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The coworking industry has played a multilateral role in the growth of Indian economy. It enabled a number of budding ventures with an alternative workspace that not only was affordable but helped in the overall growth of the business.

From basic office amenities to a rejuvenating, creativity cultivating ambience and much more, scores of individuals are now looking forward to coworking for a workplace option. In simpler words, it is fun, it is productive and it’s the ground zero for the future of entrepreneurial success.

But, with the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of businesses are a little sceptic about working from shared workspace but the coworking industry is leaving no stone unturned in providing a safe and productive work environment.

To break even with the social needs and economic calibrations, coworking spaces in New Delhi have taken up a changed, evolved and safer stance for the clients and the employees.

In this article, we’ll be talking about a coworking space in Central Delhi, 22 Workspace, and what they have done to host clients in the new normal.

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22 Workspace: Coworking Space In Central Delhi

coworking space in central delhi - 22 workspace

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This well-recognised office space in Central Delhi has been sought after by various teams and individuals for the world-class services and amenities they offer. From its location to the look and feel of this space, just about everything adds up to make it a perfect solution for your office.

Brightly lit and speckled with soothing colours, the beautiful radiance of this coworking space in Central Delhi defines what a heavenly workspace should be about. This gem of a find office space in central Delhi is nothing short of a dream come true for creative individuals and hardworking teams alike.

Some of their clientele include ShopX, Orient Electric, Policy Bazaar, Muthoot Finance etc.


22 Workspace has 2 centres in Central Delhi, both on Asaf Ali Road.

Location 1: Corporate House, 1/22, Asaf Ali Road, Near New Delhi Metro Station, New Delhi – 110002 (Get Directions)

Location 2: Sub House, 3/8, Asaf Ali Road, Near Delhi Gate Metro Station, New Delhi – 110002 (Get Directions)

Sitting idyllic, this coworking space in Central Delhi personifies the meaning of a well thought about and structured office utility. Conveniently connected to the hinterlands of the city, this place offers a suitable, safe and hygienic workspace option to almost every individual in need of office space.

Amenities & Facilities

22 Workspace is a premium coworking office space in Central Delhi. It boasts off an array of amenities offered to the clients and coworkers. People who come here regularly can tell you that it’s always so much more efficient to work from this shared office spaces in Central Delhi.

And most of which can be credited to its well thought about structure, the team that makes it a pleasure to be here and the last but not the least because of its prime location in the heart of Delhi.

Some of the amenities offered include:

  • High-speed wifi, printer, scanner & fax facilities
  • Unlimited tea/coffee
  • Complimentary access to meeting & conference rooms
  • Lockers, office stationery etc.
  • 24×7 availability (on request)
  • Secure and safe environment

The space offers hot desks, dedicated seats and private cabins depending on the client requirement. The space is perfect for SMEs and enterprises who need a formal yet millennial workspace.


22 Workspace is definitely one of the most affordable workspaces, given the central location.

  • Flexible plan: INR 200 per day
  • Hot Desks: Starting at INR 4499 per month
  • Dedicated Seats: INR 5999 per month
  • Private Cabins: INR 6999 per month

In case you need a serviced office space for you and your team, not just in Central Delhi but anywhere in Delhi NCR, 22 Workspaces can help you.

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COVID-19 Safety Measures At 22 Workspace

Safety measures - coworking space in central Delhi

Safety from COVID-19 has become the prime concern of every individual in the world as of now. It’s graver for those who need to work outside and hence require a suitable place to facilitate the same.

People from all walks of life are looking forward to smart solutions like Coworking spaces, that offer better hygiene and high sanitisation standards than anywhere else. But procuring for these won’t cover the lengths, it is a contributed effort that’s needed.

1) Hourly sanitisation of common surfaces

At 22 Workspace in Central Delhi, we make sure that all common surfaces are sanitized on an hourly basis. It is conducted by a dedicated team that is trained on proper sanitisation methods prescribed by the WHO, and maintain a safety wall between any further contamination if anyone is infected.

2) Social distancing measures

The next weapon in breaking the chain of this virus spread is by adapting social distancing. While staying at home we can easily attain that, but at offices, it becomes a tough nut to crack. People, knowingly, unknowingly come in close contact with each other and to minimise such interactions, we have brought in a new seating arrangement with seats at a distance of 6ft from each other.

3) PPE kits & sanitizers

To ensure safety at the space, it is advised that coworkers should wear masks at all times. Face masks are mandated during office hours, flyers and warning signatures are placed at places where people can bump into each other.

Alcohol-based sanitizers have also been put at all locations. To reinforce this among coworkers, visual signages and posters have been put up at the space.

4) Tracing, Tracking & Containing The Spread

To ensure more protection from mildly symptomatic patients, thermal detectors are installed at every entry and exit. People with higher than usual body temperatures are not allowed inside the premises and advised to work from home till the symptoms disappear. Additionally, the use of touchless technology is being adopted in the space. Touchless sanitisers, motion sensor door opening mechanisms are being put into place and special protective gear are being procured for the housekeeping staff.

Moreover, all our employees and staff members are regularly tested for COVID-19,  and the ones with symptoms are asked to work from home during the quarantine period.

Office spaces like 22 Workspaces work well with the modern-day work needs of the Gen-Z. These coworking spaces have brewed up a revolutionary change in the way we work. These places are flexible enough to the needs of an employee and cost-efficient for a business to be economically viable.

Especially for budding startups and growth-stage ventures, these office spaces in Central Delhi or in either of the corporate hubs across the city can mark a milestone of success.

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