Top 10 Things To Do During Quarantine For Long Term Benefits

Striving through the empty lanes of Quarantines and lockdown situations across the world, it is highly necessary to keep up a sane state of mind. And to have a set of things to do during quarantine is probably the best bet in keeping the boat sailing. Many see it as an opportunity to catch up with the lost track of personal lives and some are still finding it difficult to cope with the restrictions put in place.

All in all, we say it’s not as bad as you may think. For it is your chance to do everything you’ve been nagging about in the past due to lack of personal time. So catch up on reading those books you ordered and never got across the first chapter. Learn the musical instrument you’ve had since long and never had the time to even whip the layer of dust off it.

And if it’s still a question for you and you still don’t have a clue about creative things to do at home, then give these a try.


Top 10 things to do during quarantine that are fun & motivating:

1) Fitness Regime

Fitness Regime For Quarantine

Wondering about how you thought you never had time for a dedicated fitness regime? Well, you better not think so right now.

With all the time in the world for yourself, a fitness regime sits pretty on a podium spot among your priorities.

One of the best things to do during quarantine, taking up fitness exercise at home would certainly keep up your immunity and your mental sanity at par. Try it in small packets or go all guns blazing, you won’t mind keeping up with such a healthy habit even when the lockdown ends.

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2) Skill Building & Personal growth

Skill Building And Personal Growth Tips

Skill building is not instantaneous, it’s a continued effort, period! Well, if not kick start something new, we can at least boost the ongoing skill-building projects in place.

For the sake of stating something, marketing individuals can start with updating yourself on the latest trends and the POP culture ensembles that make your ideas more creative and peppy.

Bloggers can enrich themselves with new ideas with free courses available online. Acclimating with a new tool, a new podcast about your industry would work wonders. Reading books on the same context comes next, and who knows that bragging about this newfound knowledge may land in new opportunities for you in the future.

If you are looking for such skill-building content, check out our resources section.



3) Focus on Mental Health

Meditation - things to do during quarantine

While staying at home all day sounds fun, it can be totally monotonic and depressing for some or as we presume, many of us.

And one of the easiest things to do during quarantine for good mental health is synergising your energies through Yoga.

A meditational routine is sure one of those things that would help you induce better productivity, keeps a check on your immunity and helps you ace at a number of verticals in life.

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4) Clear up Pending Projects

Clear Up Pending Projects during Quarantine

It’s not a surprise that we all have personal or professional projects pending since eternity. However low priority these may be, you still have to get them done someday.

And while thinking of things to do during quarantine, one must look into the own pockets first.

So go ahead and make a list of the pending projects, a book that you started working on, the long list of things and tools you needed to organise or that spreadsheet you’ve been meaning to sort ever since it was made.

Just get to things that would make your life after lockdown a little less burdened with work.


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5) Connect with Friends & Family

Stay Connected With Family = fun things to do at home

In the 9-5 routine we live through our entire life, there’s hardly a minute to spare.

The consequences bear in lost touch with the near ones and your friends. There have been instances when people meet, mingle up and then hardly get even a chance to reconnect. A great opportunity at a long-lasting friendship lost in vain.

But here’s a reason to get things back on track, you have a dearth of things to do during quarantine and catching up with old acquaintances and connections would just fall in place. Call them, play a game of LUDO online.

Video conference with your school mates, see how everyone else is doing in their lives and maybe you can even plan another reunion which we all know is just going to end with another set of excuses by everyone. But still, planning it would be fun.


6) Take Up a Hobby

Take Up A Hobby - things to do in quarantine

Have you been one of those to nag about priorities standing in between you and your hobbies? Well, most of us have been. And which is not entirely on us, but the draconianly busy routines we follow doesn’t allow much scope for the same as well.

So if you’re looking for some cool things to do during quarantine, then taking up an old hobby again would help you run the lengths. Gardening, if you have a lawn or a gardening space. Taking guitar lessons if you’ve always wanted to but couldn’t. Painting if you’ve got no idea as to how fun it can be.

Or you can always take up a new genre of books that has always amazed you. So there can be a number of hobbies you can take up while in a quarantine situation, just that, it ought to be something you can follow after when the lockdown eases.


7) DIY Hacks

DIY - creative things to do at home

And the next one on the list of best things to do during quarantine is learning a few useful DIY hacks.

There’s a host of tutorials available online and one can choose from home decor art to life-essential hacks, but these DIY tricks are fun and worthy of appreciation saying the least.

Who knows if you make a video-log of the process and post it online, you can fetch in some serious attention from the online world as well. Just make sure of one thing, that you don’t end up spending more than it’s worth.

Try using recyclable junk from your backyard or reuse something that’s been sitting idle in your store-room since ages. Making something out of nothing is the key to best DIY hacks to do during a quarantine.


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8) Catch up on Cooking Skills

Catch Up On Cooking Skills - things to do at home

Cooking is something you’d need even if you’re living on the moon. And coming from a country like India, not many of us are readily okay with cooking, but the thought of good food does bring us all on the same plate.

So why not learn something you can make for yourself. A favourite dish or some snackers for those midnight munchies would sound good? Cooking for things to do during quarantine is one of the best ways to be counter-productive in the face of this calamity.

So rise above the best maggie recipe in the world to fine dining experience curated by you, for the world around, and let’s that’s about as dramatic it can get. But sure, catching up on the cooking skills is one of the life-savers in difficult situations.


9) Blogging & Networking

Blogging & Networking

Blogging and sharing the expertise with those who need guidance and advice can be one of the perfect things to do during quarantine.

This is also a great way to expand your network in these callous times. Writing about your experiences would bring back so many proud moments and would help you connect with like-minded, aspiring individuals who might have shied away from their dreams if it wasn’t your experiences in the way down.

So share and network your skills to the world, if not for yourself, then do it for the broader good. Good things always come back to you somewhen down the line.


10) Make your Bedroom Liveable

Redecorate and renovate your living space

And the last but not the least of things to do during quarantine is redecorating and renovating your living space. Start with cleaning and rearranging your wardrobe.

Clean up the dust from corners where you never had the time to reach out to before. Hang in some new memories from the recent past, trim the indoor plant you’ve not said hello to since ages. And yeah, make an inventory of the home bar and clean up the prized possessions again.


Thinking of the best things to do during quarantine, one thing that’s not listed above and that’s utterly important is to reconnect with your family. In the fast lifestyle we have attained, we have somehow left a track on our personal relationships in the way. So go ahead and call your grandparents for a change, a video call would be so much better. Serve your mom some breakfast in the bed tomorrow. Dance with your wife a little or tell your kids a story from your childhood. Do something, connect, build, rekindle love and strengthen yourself and the world around.


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Q. What are the best free online courses available right now?

A. From education to marketing, there are a number of free courses available online. You can choose one depending upon your interest area. Coursera, Udemy, Hubspot are among the many great platforms that allow such courses for free.


Q. What are the best things for those who work from home and have little time to spare?

A. Well, even when working from home, you are saving time on travel and other things when you cannot head out during quarantine. So from DIY hacks to cooking and blogging to meditation, you can take up anything from these.


Q. What are the best things to do during quarantine for engaging kids?

A. See, kids have a curious mind. And this can be a great opportunity to make them learn something new. Although there are a number of fun things to do with your kids, something we’d suggest is making them learn fun ways to do maths. Helping them develop a reading habit. Introducing them to Yoga, and many other productive things can help you keep your kids engaged and progressing in learning new things.


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