Freelancer’s Ultimate Guide On How To Be Content Writer In India

If you’ve ever wondered how to become a freelance content writer in India or how to get paid for freelance writing job, we’ve put together the perfect guide for you.

So let’s get started on all you need to know about how to be content writer in India and what is the process behind finding job as a freelancer.

What is Freelance Writing?

how to be content writer in India

Firstoff, A freelance writer is someone who works for themselves and can be considered a small business owner. They frequently work on several projects at once and get paid individually for each of them.

What does a Freelance Writer do?

As requested by the client, freelance writers must produce well-researched and properly created relevant text. They may have to collaborate with editors due to the nature of their project. They are paid directly by their clients for this job, according to various tariffs that are mutually agreed upon for the project.

Types of Freelance Content Writing Jobs

If you want to start working as a freelance content writer in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore or any other parts in India, you need be aware of the various types of freelance writing employment available.

1. Web Content Writer

An online content writer, in essence, creates stuff for and on the internet. The job could encompass anything from writing blogs to creating content for websites that promote a specific product or service. It essentially requires completing keyword research and implementing them into your writing with skill. Your major purpose in this circumstance is to use your writing to attract traffic to the website.

2. Technical Writer

As a technical writer, you’d have to comprehend complicated technical words and translate them into information or instructions that your audience might understand. It’s possible that you’ll be responsible for writing manuals, directions, or relevant articles.

3. Newspaper or Magazine Writer

Newspapers or magazines could be new frontiers for you to explore in both print and digital media. A newspaper reporter must report on specific events objectively and impartially. Other magazines or newspapers may ask you to write book or movie reviews or to offer your opinions on a certain topic.

4. Ghost Writer

Ghost writers create blogs, internet pages, and eBooks under someone else’s identity. A different person is given credit for these articles.


How to be Content Writer in India and skills required to become Freelance Content Writer?

how to be content writer

Understanding SEO, Blogging, Proofreading, and Copywriting are some abilities that could come in handy before you dive into the world of freelance writing.

Brushing up on the essential concepts and definitions is also a good idea if you work as a freelance content writer in Kolkata. These skills will not only help you provide a better product to your client, but they will also improve the quality of your work, increase word of mouth recommendations, and finally increase your revenue.

How to be content writer in India without experience

Begin by identifying your own niche. What is it about writing that you enjoy the most? You have a wide range of options, from beauty articles to SEO-friendly pieces for an e-commerce website to producing social media copy.

As a freelancer, you have many more opportunities to put your writing talents to the test than you would in a full-time employment.

It’s crucial to take on a variety of projects when you’re first starting out. From lifestyle writing to social media writing, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Use this knowledge to determine what works best for you and to discover your niche.

Freelance Writing’s scope and future prospects

As you gain expertise as a freelance content writer in Bangalore, you may wonder what alternative professional routes you could pursue to specialise or diversify your portfolio.

Content planning, content management, and instructional design are all areas where most freelance writers may advance. You might continue to work for customers in these roles as a freelancer or join an organisation to do so.


What is the best way to find employment as a Freelance Content Writer?

1. Cold Pitching

Cold pitching is a technique in which freelancers send targeted emails to strangers who are possible employers in order to persuade them to work with them. They make a pitch for why working with them is advantageous, and they may include examples of their previous work.

2. Networking and Referrals

To find future clients, many freelancers actively network on numerous career and networking sites. Referrals can also work in your favour if a satisfied client refers you to other potential employers after you’ve done an excellent job for them.

3. Meeting a Client for Work

Some freelancers meet clients to seek work because of the type of writing they do.

4. Websites

You can also use websites like,,, and to find freelance employment. But make sure to thoroughly check each assignment before committing; you don’t want to be duped or worse, underpaid.


Expert Advice on Content Writing in India

freelance content writing in India

Stop treating freelance work as though it were a second job

If you want to make a living as a freelance writer in India, you need to stop thinking of it as a side business or a backup plan. Calculate how much money you’ll need to finance your lifestyle while also leaving room for savings, and then go out and ask for it.

If you’re not making enough money right now, work harder. On a daily basis, set aside some time solely for networking and job hunting.

1. Recognize your worth

Being a freelance writer in India isn’t always easy, but you must always be aware of your worth. Stop undervaluing your work and start asking for what it’s worth. You’ve invested a significant amount of time and money in this project, and you have the right to be fairly compensated for it.

2. Say no to difficult jobs

Not only do you not need to do underpaying tasks, but you also do not need to do jobs that do not thrill you. You might have spent that time looking for an outstanding project that pays 10 times what you’re now making as a freelance content writer instead of working on a lousy project.

3. Have a reserve of funds

One of the biggest mistakes we all make is not having enough money to get us through the months when there are no projects. It happens on a regular basis. You have so much work one day that you are turning away clients, and then you have no work the next month and no one returns your calls. It’s advisable to set away a portion of your revenue on a monthly basis so that you can deal with no-work, no-money days without succumbing to terrible projects or employment.

4. Request a Contract

It’s best to request that the client submit you a contract so that you don’t have to deal with non-payment issues in the future. If a client refuses to issue a contract for freelance work, send an email with all of the agreed-upon parameters. Talk about the payment you agreed on, the schedule of your payment, the deadlines, the reason for termination, and confidentiality, in addition to the fundamentals like the client’s and your names and the nature of the work.

Mark a senior person in the email — a business or HR head. So that if the person you’re coordinating with leaves, you can still contact with someone else – and wait for them to respond before you start working.

Treat yourself as if you were a company

As a freelancer, you work only for yourself, regardless of how many clients you have. As a result, make sure to account for all expenses such as transportation and the purchase of software for your job, for example. In your quotation, you should include money spent on research (meetings, interviews, etc.).


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