Overcome Your Insecurities As a Freelancer And Live Your Dream Life Freely

India’s gig economy is progressing and freelancing has emerged to become a viable and substantial working option for professionals in different fields. While the life of a freelancer may seem hunky-dory to an outsider – right from choosing their own work and flexible working hours to ample leisure time and laidback lifestyle, but the truth is far beyond.

Freelancing defies the austere 9-to-5 working hours, but here too professionals need to deal with their own insecurities. Not every freelancer is able to carve a niche in their own field. Their insecurities always keep them from taking that big leap of faith.

Here we will talk about the insecurities that you need to deal with while working as a freelancer and most importantly- how to overcome it without losing your mind.

Dealing with Financial Insecurity

As a freelancer, you are paid for the number of hours worked, so time is your sole asset. No work implies no cash flow and if this continues for a period of a few days, you begin to worry about financial security, which can, in turn, can adversely affect your mental balance and work productivity.

Sounds scary right? However, taking control of your finances wisely can put you in a better position.

  • Remember that saving a chunk of your hard-earned money can boost your confidence to undertake bigger and bolder business decisions. So educate yourself about different investment options for yourself.
  • While working for clients, make sure to lay down your own terms for payment, right in advance. This will save you from pending or overdue payments – hence saving yourself from long crunch periods.
  • Plan your client schedule in advance to avoid panic.


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Working in Isolation

As a freelancer, you certainly are your own boss, yet working alone can even turn out to be depressing. You’d be spending a lot of time scooping client opportunities, working in your lonely apartment and being your own best friend.

However, as a freelancer, you need to make amends with solitude instead of just going through the drill. Remember the reasons why you took this up – to have fun. So do that!

  • The simplest antidote for working in isolation is looking out for people with a similar mindset. Often we find ourselves in odd places and end up picking out ourselves for being the odd one. Well, perhaps, you need to simply change your setting. It’s always a great idea to collaborate with other freelancers and join any freelancer support groups.
  • Head to neighboring community groups in your niche.
  • Start building your social media profiles to enhance your reach and find your tribe.
  • Another amazing way to beat the isolation is to head out shared spaces for working. A workspace like myHQ or other work-friendly cafes in your neighbourhood could turn out be inspiring working dens to network and work in a productive environment.


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Holding on to Existing Clients

One of the most common insecurities of freelancers is the fear of losing existing clients and hence, exhausting yourself to no ends. In fact, sometimes, you might be doing great work for them consistently, but unexpectedly you would be no longer needed by them. Don’t let this rejection bring down your spirits. Instead, you these as a learning experience to emerge as stronger professionals.

  • In the freelancing niche, it’s not only about doing things correctly, your work should even be able to impress your clients. Think of innovative ways how you can provide them with extra value. Offer them exclusive access to something only you can provide – maybe some freebies or discounts or membership programmes.
  • A complacent work attitude even with long-term clients can prove to be detrimental in your freelancing career. A good thing about these insecurities of freelancers is that a little fear can turn to be your formula for success.
  • However, don’t stick to a client just because you are too afraid to lose them out. Know your worth and state it. Ask for a raise when you feel like you deserve it, and don’t hesistate to move on in case you feel undervalued. There are literally plenty of fishes in the sea.


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Tracking Down New Projects

The nature of freelancing business is fluid. What might be working currently may become seem futile in just a span of a few months.  This is why you must be on your toes always to tap on new sources of job opportunities.

  • Stay aware and connected to know about floating opportunities around you.
  • Keep yourself updated with current market trends. Invest in resources, blogs and newsletters to know about your niche more and more.
  • Look upto successful people who are working in the same field – study and observe them. If possible, try to even connect with them via twitter, for example.
  • No matter what your schedule looks like today, be prepared for tomorrow. Create contingency lists and keep sending pitch emails targeting your dream clients.However, these attempts should be within your limitations, as extending your client’s base suddenly can lead to overlapping deadlines and degrade the quality of your work. But if you work smartly, you’ll hopefully create a stable space for your financial needs.


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Monitoring Personal Growth

The freelancing job can be challenging which is why it’s so important to monitor your personal growths the way you are tracking your financial one.

  • While getting good work from all ends is great for your professional growth, you must also learn to say a no when things are getting just too much. Most of the freelancers feel that turning down work can lead them in the pits, but the truth is that if you have the right skills, experience, and network, clients will get back to you in the future.
  • In the freelancing career, there is no benchmark for the work you render to your clients. One of the common insecurities of freelancers is citing the charge of their services. Most of the times freelancers are apprehensive about the price they quote for their hourly jobs. A higher charge can make them lose a probable client and a quoting below par can lead to rejection in terms of poor quality. The best way out of this is to find the right job to suit your expectations and maintain a fixed price for your services.


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Never let these insecurities of freelancers bring you down. Admit and take control of your freelancing fears, before they begin to take charge over you. Once you learn to create harmony in your work-life balance, the rewards can be enriching!

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