How Enerture is Reforming The Way Corporates Consume Energy

At the tipping point of conscious entrepreneurship, more and more businesses are looking for efficient ways to procure and consume energy. As we aspire towards a work culture that is sustainable, many homegrown businesses are challenging the status quo of self-serving business interests and introducing new ways to make the planet a better place.



One such young and enthusiastic team is Enerture. The visionaries at Enerture build solutions for a clean, sustainable way of energy consumption. Having spent 5 years encouraging businesses and organizations to adopt solar power as a cost-effective, renewable source of energy, Enerture is committed to having difficult conversations around our environmental footprint and solving for the biggest threat we collectively face as humans!


Enerture and the World of Clean Energy Consumption

Enerture started 5 years ago as a solar service company. They are the grassroots level warriors of clean energy consumption and are responsible for actualizing Solar Energy Projects undertaken by governments and corporates right from Designing to Engineering to Construction to Operations and obviously Maintenance.

With clients as big as Tata, Adani, Honda, and projects spanning over 10km, Enerture has become a major disruptor in the solar energy-construction solutions business over time.


Enerture Team

How Different is Enerture?

Solar Projects- EnertureEnerture’s vision of being the biggest EPC- Energy Procurement and Construction Solutions provider in the future is fuelled by its market position as the most cost-effective solution available to its clients. Enerture works on aggregating the construction and procurement aspects of undertaking solar projects. As per the team, the business of subletting such huge solar projects needs a promise of transforming the very blue-collar industry of construction workers to a white collared end-to-end solar energy management space.


A Day in Enerture’s Office

As a business focused heavily on construction and field activities, Enerture has a dynamic team structure and while a lot of people are deployed in fields, a lot of them need flexible, workspace solutions too.

Enerture is headed by the disruptors in the clean energy sector- Bhairaw Kumar, Ankush Vashisht and Poonam Kumari. As one of the partners Ankush Vashist tells us:

“Enerture has a very flexible, start-up environment where we know we have days most of our team is out on the field but then we also have days we need a fixed seating arrangement in an office. A fixed office did not make sense for us given our current set-up, but we did need a reliable workspace closer to our premises, which would be well-managed, safe and presentable.”


Enerture’s Plug-And-Play Way of Working

As Enerture grew at a 30-35% CAGR, the partners were looking at more recruitment and a higher man-power by the day. The management felt the need for well-serviced workspaces near their base at Mahipalpur.

myHQ has been curating the right workspace solutions for over 10,000 of its community members since it’s inception. Dedicated to designing the most productive work experience for young entrepreneurs, new-age workforce and millennials waiting to break out of the monotonous, age-old office set-up, myHQ experts found their way into the Enerture story.


Ankush Vashisht- Enerture“The myHQ team is young and dynamic. Our myHQ Manager- Deepak, has been on his feet since the day we met him. The drive to provide an optimum workspace experience resonates throughout their team and model. As a startup ourselves, that is the energy we were looking for- no redundant interruptions or delays, fast turnarounds and clear communication- these things really added value and trust in our partnership. We’ve been with myHQ for over a year, and we have already increased our consumption by 3X”

– Ankush Vashisht, Partner, Enerture


The Way forward for Enerture

Ankush is fairly certain that another 5 years down the line, Enerture would grow to become a 100 Crore company that leads EPC in B2B solar services space in the country. As a manpower-driven company, he expects major changes in personnel and the team would look quite different from what it does today.

However, that does not take away from the company’s current drive to revolutionize the way corporates consume and view energy. Enerture looks forward to scaling its cost-effective solar service solutions from when it started in a single myHQ cabin to become a major disruptor in the industry.

To Ankush and his team at Enerture, myHQ wishes Good Luck!

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