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Meeting Rooms in Bangalore for 1 Day: Bangalore is referred to as India’s Silicon Valley, and for good reasons. Bangalore is home to many distinct startups, and the number is constantly increasing. Numerous significant businesses have grown out of Bangalore over the years. Coworking spaces in Bangalore, meeting rooms on rent, and virtual offices are some of the present working trends. It is beneficial to businesses especially small firms and newly established companies.

Since there is so much business activity in the city of Bangalore, the demand for meeting rooms for rent has grown over time. Meetings are a necessary component of the daily lives of businesses and professions. However, not every business can afford to have a dedicated meeting room or area. Rentals of meeting spaces can help with that. This article lists the top 8 meeting rooms in Bangalore for 1 day.

Top 8 Meeting Rooms to Rent in Bangalore for 1 Day

Meeting rooms are available in Bangalore and can be booked online as well as offline mode. People who want to conduct meetings in a professional setting can book one of all sizes. Meeting rooms can be booked on per day basis. A list of the top 8 meeting rooms in Bangalore for 1 day is given below:

1. myHQ


myHQ offers flexible and affordable choices to satisfy the diverse needs of its clients. More than 300 spaces are available at myHQ, a well-known workspace provider in India, and we are dispersed around Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, and more.

We offer fully-serviced office spaces, dedicated seats, private cabins, meeting rooms, and flexible visit-based programs to individuals, companies, and corporations. You can book a specific cabin or meeting room. If you want, you can access amazing locations for just INR 200 per day by selecting the pay-per-use option.

Features offered by myHQ:

  1. Private workspaces with vivid decor and a welcoming environment, 
  2. High-speed internet with reliable Wi-Fi, 
  3. Office supplies, 
  4. Food, and beverages.
  5. Regular power supply

Pricing: Flexible pay-per-use plan starting at INR 300

Note:  If you need a virtual office space for rent in Bangalore to start your business, check out myHQ Virtual Office. myHQ provide companies with cost-effective solutions, premium business addresses, and other services like call answering, mail handling, and forwarding.  With the assistance of the myHQ team of experts, registering for GST and Company registration will be simple. 

2. Regus


Regus conference spaces in Bangalore offer the ideal setting for holding effective training sessions, impressing clients, or brainstorming with coworkers. The conference rooms can be reserved by the hour or the day, and our on-site support staff is available to assist at all times.

Modern amenities, including high-speed internet and video conferencing capabilities, are available in their conference spaces. Additionally, they offer catering and office support services.

Features offered by Regus: 

  1. Fully maintained and tech-enabled meeting rooms.
  2. Instant online reservation options are available.
  3. Reliable WiFi, AV equipment, and IT support.
  4. Variable options are available, like per hour, per day, or longer access to meeting rooms.
  5. Available at 10,000 locations worldwide including 100+ in Bangalore.

Pricing: Starts at Rs. 1400 per day.

3. Awfis


In Bangalore, Awfis provides a wide network of meeting rooms with hourly rates beginning at Rs 700. Awfis helps you use meeting spaces and conference rooms in your city at reasonable prices.

Awfis provides flexible conference room rentals that may be tailored to your unique requirements at several locations throughout Bangalore. Their meeting spaces offer a relaxing environment for all attendees and are fully furnished with contemporary amenities.

Features offered by Awfis:

  1. Unlimited High-Speed Wi-Fi that is reliable
  2. Unlimited Tea/coffee
  3. Power backup
  4. Gaming Area
  5. Lockers
  6. Private Cabins
  7. Meeting rooms with Projector
  8. Free Office Stationery
  9. Food on Demand

Pricing: Hourly prices start from Rs.500

4. IndiQube


With over 100+ locations across Bangalore, and also in many metropolitical cities in India, IndiQube offers a range of meeting rooms that can accommodate anywhere from 4 to 50 people. Their meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology and offer a comfortable and professional environment for conducting meetings. 

Pricing: Starts at Rs. 1500 per day depending on sitting capacity.

5. The BHIVE Workspaces

BHIVE Workspace

You can rent a fully customised, and equipped meeting room through BHIVE Workspaces. The Bhive offers flexible conference room rentals that can be tailored to your unique requirements at several locations in Bangalore. All attendees can feel at ease in their conference rooms, which are furnished with contemporary conveniences.

The Bhive workplaces can be found in a number of desirable locales, including MG Road, Koramangala, and HSR Layout.

Features offered by Bhive:

  1. High-Speed Internet
  2. Meeting Rooms
  3. Events and Programs
  4. Game Lounge
  5. Food & Beverages
  6. Printing

Pricing: Range from Rs. 400 to Rs. 1500 per hour, depending on sitting capacity.

6. 91Springboard


In Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and many other Indian cities, 91Springboard provides managed coworking spaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and small enterprises. For entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners with a startup attitude, 91springboard is a thriving coworking community. With 91Springboard, you may reserve meeting rooms for reasonable prices and flexible schedules.

Features offered by 91Springboard:

  1. Easy Customisation
  2. Safe And Secure Workspace
  3. High-Speed Wi-Fi
  4. Pan India Access
  5. Work 24 x 7
  6. Game Zones
  7. Daily Cleaning & Sanitisation
  8. No Hidden Costs

Pricing: Starts from Rs. 350 per hour.

