Your Favourite Coffee Joint Will Now Be Your Favourite Workplace Too

From a time when India was comfortable with tea; it was with Cafe Coffee Day’s advent we saw the wave of coffee drinkers grow. However, in doing so, they opened doors to more than just the coffee culture.

Initiating an alternative for dining at restaurants where consumption of the space was pre-established and structured; CCD allowed users to loosen up & simply gave them the choice to ‘lounge’. Doing justice to spreading the same culture, their logo is rightly designed as a speech quote; therefore implying ‘to converse’. It opened gates for people to have conversations.

Through the coming years, it saw flocks of groups from colleges, offices, early-stage startups, or friendly groups using the same advantage to their cause. Cut to now we can safely say that the chain has played a historical role in paving a path to our current work culture that entails freedom and flexibility.

Bringing in myHQ to CCD has been one of our meaningful pursuits, giving our product just the right association to go hand in hand. Therefore our collaboration goes beyond celebrating just the largeness of the chain.


Mr. Vinay Bhopatkar, CEO of Cafe Coffee Day talks about this partnership:

Café Coffee Day has always been dynamic and moved with the times to meet the demands of our customers. Today offices are shifting as new age professionals and budding entrepreneurs are no longer seeking the traditional workspaces. They want environments which are collaborative and offer flexibility such as shared/common workspaces. We believe that working at our cafés can fulfill this need. To build the proposition further we are pleased to partner with myHQ where their community members can come and enjoy the benefits of working at our cafes as per their convenience.


We’re currently opening myHQ spots at 9 CCD outlets – allowing us for the very first time to welcome all sorts of work requirements and user groups under one cafe chain.

What makes this partnership even more successful is the varied format in which CCD is present across malls, highways, flagship outlets called CCD Square etc.

With myHQ, one can now work from CCD in a more controlled environment with:

  • Free 75+ Mbps unlimited wifi
  • Access to work essentials like stationery, printing, plug points etc.
  • 1+1 free on cappuccino & additional 10% cashback on food bill
  • Comfortable seats with noise-free work zones


Our association with CCD is very valuable to us. Not only does it contribute to myHQ with its nationwide brand strength; it also brings with it the valuable inception of cafe-culture that contributed to the widespread of cafe culture & work-cafe phenomenon today. We look forward to mingling our community with that of CCD’s and strengthening the work-amenities at CCD outlets. – says Rukshita (Business Development Head, myHQ)


As we celebrate the multiple growth advantages for both CCD and myHQ; strengthening the work culture, let’s look at the outlets we’re going to be present at.

1) myHQ @ Cafe Coffee Day – Janpath (Free Trial)

myHQ @ Cafe Coffee Day Janpath
Located centrally; CCD Janpath makes a suitable myHQ outlet; especially when you’re catching up with your team and you’re looking for a space that’s centrally located. Invite a guest on the app or make your friends sign-up for their free trial to run a successful catch-up.


2) myHQ @ Cafe Coffee Day – L Block, CP (Free Trial)

myHQ @ Cafe Coffee Day CP L Block
Another CCD outlet, centrally aligned – work from myHQ @ CCD, L Block in Connaught Place just when you feel like trying out a newer work vibe.


3) myHQ @ CCD – M Block, CP (Free Trial)

myHQ @ Cafe Coffee Day CP M Block
Sharp interiors; myHQ at Cafe Coffee Day, M Block will satisfy your work-needs just when you’re looking for a cafe that gives you a professional and corporate vibe.


4) myHQ @ Cafe Coffee Day – GK 1 (Free Trial)

myHQ @ Cafe Coffee Day GK1Experience CCD, designed to meet the millennial vibe. If sometimes, all your productivity rate needs to spike up is some natural light, then head to myHQ at CCD, GK 1 outlet & see your task-list finish.


5) myHQ @ CCD – B Block, Janakpuri (Free Trial)

myHQ @ Cafe Coffee Day Janakpuri

Comfortable seats, natural light, and a modern-looking vibe; myHQ at CCD Janakpuri is the place to be when choosing to work from West Delhi. Spend a day ideating on your next big project and just when you’re running out of energy; don’t forget to call for another round of cappuccino with our 1 + 1 offer.


6) myHQ @ Cafe Coffee Day – Rajouri Garden (Free Trial)

myHQ @ Cafe Coffee Day Rajouri GardenGet busy with your task-list at myHQ at CCD Rajouri Garden. With solid interiors like that of CCD Rajouri Garden, your work-output is surely to come out as solid as well.


7) myHQ @ CCD – C Block, Janakpuri (Free Trial)

myHQ @ Cafe Coffee Day C Block JanakpuriCall that friend you’ve been planning to collaborate with, at myHQ at CCD Janakpuri. Let your project be reviewed from another perspective.


8) myHQ @ CCD – Khan Market (Free Trial)

CCD @ Khan Market
Can’t seem to come up with fresher ideas? Plug-in to myHQ at CCD Khan Market and let the natural light do its magic and watch your creative block, get unblocked.


9) myHQ @ Cafe Coffee Day – GK2 (Free Trial)

myHQ CCD Greater Kailash 1
Plan your week ahead or even better, your month ahead at myHQ at CCD GK 2. And don’t forget to treat yourself with another cup of hot cappuccino that’s on us.

10) myHQ @ Cafe Coffee Day – Gurgaon (Free Trial)

 Get your notepads out, and your coffee poured, at myHQ at CCD Gurgaon. Let the work-vibe at CCD Gurgaon leave you inspired.

Looking for a relaxed place for a productive workday? Head to a CCD outlet near you.

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