Trying fitness exercises at home while you are stuck in the lockdown? What, you can’t last more than a few minutes? Well, that’s because you’ve got it all wrong. To workout at home doesn’t mean you need to follow a draconian regime and stretch the muscles to their limits. Taking it slow on you, one step at a time would help.

Sitting idle or working from home, you know you have enough time to exercise. Procrastinating about it the entire week, watching fitness exercise at home videos, or just thinking about getting fit won’t work, it’s living in a fool’s paradise.

With the same old temperament towards fitness in the prevailing situation is going to make matters worse. When you hit normalcy in your work life and when you’d start going to work every day, with this temperament you’d be pretty unproductive. More restless for you might put on a couple and more kilos. And these implications would linger on for the foreseeable future.

Your body may be habitual to sitting on a desk through 9-5 in a day but not at your home. When in quarantine, you are not stepping out, you are not travelling to the office and so you are saving enough energy to do so. Not coming up with a “fitness exercises at home” schedule is going to land you in health troubles as well as productivity gaps.

So if you are looking for a solution to the same, this is where you get to know when, where and how to do it.

Well to mild things up even further, we’ve got you two categories of exercises you can try at home. The first ones would be those you can try sitting on a chair, while the second category would be a level up and can be done anywhere in your house like the living room.



(A) Chair Yoga Exercises

Here are some stretches and exercises to do while you sit on a chair. This will keep you energised and focussed, hence increasing your productivity while you work from home.

1) Torso Stretch

Torso Stretch Fitness Exercise At Home

Torso Stretch, one of the easiest exercises you can try sitting at your workstation, is also a relaxing remedy to keep you energised.

This exercise helps you stretch your backbone, arms and shoulders in one single push.

To get started sit straight on your chair, hold your fingers as shown in the picture and spread them upwards and backwards repetitively. Just 5-10 each and your first step in the pond of fitness is complete.


2) Spinal Twist

Spinal Twist Fitness Exercise

Sitting all day in your work from home regime during quarantine is going to land you with back troubles.

The spinal twist although can be your perfect stretch ever.

To start with sit straight, feet flat on the floor and gently twist your torso on the axis. Don’t stretch it much just take it as much as it feels comfortable. Once done, reverse the same in the opposite direction. Continue for a minute for two before the next exercise.


3) Chest Opener

Chest Opener Exercise At Home

This one’s as easy as making a pancake. All you need to do is slide a little outside on the chair and hold the backrest with your arms.

While holding the same, just stretch your body outside. This will relax your muscles and shoulder joints.

Continue this for a minute or so before moving ahead onto the next exercise.


4) Side Stretch

Side Stretch On A Chair - fitness exercises at home

One of the quickest hacks around back pain and unwanted neck contortions, the side stretch is when you mingle your fingers and stretch it upwards and sidewards.

You must have been doing this already, unknowingly, while yawning, but do it on purpose to relax the most.

Doing this exercise improves your spine flexibility and prevents future posture problems.


5) Neck Stretch

Neck Stretch For Work From Home

Coming to the most frequented one, the neck stretch takes a minute or two and you won’t even need to get up and warm up for it or anything.

While this seems easy, it requires a combination of breathing and stretching at the same once.

Keeping your back straight, feet flat on the floor, gently rotate your neck. Make sure to breathe in and out in sync with the movement.


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(B) Indoor Exercises At Home

Here are some fitness exercises that you can do in your living room for a healthy lifestyle.

1) Stationary Sprinter

Stationary Sprinter

Sprinting is one of the best ways to rewind and declutter your lazed up regime.

And with this stationary alternative, you won’t need to head out as well.

Simply head out to your living room, stretch your muscles a bit and start with jogging on the spot. Going ahead, take the sprint intensity higher and rigorous till when you think is comfortable enough.

It will help you rewind, keep your cardio vessels flowing seamlessly and will help you keep a check on your weight.


2) Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber - for fitness at home

One of the best fitness exercises at home for overall body strength and flexibility, the mountain climber is easy and relevant when you’re stuck inside your home but in dire need of some workout.

