How To Hire Employees During Your Initial Startup Days

When you start your own business, it’s nerve-wracking, and you going all out to do the best you can to get everything perfect. As a startup, it is even harder to get people as you are a young company. You have limited cash flow and even more, limited time to spend that cash the best to your potential so as to get the maximum return.

Hiring the wrong employee can potentially break your startup and hiring the right one can make it big. Thus, you have to be very careful with your decisions and do your best to hire the best talent to suit your needs.

Below are a few tips on how to hire employees during the initial days:

1) Know the position you’re hiring for

When you ask yourself how to hire employees, you also have to ask yourself which position you are hiring for. As a startup founder, you invest a lot of time and money on various aspects of business but a large portion of that money should always go to hiring.

Having said that, you still cannot afford recruiters and HR managers so instead of spending money on hiring them, hire for a position where you need a person the most and do the screening, testing, interviews, and onboarding yourself.

2) Remember to hire for the right reasons

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After you know the position you are hiring for, it’s important to remember to hire the right person for the right reasons.

It is easy to get overexcited about a candidate but you need to remember that at the end of the day, you need to find the right fit for you and not hire someone who looks good on paper but won’t fit your needs.

So ask questions that you need to know about in advance and let the person know what you expect from them when and if they become your employee.

Learn about their work environment preferences and judge if they would be able to fit your requirements. Remember sometimes we might find the right person, but we might not be the company they are looking for.

They might initially join you but will leave as soon as they find the place that they want. Thus, don’t try to convince them otherwise and join you. Look for mutual benefits in this relationship as they will not stay for the long term if you are not what they are looking for.


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3) Build your company with a mission & vision

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In the initial days of a startup, you don’t have the financial resources to offer attractive paychecks to your employees and this is a big drawback for any employee.

What you thus need to do is convince the top and the best talent to join you and come and work for you in less pay or for some other form of reward.

Thus in order to convince them you need to build a company with a great mission and vision that excites and attract them even if the money is not there currently.

So share your long-term vision with your potential employees and present your company to them in the best way you can.

This will not only offer them a place where they will work for much more than money, but also a place where they are passionate to work.

4) Have small but a close-knit team

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As a startup, you are likely to hire fewer people that are going to work more.

It is thus important to have a close-knit team which shares the same team dynamic as you. With this, each person is likely to have a greater presence and influence as they would have in a team which is much larger.


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This can be both a blessing and a curse, so it is very important that you select these people very carefully. You need to remember that when you have a great team, it’s a great recruitment tool as they will know similar like minded people.

This will lead to better hiring and being close-knit also creates the right culture fit that you need in the team.

5) Hold onto your existing talent

When looking to hire new people, it is equally important to hold on to your old and talented people who have been with the project since the beginning.

The people who have been interested in your project since the beginning would also be looking for constant growth for your company and working towards it.

Such talented people inspire and drive others and thus become a motivation to others who join you. Hold on to such people and keep them in the position of influence as they would build momentum and attract even more prime talent.


6) Hire via personal platforms

When people ask how to hire employees for a startup when you have no money, the best option is to give an alternative.

Remember experience matter as much as money and people who are starting out are looking to sharpen then skillset and learn more things.

The startup offers incredible potential for growth to them as they get a chance to learn new skills which might help them in the future and also help them collaborate with experts in their field.

Look for such people and offer them a perfect job opportunity.

You can look for such people in your friend circle, as they would truly enjoy working for your startup and would want to work for you as well.

You can also look for such people in remote areas if you finding it difficult to find them in your local area. People who live in the remote area are people with necessities and most have limited options and learning opportunities. If you offer them flexible working arrangements, such as working from home and sharpening their skills with experts during special projects, they would love to get the learning opportunity and have an option that broadens their skills.

While we don’t claim that the above points will get you a sure shot employee, we do say that the one you do get would be the best of the best.

So do try them out and get the best of the best employees in the process.


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