting chats, share screens and set automated email reminders, etc. Using this tool requires you to install a small application to get it to work on your computer.

Consider your personal requirements before deciding upon the right tool as it can be different for different people. Select a free online meeting tool that closely meets your business needs. It’s highly likely that you may require more than 1 tool to meet all or most of your requirements.

Discuss with your clients and collaborates to evaluate what works well. Work with a tool which addresses your team’s problems, helps you work smart & increases overall productivity. Good luck!


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