11 Things That Freelancers And Bloggers Are Tired Of Listening To

Hello Freelancers! Just when you thought you cracked the hardest cookie kicking off the 9–5 corporate slavery, Tada! Life had better surprises for you. While the freedom of choosing your own clients, your own vacation dates and your own paycheck have been amazing, what has come with it is your friends and relatives’ unreasonable expectations, questions and of course totally unsolicited bits of advice!

1. So what is your main job?

Main? This bae here, this is main, okay? It pays my bills, is my bread and butter, holds me accountable and takes my time — just like a freakin’ main job.

2. Come on, how can you be busy? You’re a freelancer.

Umm, well honestly, that’s probably why I’m busy. Time is money stands the truest for freelancers because yes, a lot of us are paid hourly basis. In fact, having no boss over our heads make us all the more accountable for every aspect of our work.

3. Freelancer? I hope you do things for free, right?

Erm, just to let you know, free in freelancer stands for the freedom to choose our own boss, our own vacations, our own paychecks. Yes, paychecks. So nope! Respect our time, please?

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4. Freelancer? Isn’t that what stay at home moms do?

Probably a decade ago, but the last time I saw, 55 million freelancers of Americans were representing 35% of the U.S. workforce. The freelance workforce earned an estimated $1 trillion this past year in America. Now could they all be stay-at-home moms? Happy guessing!

5. Wow! You’re the guys who know cheat sheets of not paying taxes, right?

Do we really wish you know? But damn, we don’t. Guess what?

As per the Income Tax Act, an income from any profession that involves work, which requires you to use a skill, which is an intellectual skill or is a manual skill, then such income will be taxable under the head ‘Profits and Gains of Business and Profession’.

Freelancers too pay their taxes!


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6. Freelancer? So cool ya. You’re always on a holiday.

Oh yes, if you mean juggling multiple clients, having no official off day in a week and piling deadlines, we are surely always on a holiday you wouldn’t wish for.

7. So you work from home? Ha, is that even a job?

Du-uh. Yea it is. While work from home can have mixed feelings, it is ten times better than sitting in a cubicle, I bet. I can dance around when an idea booms up or decide to laze around in the afternoons and work at 2 AM when my creative juices decide to flow. Nevertheless, it’s still ‘work’ — just the kind I love!

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And of course, just to let you know, freelancers no more only work from home. We head out to inspiring work cafes, engaging coworking spaces and maybe to beautiful beaches as well.

8. Are you still doing that thing? There’s a new opening at XYZ.

That thing which is more dear to me than my 9–5 job ever was? Well, yes. There are reasons why freelancers choose the road less travelled by. We were not fired, we decided to quit. And we certainly did not quit a job to find another one.

You see, I didn’t have a problem with my job or my boss — my problem was the concept of a job. So, excuse me with your references, okay?

9. Dude, you can totally come for a vacation any time!

Umm, not exactly. Yes, freelancers have a flexible work routine but nevertheless a demanding one. We don’t just sit at home and send out assignments. Our routine also involves pitching clients, brainstorming with them as well as fixing up regular meetings to check our progress. So, a vacay anytime? Sorry.


10. Is that how you dress up for work?

Whoa, are you jealous? Well, yes, that’s freedom. It’s my work life, so I decide what can make me feel comfortable for the day. Apparently, you’ll be glad to hear that my assorted wardrobe has been helping me much more than my restricted corporate one would have ever.

11. I think you should find a real job!

Okay, that’s it. This is WORK. Serious, paying the bill, holding me responsible kinda work. In fact, this is much more real than a job could ever get. We are not just assigned homework with a set of holidays.

We hunt for projects, we pitch our clients, we establish a relationship with them, adhere to our own deadlines, and of course, threaten ourselves with our own goals.

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