Perhaps tougher than being employed in a high-pressure job is managing a team in a high-pressure job. You need to put the team before yourself a lot of times and are responsible for their performance. Employee motivation as a task can be especially daunting when the job in itself is a tough one.

This blog speaks about a few simple hacks on employee motivation when the going gets tough:

Hack #1 – Prioritize employee engagement

Proof of being a great manager is being there, being present and accessible- literally and figuratively. Have an open-door policy that encourages your team to reach out to you with whatever that may be bothering them.

Encourage your team to ask you any questions that they might have and do your bit by answering them as honestly as you can. By prioritizing employee engagement as one of your roles as the manager, it helps you build a team who know you’re there for them, and in return, they make sure they’re there for you.

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Hack #2- Foster a team that is there for each other

Great teams are made by great managers. The role of a manager can be a tough one with balancing being a taskmaster and an approachable co-worker. One way you can make this easier when operating in a high-pressure work environment is by nurturing and fostering a team which sticks together. Invest in team building workshops and activities.

Every once in a while organize team events, away from the stressful work environment where your team can unwind and just get know each other as people. True, it is important to keep the personal and the professional separate, and the line is a thin one, but there is no way you can build a sustainable team unless you focus on the human development aspect – a high priority to manage a successful team in a high-pressure job.

Hack #3- Tell them they’re doing a good job

Everyone needs to be told this every once in a while. Especially when the job is demanding and stressful. For high-pressure jobs, motivation is fuel and succour. By telling your team they’re doing a good job, you are showing them that you appreciate their hard work and that their work makes a difference. This works like magic.

Add to this some sweet incentives and social grouping to make your employees count you as their favourite.

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Hack #4 – Remember the importance of up-skilling

One of the main reasons a stressful job starts feeling even more stressful is when the person delivering the role was hired with a certain skill set but has not had any value added to his skills through the time span spent during the job.

When this happens, an obvious repercussion is for the employee to feel a lack of confidence, not because he can’t, but because he doesn’t have the skills needed. To avoid a burn out ensure that you invest in timely up-skilling workshops. They needn’t be intensive and require a lot of monetary investment as long as they are frequent and specific.



Hack #5 – Focus on mental health

Mental health is one of the most neglected aspects in general and especially so in the world of work. Creating a work culture which understands the importance of mindfulness and mental health is a priority for creating what can ultimately be called a sustainable work culture.

In a high-pressure job, to ensure employee motivation, you will have to take good care of their mental well-being. Investing in small ways can make a big impact in the longer run. Some ways you can do this is by organizing meditation and mindfulness workshops.

Since this is a high-pressure work environment we are talking about, you could also invest in having a counsellor or a therapist come in on some days of the week and encourage your team to use the facility.

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Managing a team in a high-pressure work environment is not easy and is definitely far from being fun. However, it is worthy to remember that often it does not take very much to bring the stress down a notch or two. Little investments, like the hacks mentioned above, do work wonders in helping foster a healthy and happy work environment – despite the stress!

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