myHQ introduces the first coworking expedition to Mars

A stupendous coworking experience raised to unabashed heights, the mission Coworking on Mars is like a dream come true. Get a chance to go on a 10-day expedition across our solar system, working from and out of new possibilities for the future and bringing us a step closer to an ocean of new opportunities.



Why do we colonize Mars?

After exploiting the limited resources at hand, the human race badly needs alternatives for years to come by. We need to explore the unexplored and uncover an unadulterated environment like Mars with ample natural resources for our future generations to survive.  As a first step in the path ahead, the Mars expedition is a fully-funded effort by SpaceEX and Ttesla to further explore the possibility of human colonization.

colonisation on Mars

But why set up a workspace on Mars? One of the important elements of any colony is its industries and workspaces.

While scientists are working on technologies to create & manufacture things in space, it is equally important to understand the feasibility of setting up office space on Mars. This is where myHQ comes in.

This expedition is all set to launch in 2021 as a unified mission that will take 1000 differently minded individuals from a number of ethnicities and lifestyles from various corners of the world to Mars for 10 days.


“I think humans will reach Mars, and I would like to see it happen in my lifetime.” – Buzz Aldrin


The catch for you?

Among these 1000 lucky space explorers, myHQ is offering you and your team a chance to be a part of it. All you will be doing is the same work that you do down here, your usual day’s regime, work on projects and deadlines with your coworkers, with the same or better coworking amenities. Just one difference, you’ll be coworking on Mars. Or you simply wait for what awaits, it’s going to be a first-ever for all of us.

So don’t expect the unexpected, because it won’t be the same. It’s something new, something that no one could have ever thought of. And you are getting to be a part of this with us. Sounds too good to be true? It definitely is.

Quite literally, for many to be able to explore Outerspace was always a thought made of wild childhood imagination. Working from around 222 million kms away from your home, in an entirely different environment, with unknown and unheard challenges or for some, a mind-blowing experience is not something everyone can afford. So consider this a free pass to realising your childhood dreams. BOOK YOUR SPOT ON MARS HERE!


“We have gained huge grounds in Outerspace explorations with myHQ Workspaces joining hands in our mission to colonize Mars. Looking forward to more industry leaders stepping in as well.” – Elon Muck CEO, SpaceEX


Now you must be thinking, why is there a need to take civilians on the expedition? Well, the answer is, someone has got to do it the first, so why not you. The primary goal is to recon the feasibility of civilian existence in a controlled regime like it will be. And there’s no better way across than getting a first-hand experience of the same.

The entire expedition would be orchestrated by experts of space travel. There will be medical professionals on board, inhouse entertainment would be provided, nutritionists and gastronomic experts would make sure of your health and well being. In the 10-day expedition, there won’t be anything you’d need or be concerned about, apart from feeling homesick.

Wondering about life on Mars? Has anxiety kicked in? Well, why not just sign up and see what in store for you? We’ll keep you informed with every step.



colonisation on Mars


Remember your childhood days when almost everybody wanted to become an astronaut? Well, this is your chance to live your dreams. This is not just an adventure, this is the chance to be a part of a huge step in the future of mankind and shape the next generation of workspaces.

So if you have what it takes to be one of them, then we are giving you an opportunity to work from a “Fully Functional Office Space On Mars”.

At myHQ, we are super excited to pull this off. Our backend team has been working on this for almost a year and to see this finally taking shape, is pure bliss (imagine our tears of joy).


“In a completely uncertain environment, setting up a workspace and maintaining a seamless experience was initially a challenge. Thankfully, with the flexibility of our dedicated team, we were able to pull this off in record time.” – Manoj Yadav, Operations Head myHQ


For the adventurous souls out there, here’s the fun part!

We’ve heard that the selfies come out better from there above. And you come back younger than anyone else on Earth, yeah literally, 1 Martian Year = 2 Years on Earth. And there’s no point mentioning the grandeur welcome garland you’ll receive at your arrival on Earth.

Sounds exciting? Here’s more. Since the gravity on Mars is 38% the gravity on Earth, you can now finally run like Flash and jump like Superman. DC fan, huh?

So book your chance now. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and your team to work from an outpost on Mars. Become the first ones to run daily work operations outside our planet.

Excited enough? Sign up today for coworking on Mars and brace up for the journey!


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