Meet India’s Top 7 Digital Nomads of All Time

Less is more with the new norm to work not only just from home but anywhere you feel comfortable. This being said takes us to the sensation of being free and enjoying the freedom and wisdom to work from where we like and whenever we like.

The digital wave has already hit the road with the global pandemic has made the world rely upon the necessity of a laptop and internet connection to work from the native places.

It has tremendously impacted the Digital nomads community and leads to an all-time rise in the expected number of individuals succumbing to this and choosing this cheerfully.

Curious to know, Who is a Digital Nomad?

What is that they do?

Digital nomads will, in general, be more youthful person, and can be discovered working in many segments such as advertising, IT, consulting freelance, travel, and writing. They may either be working for themselves or working on the go. Some of them have a wide scope of customers and earn enough to pay the rent through the mix of occupations, while others have a formal or semi-formal setup. They keep traveling from one destination to the other and keep exploring new destinations as they please.



Yet there are sure complexities that come with a dwelling as a Digital Nomad and live like a global citizen. Digital nomads have to balance nearly every issue of current life: their intellectual health, day by day routine, income, security, and shelter. Most digital nomads journey on traveler visas, which require them to move often and maintain a work-life schedule with expenses to bear. Digital nomadism can be rewarding and offers an escape from the drudgery of office life. But aspiring digital nomads must read up and think deeply about the importance of community and mental health in their lives. 

On the pinnacle of all this, many digital nomads run their businesses and face stress to enhance special private brands. They regularly can’t attend in-person meetings or pitches, so they want an online advertising method that will get them seen and win clients.


Understanding Lifestyle of Digital Nomads

digital nomadsDigital nomads can be determined by working all over the world. This consists of cafés in Himachal, seashore huts in Thailand, internet cafes in Brazil, and workplace shares in Australia. While being a digital nomad sounds appealing, there are downsides. Although the region might also be majestic, the work that is on hand may additionally use your capabilities to the fullest or pay all that well.

So, to preserve the lifestyle of a digital nomad, you may additionally simply cease working tougher for much less pay when in contrast to a regular workplace job.

There are, however, a few methods to make the digital nomad lifestyle easier. Of course, one has to center attention on the very best fee jobs for your time and impenetrable contracts to expand your income. Another is to hold your fees modest and seem for modern methods to retailers via lodging sharing, homestays, and so on. However, the pleasant way of being a digital nomad is the fact to have a circulation of passive profits to complement the contract work you will be choosing up on your travels, This eliminates some of the economic strain so that you do not spend your whole time overseas staring at your screen.


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How do Digital Nomads settle down?

manage your freelance work myHQMany digital nomads in the end give up uprooted to their home offices. When the wandering is over, the purchaser portfolio a digital nomad has developed frequently sets up the transition to being a full-time freelancer from anything nearby they choose. If a digital nomad is strategic about the location, they can leverage forex and price of residing variations to locate a locale the place the bucks they earn go tons further, lowering the quantity they want to work.

Nomadic lifestyles make it tough to stay an immoderate lifestyle. You have to analyze to restrict the range of your garb items, footwear and luggage, and even your tech essentials. You additionally want to prioritize what objects will be most beneficial when you are continuously touring and what gadgets need to continue to be domestic or be let go of, no count number how connected you experience to them. Although this may additionally appear daunting for some, it becomes less complicated after a while to receive that our property solely exists to make our lives less difficult and greater manageable, and getting connected to them (except for a few sentimental items) can add heavy and pointless burdens. Releasing that burden or at least decreasing it makes extra room for efficiency, productiveness, and even experience of liberation.

Numerous Digital Nomads cease up connected to their domestic workplaces. At the factor when the meandering is finished, the portfolio of a nomad has grown even more from a regular paying job. They keep hunting for a place to live that’s cost-effective, the place the bucks they procure go a lot further, reducing the sum they want to work. Indeed, even at the increased expense, they know how to find more work and live with less for the time being. 


Let’s have a sneak peek at India’s top 7 digital nomads.

1. Shivya Nath


2. Kaushal Karkhanis


3. Ashish Malviya


4. Anish Mangal, 

A frontline think-thank unlocking the human future of internet


5. Ayush Ghai



6. Shivani Iksha

My Earth Store | Dharti Pukare | Dharamsala | Himachal Pradesh


7. Shyam Krishnan


How can you become a Digital Nomad?

It may seem very appealing, still you need to keep a few checks in mind.

Having a passion for travel will not be enough to survive the tribe, you need to keep a check on your expenses and ways to make enough money for yourself.

Taking inspiration from these 7 digital nomads, they all have a way out to manage both, the travel and work part together.

  1. Decide a niche, You might be good at photography, writing, coding, painting.
  2. Develop your skill and become an expert freelancer or consultant who can guide others and be of value to them.
  3.  Keep a check on the expenses and plan your trips accordingly.
  4. A health check is a must, if you fall sick then you have to take care of yourself on your own.
  5. Safety concerns and equipment you carry demand little extra attention.
  6. Find out people within the same community.
  7. Keep networking for travel as well as finding new gigs and clients.

In case you have made up your mind to be a digital nomad, you are hungry for something new. You seem for greener fields in far-off objections. You stay to travel. Also, your PC and cellphone are your workplaces. Without a doubt, it sounds attractive to flip into a digital nomad with all the above points checked and live a life on the go. 

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