8 New Age Employee Benefits To Keep Your Team Motivated

It’s the most common point stated in several million articles by now. “New age employees want it all!” is the heading splashed across on newspapers. “Millennials searching for much more than job security!”, the glaring headline will read on your newsfeed.

But the thing is, all of this is true. Why deny it?

We are fortunate that we are living in a time where the workspaces can afford to give us bean bags and a cozy work environment to work out of and where you are allowed to feel a part of something bigger than you, something purposeful. Not just a cog in the wheel. And so the new blood that is joining the workforce is looking not just for a job but all the extra perks and quirks as well.

But what kind of perks are we talking about?

1. MakeMyTrip

At MakeMyTrip, employees are given a lot more than just pay package. While they are offered basic medical facilities, they are also offered perks like theme days at offices,  rock concerts tickets, enthusiastic sports activities. So MakeMytrip definitely MakesYourDay when you work there!

best employee benefits makemytrip

2. Flipkart

Flipkart cares not just for their employees but also for their families as well. One of their best employee benefits offers their female employees great maternity benefits but it doesn’t just stop there. Flipkart has also started offering paternity benefits. Under this, the male employees can take up to 10 days off either before or after the child is born. Additionally, they can also adjust their working hours for the first 3 months.

3. Google

This giant has been well-known for taking care of its employees for a long time now! No list talking about the best employee benefits is complete without mentioning Google. Most well-known for it’s “death policy” where the company pays their employees’ spouse their salary up to 10 years after the employees’ death, they also offer a host of other perks. Recreational games, gym, flexible work schedule, a peek into their upcoming tech-savvy projects, sleep pods for power naps… the list goes on!

4. Zomato

Zomato has a lesser-known but extremely fun perk among the various different perks that it offers for their employees. In addition to a discount on the Zomato Gold membership and free meals, Zomato has one of the coolest and the best employee perk wherein if you are sick, you just need to click a selfie of your sad and not so well face and send it on the company WhatsApp group. Now that’s something which confirms why Zomato is one of the most loved workplaces in this country!

best employee benefits zomato

5. Marriott Hotels

Not necessarily a perk but a point worth mentioning first and foremost is that Marriott insists on calling their team members “associates” and not employees. In addition to this, they treat their associates by offering them staff discounts and benefits at Marriotts around the globe and have free international trips as incentives, among other benefits such as social engagements and more.

6. Godrej

Godrej gives its employees an “uncapped sick leaves”, thus reducing the stress of paid and unpaid leaves to an extent for their employees. In addition to this, they also have a program called Godrej L.O.U.D. (Live Out Your Dreams) where they focus on recruiting the best of the best from their campus and business school recruitment program.

7. Kotak Mahindra

Not just for a bank, just in general Kotak Mahindra comes out as one of the coolest places to work for! Their best employee benefit? Mass screenings for Hollywood and Bollywood films! But it doesn’t just stop here. They also offer annual family days, yoga classes, indoor and outdoor games and naturopathy to their employees as well.

8. myHQ

Apart from all the regular benefits the employees get, the team at myHQ gets the amazing flexibility to work out of their numerous work cafes and coworking spaces spread across the city.  With every quarterly getaway, team dinners and community building events, the team at myHQ is constantly inspired to connect, network and grow with people within the team as well within the myHQ community.

There you have it! This is the proof that you can easily work hard and have fun as well!


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