13 Useful Email Newsletters That Every Entrepreneur Should Subscribe To

Knowledge is power. A fact that everyone agrees on. But this is something all entrepreneurs not just agree on, but embrace completely! For them, it is an indispensable part, not just of their profession but of their life. Due to the constant creativity that is happening in this field, it is important to constantly be up to date.

Join us as we say a quick thank you to technology and its wonderful, wonderful ways. Some of which easily lets us stay in touch with our fellow hustlers and all the innovations that take place! Such as with signing up for the best email newsletters we have ever come across!

1) Buffer

Much like the app itself, Buffer excels at taking in information pertaining to just about everything and anything that you could need and organizing a beautiful and satisfying newsletter out of it. They cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from productivity to social media and more. They also have a blog which regularly covers news on various different kinds of trending topics and news.

best email newsletters Buffer

2) Intercom

Intercom’s newsletter has “articles on product management, sales and marketing, customer support and startups, delivered straight to your inbox once a week.” Each of the aforementioned sections (along with more, like podcasts!) provide articles written by experts in their fields, offering their experience, expertise and insights into various, relevant fields. Broadly speaking, they cover all the major areas that a startup needs to focus on in the beginning. So this becomes the ideal newsletter choice.

3) myHQ

myHQ provides a healthy mix of a little bit of everything in their newsletters. Curating an all-encompassing newsletter, they offer topics and reads on everything, from articles offering legal advice to finances to startups growth and more. Whether you are an entrepreneur with a startup that was birthed yesterday or a startup that has now started focusing on scaling, this newsletter offers it all.

best email newsletters myHQ Digest


4) Growth Hackers

Growth Hackers, as the name itself suggests, focus on the growth of the company by utilizing the value-based approach; proven by their most famous and successful companies. So naturally, their newsletter immediately becomes a must-follow newsletter! They have a unique way of presenting their resources and offer it in various ways. From offering courses at their own “Growth University”, Ideas, Discussions, “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) sessions and more, they present their information in a way most suitable – easily accessible and comprehensible.


5) Quicksprout

Aptly named, this organisation helps companies grow fast and gain traffic to their website even faster. Quicksprout’s USP is their Guide Section, which offers a holistic view for startups to study. From the nitty-gritties that focus on online marketing and an advanced guide for SEO, to a comprehensive study of consumer psychology and a guide to Growth Hacking, they have it all. Sign us up, please!


6) SAAS Weekly

“The SaaS Weekly is a weekly newsletter covering the major SaaS news from around the globe.” In their own words – “There’s a focus on the amount of money raised instead of innovation and quality of a product or service. A wealth of coverage on what the big, established players are releasing next instead of reporting on what’s new and innovative.” SaaS Weekly aims to bring the attention where it belongs – on innovation.

best email newsletters SaaS

7) First Round Review

First Round Review promises to “cut through the noise” and bring you all the latest information straight to you (which is why they choose not to use bylines, according to their website). Keen on focusing and reporting on what’s new and important, First Round Review instantly becomes a necessary addition on our list of best email newsletters.

8) Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur as the website likes to keep it’s readers on their toes (as they should be, being entrepreneurs and all!..). By making sure to encapsulate all the relevant information meant for entrepreneurs, they curate and send in a weekly newsletter. The catch? It gets sent to the reader at different times during the week.

9) Hubspot

One of those rare names that everyone knows of, Hubspot easily has one of the biggest and most well-known collections. And in addition to this, they also have a fantastic newsletter that one can subscribe to. The best part? It’s free!

10) Startup co.

“Startups.co provides education and inspiration to over 1 million registered startup founders and their teams.” Yup, it’s true! Startup co. is one of the best-known newsletters that every entrepreneur should be following, according to Entrepreneur themselves. If a source like Entrepreneur is listing this as one of the best newsletters, with just a one-line introduction (worthy of a mic drop at the end!), then it’s worth checking out, don’t you think?

11) NextDraft

Confining ourselves to only the entrepreneurial circle miiight not be the best move for entrepreneurs. So NextDraft provides “a daily compilation of the most interesting and compelling news items” but it also comes with the author’s (Dave Parnell) observant and witty take on the news itself.


best email newsletters Next Draft

12) Strategy and Business

Strategy and Business provide information on all things business related. Whether you are looking for any information, related to a specific field (such as healthcare, technology,etc.) or any business-related strategy (such as business strategy or leadership and more), you can find it in this newsletter.

13) Your own

Having sung praises of all the aforementioned newsletters, it is important that you ultimately curate one that best suits you. Sign up for newsletters that not only inform you but also excite you, inspire you and help you innovate and create. Make sure you sign up for those that satiate your hunger – not just of your field, but of your passions and interest as well!


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