To get started, simply lie down like a plank, and swiftly move your right leg forward and backwards without lifting it from the ground. Somewhat like you’re climbing a mountain and repeat it with the left leg when done. Continue this for 5-6 seconds with one rep each in a second for best results.


3) Squats

Squats - top fitness exercise at home

We all know about squats and to some extent, we even fear trying it as well.

For the first few days, this may seem like a mistake but then after it becomes routine and fun.

The best way to go about it is to stand straight, keep your legs facing forward and cross your arms. Now simply try and sit down without the support of your hands and stand up once you reach down completely. Repete it as much as your stamina allows and at least 10 repetitions are suggested.


4) Pushups


Many would say it’s for the core workout enthusiasts, but they wouldn’t tell you it’s a full-body sculpturing move.

It works on your shoulders, the back, the thighs, the abdomen, the arms and the upper torso, all at the same once.

For beginners, this might seem a little difficult fitness exercise at home, but with continuous practice, you can get to doing it right. For easier alternatives, there are a number of videos available online, however, this once we’ll talk about the conventional way.

It’s more of a plank without the lumbar support of your forearm. Going upwards and downwards in sync for 5-7 repetitions is suggested for the amateurs and one can move up on the number of reps once comfortable.


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5) Crunches

Crunches - fitness exercises at home

Crunches, like pushups or squats are misunderstood to be for those looking forward to shedding belly fat.

But instead, it’s a great way to work on your flexibility as well. This is one of the easiest fitness exercises at home that won’t require much space and you can easily do it in your living room or bedroom.

Just lie down facing upwards and hold the back of your head with your arms making a triangle-like shape. Now lift your upper torso to the extent it is comfortable and repeat the combination of steps as many times you can comfortably.


6) Skipping Rope

skipping rope - daily home workout

Man of us may have played this as a game when we were kids, but little do we know, it’s one of the best fitness exercises at home.

Skipping involves motory skills, requires concentration and body strength, apart from being fun. In a way, it is an entire package for your body, mind and soul. I

f you don’t know how to skip, it’s easy and something you can learn from a number of videos online. Once you have attained the skill, practice daily for 10-15 minutes.


7) The Plank

The Plank

The plank got in the conversation when a number of celebrities started a challenge around it, and in no time, the rest of us were seen trying to do it.

The plank may seem difficult at first, but is easier if your body allows.

So the trick here is to not overdo it but keep it comfortable for your body.


8) Dancing

And who doesn’t love dancing? Well if you don’t, you’re missing out on something major.

And for the social awkward kinds, you don’t have to make a video and upload it, just do it when you’re alone and for yourself.

Apart from rejuvenating your senses, this helps you maintain good health when you’re not heading out.

Keeping you energetic and in a good state of mind, dancing is clinically proven to bring in a number of health benefits.


9) Basic Yoga

Yoga - fitness exercises at home

And the best fitness exercise at home for the last. It may sound rhetoric to you, but there isn’t anything like yoga. And it doesn’t require you to move an inch away from your bedroom or living room.

For most body types, there are a number of asanas and moves available.

There are a number of Instagram influencers and teachers giving out free yoga lessons online. So choose something you think you can start with and get to the best of shape you can ever be. Continuing this post quarantine would also help you boost immunity and strength.


Working out during quarantine isn’t a big deal, you simply need the will to do so. Trying these fitness exercises at home is easy, is beneficial and would go a long way in helping you keep productive.


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Q. I am a differently-abled person, so are these exercises advised for me as well?

A. Well, it depends on your physical condition, and in no ways can these exercises be suggested clinically for anyone. If you happen to have a concerning situation, please consult a doctor or physician at the latest.


Q. I have been working out at home since long, would it be beneficial if I club these exercise with my schedule?

A. These exercises are generalised for beginners and professionals alike. If you feel you have attained a level of expertise at fitness exercise at home, then yes you may stream these in and maybe you can try doing a couple of extra reps if your body allows so.


Q. Which one of the exercises affect the most in helping build immunity during quarantine? 

A. Well, that’s a relative concern. It depends on one body type to another. Given the body mass index and other critical concerns, you can choose from these. Practising yoga is somehow the best bet at improving immunity in the long run.