Ninjalitics: Pricing, Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Ninjalitics is intended for businesses to track their Instagram performance, influencers to evaluate their progress, and social media managers and agencies to handle their clients and make reports!

Examining their Instagram account before engaging an influencer in influencer marketing is crucial. You can stay away from influencer accounts with many false followers. When selecting a reliable influencer to collaborate with, Ninjalitics can assist you in spotting fake followers. It’s also a fantastic tool for keeping track of your competitors.

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What Exactly Is Ninjalitics?

Ninjatics is a digital marketing tool. It helps to analyse Instagram business profiles. Thanks to Instagram’s official API, your accounts are completely secure. Ninjalitics can help you with your profiles by providing a quick and simple detailed analysis, including insights from Instagram’s business account dating back six months.

It gives you free access to the business information on your clients’ profiles. Every month, automatically send them reports. Pick the ideal moment to post by examining the growth of influencers’ and rivals’ profiles.


What Is Ninjalitics Used For?

Ninjalitics is appropriate for any entrepreneurs or influencers that wish to expand their Instagram followings. Ninjalitics can help track the performance of and generate reports from your clients if you are an organisation helping your clients manage their Instagram accounts.

In short, Ninjalitics helps companies track their Instagram results, influencers readily monitor their performance, and social media managers and agencies manage their clients and make reports.

Reasons to Choose Ninjalitics

The following are the key reasons to choose Ninjalitics:

  • Ninjalitics protects your account by utilising the official Instagram API capabilities.
  • It has several special characteristics, such as a hashtag analyzer and post predictions.
  • It gives comprehensive Instagram business data for the preceding six months.
  • Ninjalitics assists in examining the Instagram impressions, reach, and exposure of your rivals.
  • You may enhance your Instagram business profiles with the help of Ninjalitics.
  • It is completely safe, and Instagram itself has approved and authorised it.
  • It gives you a thorough examination of the captions and IGTV.
  • You may access your clients’ business-related information without a password.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Ninjalitics?

Let’s get to know about the pros and cons associated with NInjalitics to help you a smart choice. 

Pros of Ninjalitics

The pros of Ninjalitics are given below:

Competitor Monitoring 

Ninjalitics helps to monitor the Instagram account of competitors. It offers you a list of the top trending and popular hashtags that will help you stand out from the competition and assists you in determining which hashtags are relevant and popular.

Provides Important Insights

It helps to give you the vital information you need to broaden your audience and improve the number of likes and followers on your account.

Gives Detailed Analytics

Ninjalitics provide data-driven analytics for problems with machine learning, fraud, or statistics. It generates detailed analytics of your Instagram accounts, including reach, impressions, and visibility.

Provide Reports on Monthly analysis

Ninjalitics software automatically generates monthly analysis reports on the account growth of your competitors. Reports are straightforward to share with your clients because they are readily available as PDF files for download.

Provides Post Insights 

Utilize Ninjalitics to learn about the sponsored posts and paid likes that your rivals have gotten. Additionally, it offers details on the postings about collaborations between brands and influencers. For a month, Ninjalitics allows users to study and download as many posts and reports as they like.


Software should ideally is trustworthy enough to offer its user confidence in its accuracy. Ninjalitics software is safe, and Instagram has recognized and permitted it. 

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Cons of Ninjalitics

The Cons of Ninjalitics are explained below:

Weak Support System 

Ninjalitics software is lacking in the support system because the only way to get very solved is through Chat. This software lacks support through Email/help desk, Phone support, 24/7(Live Rep), Knowledge base, and forum.

Limited Ways to Provide Software Training

This software can be learned through documentation training only. Ninjalitics software can’t be learned online, through videos or webinars. So, Ninjalitics lacks in providing training through different modes.

Narrow Deployment

Ninjalitics is deployment is only possible through Cloud, Saas, and Web. It has no deployment on desktop or mobile.

Multichannel Analytics Is Missing

Multichannel Analytics involves gathering data from a variety of consumer channels, including radio, television, the internet, print, etc. Ninjalitics can’t collect multi-channel data. It is limited to only providing data related to Instagram accounts.

What Are the Various Alternatives to Ninjalitics?

The best Alternatives for Ninjalitics are as follows:

1. Audiense

Audiense can recognize and comprehend any audience, no matter how distinct or particular an audience is. You can quickly produce reports with highly individualized audience groups by utilizing filter options like user profiles, affinities, demographics, and job titles.

2. Grin 

The only complete platform for managing creators, GRIN was created for marketers ready to expand their influencer programs and see results.

3. Traackr 

It is Influencer marketing’s benchmark. Traackr offers everything you need to operate scaleable influencer campaigns that have an impact.

4. Julius with HYPR 

Julius with HYPR is a software solution for influencer marketing that provides influencer search and discovery, campaign administration, and thorough reporting.

 5. Upfluence

Upfluence is an Integrated influencer marketing tool that enables businesses to locate their influencers, get in touch with them, and run campaigns.

6. CreatorIQ 

CreatorIQ was created for businesses with extensive demands for influencer marketing. We assist businesses in scaling rapidly and safely.

7. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a digital platform for customer intelligence that enables businesses to comprehend customer insights through social listening.

FAQs on Ninjalitics

The frequently asked questions on Ninjalitics are given below:

Q1) What is meant by ‘’Not just analytics’’?
Ans. A software called ‘Not Just Analytics’ has helped influencers’ work become more organized and transparent. ‘ Not Just Analytics’ is the most trustworthy, straightforward, and rapid method to choose whom to depend on for partnerships at a time when investments in influencer marketing have increased significantly.

Q2) Does Ninjalitics have a mobile app? 
Ans. The social media analytics tool Ninjalitics is accessible on Android and iOS devices.

Q3) What is Ninjalitics’ Pricing?
Ans. Ninjalitics Pricing Starts from $7.00 per month. The pricing Model has a flat rate.  Free trials, as well as free versions, are available. The Light plan of Ninjalitics’ social media analytics software includes a comprehensive analysis of Instagram posts and stories, interaction with hashtags, the ideal time to publish, PDF reports, and more.

Q4) In what ways does Ninjalitics support Instagram?
Ans.  Ninjalitics gives you a list of the 30 hashtags that have been used the most recently. Following that, you may plan your strategy and publish your content depending on such hashtags.

Q5) How does Ninjalitics work?
Ans. Ninjalitics is a tool for social media analytics that helps in tasks like competition monitoring, influencer tracking, and hashtag analysis. It is a full solution for influencer marketing and social media research.

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Ninjalitics helps you analyze your and your clients’ Instagram business profiles. It offers you a quick, detailed analysis, including insights from Instagram’s business accounts. Ninjalitics may assist you in increasing the number of followers or likes on your Instagram account. Every month, automatically send your clients reports via Ninjalitics. Determine the optimum moment to post by examining the growth of influencers’ and rivals’ profiles. Ninjalitics helps if you’re looking to advertise your company on Instagram and build your account.

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