10 Startup Incubators in Delhi NCR That Every Entrepreneur Recommends

India is a big nation where there are more than enough problems. Fortunately, the number of people wanting to solve these problems is equal to (if not greater than) the number of problems that already exist in the country. Many of these people join or form their own startups. However, startups needing a little nudge in the right direction or some guidance can turn to startup incubators.

Startup incubators are the training wheels that you might require when your startup has just begun to grow. They are companies that help new companies or startups in the initial days by providing either infrastructure or management training. They offer that in-between support for a time period, till the startup is ready to take off on its own.

Being the capital of the nation, there are a plethora of startup incubators in Delhi NCR region. We have narrowed down and curated the 7 most sought-after startup incubators in Delhi NCR Region –

1) BW Accelerate

Simply put in their own words, “BW Accelerate is a business accelerate initiative built on thousands of hours of knowledge & intelligence acquired through a participative partnership with businesses. A multi-city business accelerated initiative, BW Accelerate has impacted hundreds of business, large & small, through constant support required for growth and scale.”

They offer a 3-month program. Some of their key features are-  learning and mentorship, connects with Angel Investors, Venture capitals, exclusive pitch sessions with investor partners towards the end of the session and more.

2) TLabs

TLabs operates as a startup incubator as well as an early stage seed fund. They focus on Indian startups that function specifically in the internet and mobile technology field. Their USP lies in their tie-up to some of the best, most renowned and experienced entrepreneurs.

They offer a 16-week long program. Some of their key features include an in-house team providing support across various business verticals, access to over 100 mentors, regular engagements with VC’s and angel investors throughout the program and access to a network of like-minded people.


3) Startup Tunnel

Another unique organization, Startup Tunnel would qualify as an “early stage” accelerator which focuses on applying emerging technologies. They work within a very specific category where they focus on technology-enabled platforms in specific business verticals including inclusive Fintech, networked healthcare, digital governance, scalable cleantech, B2B SaaS.

Startup Tunnel offers a 5-month program where they focus on up to 10 organizations at a time. Their key features include providing early investment with opportunities for follow-on funding, expert mentorship and an exclusive co-working space of their own.

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4) Indian Angel Network Incubator

Indian Angel Network is a network of Angel Investors who are set to invest in upcoming and promising startups and businesses. Particularly focused on early-stage startups, Indian Angel Network Incubator is one of the best startup incubators in Delhi made up of the most experienced CEO’s. Their website clearly states their key features, the criteria that needs to be met and what they look for in startups.

Their key features include quick feedback on investment decisions, a simple term sheet, a strong team of entrepreneurs with a background in entrepreneurship and operations and many more.


5) Amity Innovation Incubator

A unique entry on this list, this particular startup incubator is registered as a “not-for-profit” startup incubator. Coming under the umbrella term of Amity University, this particular startup incubator in a very short time span come up as one of the most sought-after incubators. They offer a variety of ways to support upcoming and innovative startups, such as by physical or virtual incubation program.

Their key features include a mentoring board made up of a vast network of mentors, active engagement from mentors, investment and access to much-needed seed capital.


6) Technology-Based Incubator (TBI)

Coming under the umbrella term of IIT Delhi, this incubator was started by the industry interface unit of IIT Delhi. Considered to be one of the topmost startup incubators in Delhi, they provide a holistic view of all organizations with them. They also help “with the incubation of juvenile technologies into commercially feasible ventures”, as reported by The Hacker Street.

Their key features include Product development, product innovations, software testing, simulation and prototyping, pilot experimentation, training and similar other technology-related work.


7) Information Technology Business Incubator, JSSATE-STEP

Popularly known as ITBI (Information Technology Business Incubator), it originated with the help of National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) & Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India. A strong and notable startup incubator in Delhi, they offer a myriad of options and support tools. Some of these are plug-and-play office space, secured access, business facilitation support and much more.


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8) Veddis

This startup incubator found its roots in London but now is also present in Gurgaon. They have positioned themselves in a unique way where they become a one-stop shop for all startups in their early days. From ready to move-in space to technology-related support, this startup offers all the important and necessary tools.

Their notable key features are in-house marketing, website development, SEO and SEM related support, business strategy teams made up of experienced mentors and much more.

9) Technology-Based Incubator, Shriram Institute

Situated within the premises of Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, they have been sponsored by Department of science & technology (DST) & Government of India. Due to this incredible backing that they enjoy, they definitely make the cut for as one of the finest startup incubators in Delhi. The field of interests are plastics, rubbers, speciality chemicals and waste management.

Their key features include identification of products and processes, designing of plants and machinery, process development, vendor development and more.


10) FBStart

Bringing up the rear in this list is FBStart. Straight from the horse’s mouth – FBStart “provides year-round technical support from Facebook, an exclusive community of global startups, free credits to tools and services from dozens of premier partners, training on Facebook Developer Tools, and more.”

Some of their incredible key features include in-person events, direct technical support, various tools for growth and access to their exclusive forum and community.


Have you had an incredible experience with another startup incubator? Leave a comment and let us know!

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