9 Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs That Make Them Who They Are

An old proverb says that a man who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything. The proverb, though simple, is key to having a successful life and also having a successful career. The same goes for a successful entrepreneur.

The same logic is applied by many successful entrepreneurs who know that healthy habits will keep them fit and will help them keep their business fit.

Here are 9 habits of successful entrepreneurs that not only keep them healthy but also makes them effective as an entrepreneur:

1) Follow a strict schedule

Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs - Follow Strict Schedule

One of the primary daily habits of successful entrepreneurs is to follow a strict schedule and not dither from it much.

A schedule, not only helps them know what comes next but also increase their efficiency and balance their work and life better.

Every successful entrepreneur understands that this balance is very important to make sure that they have some time to relax and be with their family.

Some popular names known to follow a strict and balanced schedule are Twitter founders Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams, Winston Churchill and PM Narendra Modi.


2) Sound sleep

Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs - Get sound sleep

One of the most common habits of successful entrepreneurs is that they never undervalue sleep as lack of sleep increases emotional reactivity and frustration.

There are known research that proves that lack of proper sleep increases stress and leads to a poor judgment which is not good if you are running a business.

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Thus, successful entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Idira Nooyi and Jack Dorsey, make sure that they get their Zs. By respecting their sleep cycle they thus make sure that they make fewer mistakes and/or lose productivity.


3) Keep a journal

Daily habits of famous founders - Keep a journal

You must have noticed that the majority of entrepreneurs keep a planner with them at all times or that they maintain a journal.

One of the top habits of successful entrepreneurs is to keep a track on their progress and know exactly where they stand at what point.

While the process of keeping written journals have gone down and keeping a digital journal has gone up, the habit itself has not faded and the majority still maintain a daily journal.

This habit makes sure that they keep track of their days, weeks and months, along with their thoughts and ideas. The step is also crucial as it keeps one grounded and helps them get back to old notes when they need to see it again.


4) Stay Curious

As an entrepreneur, one always need to stay curious to come up with new ideas and solutions and also to avoid boredom.

Boredom often makes one disinterested and lose focus. Thus any successful entrepreneur makes sure that they stay curious so they are never bored.

The biggest example for the above is Elon Musk who over the past decade has come up with groundbreaking ideas in many fields of business.

There are very few who know that Musk started out in 1999 when he founded X.com which later went on to become PayPal.


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5) Simplicity

Habits Of Successful People - Simple Lifestyle

Some of the world’s most successful entrepreneur, such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg are known for their simple life and not splurging on unnecessary luxury.

This is one of the most common habits of successful entrepreneurs who have built their business from the ground up.

Simplicity is also the secret weapon that many entrepreneurs swear by as it helps them avoid taking on additional stress.

This way they worry less about unnecessary things and focus more on a high quality work.


6) Be flexible to change

Daily Habits Of Successful People - Flexibility

Successful businessmen are known to be flexible so as to adapt to sudden change.

While we mentioned schedule is important, flexibility is equally important to adapt and to change direction when required.

By being flexible one can quickly adapt to crisis and change direction which will increase the chances of success in business.

The biggest example of this would be an instant noodle Maggie in India. Maggie had changed its flavour back in 1997 to get an advantage over their competition.

The move had not gone down well with their consumers and they quickly adapted and brought back their old flavour in 1999. The move once again increased their sales and they by 2001 had grabbed a large instant noodles market share in India.


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7) Stay a step ahead

Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs - They are visionary

A business can’t thrive on its own; and adapts to its market. Similarly, an entrepreneur must think and foresight their future beforehand to succeed.

Successful entrepreneurs are innovative and crave being in the constant process of discovery.

The curiosity that we mentioned above often leads to new ideas that they put in their journals and envision them for the future. Many such ideas that were earlier thought to be impossible are now accessible thanks to these visionary entrepreneurs.

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It was a vision of many entrepreneurs that have now made smartphones accessible to common people. The first smartphone was launched in 1992 and was accessible to a privileged few. It was Steve Jobs, who later made smartphones cheaper and accessible to the common people.


8) Early risers

Daily Habits Of Successful people - Rise early

Successful entrepreneurs have always believed in the old saying that early birds get the worms.

They thus, know the importance of getting up early and getting the work done before the rest of the world wakes up.

Be it Apple CEO Tim Cook who wakes up at 3:45 am or PepsiCo’s Indira Nooyi who is in office by 7 am,  majority of successful entrepreneurs have the habit of getting up early to put them ahead of the game and a step ahead of their stress.


9) Read

Read books regularly - daily habit for success

One of the most common habits of successful entrepreneurs is that they all seem to read a lot. Rather, successful professional seem to read more than anyone else.

The simple habit of reading not only breaks the monotony but also keeps them updated to what is happening around the world.

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They thus add reading to their daily routine habit be it before bed or first thing in the morning when they get up.

They make sure that reading is part of their daily life.


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