Tea Time Franchise Cost in India | 7 Best Brands for Tea Franchise in India

India is the second-largest producer of tea in the world after China. Assam and Darjeeling tea are famous around the world. A typical day in most Indian households begins with a bed tea, followed by masala or cutting tea in offices and workplaces. Indian people are so fond of tea that it is even offered while welcoming guests and relatives. Generally, Indian Tea has tea leaves, sugar, cardamom, water, and milk as ingredients.

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About Tea Time

Tea Time is one of the best tea brands in India. Founded in 2016 by Mr. Uday Srinivas Tangella as Tea Time Limited, the company started with just one store in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. Within a span of only two years, the company expanded to 200-plus tea franchise outlets, and by 2020, the count reached 900 outlets. As of 2022, the company has 3000+ tea time franchise outlets spread across multiple states, UTs, and Nepal and is still growing. The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between the affordability and quality of premium tea products and make them accessible to common people.

Cost of a Tea Time Franchise in India

Given the financial constraints of middle-class families, the company has kept the initial investment for establishing a tea time franchise very low. Starting a Tea Time franchise would require a total investment of 5 lakhs. Included in the franchise fee is a complete start-up and marketing kit. Initial stocking requirements are also taken care of by the franchise. The kit also consists of moveable equipment such as a deep freezer, refrigerator, utensils, induction stoves, etc. Therefore, anyone wanting to start a business can do so without hesitation.

Typical Profit Margin

Tea Time’s franchise offers an outstanding profit margin. Generally speaking, the profit margin ranges from 40 percent to 80 percent, with five months to 10 months as the average payback period. The products offered by the company are at reasonable prices, starting at 15 to 99 per unit.

7 Best Tea Franchise Brands in India

The best brands for tea franchises in India are:

1. Tea Time

Mr. Uday Srinivas Tangella founded Tea Time with an initial investment of only 12 lakhs. Today, the company is one of the biggest tea companies in India.

Year established: 2016

Number of outlets as of 2022: 3000 plus

Franchise Cost: INR 5 Lakhs

Area requirements: 100 sq. ft.

2. Chai Sutta Bar

Chai Sutta Bar is a rapidly growing tea chain in India, founded in 2016 by two passionate entrepreneurs, Anubhav Dubey and Anand Nayak. Starting with only three outlets in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, today the company has 100 or more outlets in 50 or more cities, serving more than 1 lakh customers daily.

Year established: 2016

Number of outlets as of 2022: 145 plus

Franchise Cost: INR 2 Lakhs plus 2% CSB royalty per month

Area requirements: 150–400 sq. ft. (multiple models)

3. MBA Chai Maker

Founded by Mr. Prafull Billore in 2017, MBA Chai Wala is one of the best tea outlet brands in the country. MBA Chai Wala stands for Mr. Billore Ahmedabad Chai Wala. Failing to get into IIMs, Mr. Billore opened a tea stall in Ahmedabad against his parents’ wishes. The company now has over 425 locations in over 100 cities.

Year Founded: 2017

Number of outlets as of 2022: 100 plus

Franchise Cost: INR 15 lakhs

Area requirements: 150–800 sq. ft. (multiple models)

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4. Chai Thela

Founded in 2015 by Pankaj Judge, Chai Thela aims to provide every chai lover with a hygienic home and an affordable cup of chai. The company endeavours to provide healthy and homemade chai varieties to its customers.

Year established: 2015

Number of outlets as of 2022: 40 plus

Franchise Cost: INR 5-10 Lakhs

Area requirements: 150–300 sq. ft. (café/kiosk model)

5. Tea House

Known for its huge range of tea brands and high-quality products, the Tea House was founded in 2021 by Mr. Kodudula Naveen Reddy. The company offers a variety of teas, shakes, and coolers spread across multiple outlets.

Year Founded: 2021

Number of outlets as of 2022: 13 plus

Cost of a franchise: INR 3.25-4 lakhs

Area requirements: 100–150 sq. ft.

6. Yewale Tea

With a humble beginning in 1983, Yewale Tea has grown big and expanded to multiple cities with more than 250 franchises. After winning people’s hearts in Pune and making “chaha” synonymous with “Yewale,” the company is set to win the hearts of tea lovers all over India.

Year established: 1983

Number of outlets as of 2022: 350 plus

Area requirements: 250–300 sq. ft.

7. Chai Calling

Chai Calling, one of the best tea cafes,was founded by Pramit Sharma and Abhinav Tandon. They later became chai engineers after coming up with the idea of selling tea. Starting with just a thela outside their office, the company now has more than 110 stores in India, best known for their masala chai.

Year Founded: 2010

Number of outlets as of 2022: 110 plus

Franchise Fee: less than 5 lakhs

Area requirements: 100-1000 sq. ft. (multiple models)

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FAQs on Tea Time Franchise

Read the following FAQs to better understand tea franchises.

What are the average area requirements for setting up a Tea Time franchise?

For an outlet, a tea time franchise requires at least 100 square feet of space. The location should be busy, near railway stations, bus stations, hospitals, markets, highways, colleges, and so on.

How many employees will be required for the tea time franchise?

A minimum of two employees must be enrolled, and they will be trained by tea time’s chefs. Within three days, anyone can learn the tea time menu.

What are the interior guidelines for a Tea Time franchise?

The location where the tea time franchise will be established must have:

  • Tile flooring,
  • Kitchen Partition,
  • Water connection, and
  • An outlet corner.

Only these requirements are to be fulfilled by the franchisee. Rest assured that the brand will handle everything.

What support is provided by Tea Time?

  1. The company provides kitchen equipment such as refrigerators, deep freezers, high-pressure stoves, induction stoves, and others. Along with this, the company provides initial stock.
  2. Tea-time professionals will install an outlet name board and a lollipop board.
  3. Interior branding (menu boards, photo frames, foam boards, eco-solvent vinyl, etc.) will also be taken care of during tea time.

How do I obtain a Tea Time franchise?

It is very easy to obtain a Tea Time franchise. Just log on to teatimegroup.com/unit-franchise and fill out your details in the form. You will receive a callback or email. Alternatively, you can send an email to franchise@teatimegroup.com or call (919) 968-566-7676.

Tea Time is a leading tea outlet brand in India. Compared to many other tea brands in India, the company requires a low initial outlay for a tea-time franchise, making it affordable for the middle-class population. The company also offers decent profit margins. So, go ahead and start your business with a tea franchise.

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