7. WeWork


Located in the central business district of Bangalore, WeWork offers meeting rooms that are equipped with modern amenities and high-speed internet. They also offer catering services and administrative support to ensure that your meetings run smoothly. Currently, they are providing services in 6 cities including Bengaluru and the workspaces can be accessed from 9 am-8 pm.

Features offered by WeWork:

  1. Hassle-Free Setup
  2. Easy Customisation
  3. Safe And Secure Workspace
  4. High-Speed Wi-Fi
  5. Office Stationaries
  6. Meeting room equipment

Pricing: Starts from Rs. 450 per day to Rs. 750 per day, depending on sitting capacity.

8. Uniwork

Uniwork Spaces

The Uniwork workspace offers meeting rooms that are equipped with modern amenities and high-speed internet. They also offer catering services and administrative support to ensure your meetings run smoothly.

Features offered by Uniwork:

  1. Unlimited High-Speed Wi-Fi that is reliable
  2. Unlimited Tea/coffee
  3. Power backup
  4. Recreation Room
  5. Storage Spaces
  6. Incubation Services
  7. Private Cabins
  8. Meeting rooms with Projector
  9. Free Office Stationery

Pricing: Starting at Rs.300/hour.

Benefits of Renting Business Meeting Rooms in Bangalore for 1 Day

Here are the top 5 benefits of renting a meeting on a per day basis:

Professional Environment

Having a meeting space demonstrates the importance of face-to-face interactions in a world where individuals usually work remotely. Meetings are still seen as a crucial aspect of conducting business.

Businesses aiming to land new contracts or broaden their market reach may find this very helpful. Potential clients and customers could perceive your company as more professional if you provide meeting spaces. They might show that you value your work and are prepared to make an investment in enhancing productivity and communication.


Businesses that lack the capacity or funds for their own meeting rooms may find that renting out these facilities is an excellent solution. Meeting rooms can be reserved for as little as an hour, making them ideal for last-minute gatherings.

Alternatively, you can book the room for an entire workday if you need to host a longer meeting there. A meeting room rental fee often covers the use of the room, furnishings, internet connection, and A/V equipment.

This might be a crucial factor to take into account if your team needs to hold regular meetings because you can save time and money by not having to set up and maintain meeting spaces.


Most meeting space providers offer a variety of room sizes to accommodate various purposes. This implies that companies can rent the ideal-sized space for their meetings. Additionally, flexible booking options are provided by meeting room providers. Depending on their requirements, businesses can reserve a space for a few hours, a half-day, or an entire day.

Convenient Locations

Meeting room providers give you convenient venues. It is simpler for businesses to select a meeting room close to their office or customer location because the majority of meeting room providers have many sites around the city. By doing this, travel time and expenses to a meeting place are reduced.

Support Services

Meeting space providers offer organisations to support services from professionals. They dispatch competent staff members who can help with the conference’s administrative needs and set up the meeting area. It is easier for businesses to provide refreshments during meetings because the majority of providers also offer catering services.

Wrapping Up

You may want to check out some excellent venues here if you’re looking for coworking spaces close to metro stations. Renting a meeting room in Bangalore is a convenient and cost-effective solution for businesses.

It provides a professional environment for conducting meetings, flexibility in terms of room size and booking options, convenient locations, and professional support services. With the increasing demand for renting a meeting room for a day in Bangalore businesses should consider it an ideal choice.

FAQs on Meeting Rooms in Bangalore for 1 Day

Some of the frequently asked questions about meeting rooms in Bangalore for 1 Day are answered below:

How Small Can a Meeting Room Be?
For smaller events, modest private meeting rooms (25–40 square feet) that blend technology and provide seclusion are perfect. Standard conference rooms, measuring between 100 and 200 square feet, are customizable venues suitable for team meetings, board meetings, and client presentations.

How Do I Choose a Meeting Room?
A good meeting room depends on the goal of the reservation which plays a major role in the meeting room selection. Some of the most important considerations when selecting a meeting space are the number of attendees, the venue’s location, reliable and fast internet access, and soundproof rooms. It’s also important to consider additional technical aspects like:

1) Open Space: This allows everyone to see everyone else. It is ideal to be seated around a table.
2) Presentation facilities: PowerPoint displays and slideshows are frequently used in meetings and training sessions. In order to facilitate the rapid and simple setup of visual aids, the meeting room should be equipped with screens, whiteboards, and projecting equipment.

Can I Use a WeWork for One Day?
You can book a coworking space or work-space for the day or a meeting room by the hour using WeWork On Demand’s incredibly user-friendly interface in just a few minutes. To get started, just grab your laptop, pick a spot that works best for you, and book a conference room, private office, or hot desk.

WeWork’s technology partner, MyHQ, manages the entire on-demand business together. WW day passes may be purchased through the WW website and the myHQ app in accordance with the conditions of this partnership. In both cases, MyHQ will take care of the sales and reservation process. You may rest easy knowing that clients will always experience secure and easy transactions.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Meeting Room?
The size and configuration of the meeting space determine how much it will cost to rent in Bangalore. A four-seater room can be rented for Rs. 600 per hour, while a twelve-seater room can be rented for Rs. 3000 per hour. The atmosphere and amenities also affect how much a room costs. It differs from location to location and occasionally also relies on the business offering it.

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