10 Team Building Activities Your Employees Will Love

Team building is a management technique used for improving the soft skills of teammates and encouraging teamwork through various fun and challenging activities. It requires various skills and the presence of mind to form a capable and strong team. It is through team building activities that the skill sets of the employees can be observed and analyzed, and it is up to the manager responsible for team building to utilize the skill sets of every employee and make a great and diverse team.

Importance of Team-Building Activities

Team-building activities help build trust, which is an essential element for an effective team. Employees must learn to collaborate and rely on each other to complete tasks when necessary. Trust makes employees feel safe, leading them to build harmonious relationships with their team members.

The activities require the employees to work together, which fosters better communication and produces excellent results. Through team-building activities, employees learn new skills that they can incorporate into their work, which leads to improved performance and boosts team morale. Team-building activities also help improve the work culture of a company.

Top 10 Team Building Activities

Listed below are 10 team-building activities that you can choose from.

1. Human Knot 

The Human Knot is the most commonly practiced team-building activity, especially suited for small organizations with limited employees. This activity encourages your employees to work together as a team and solve problems. They need to be quick on their feet, as the duration of the game is usually 5–10 minutes and requires good leadership and problem-solving skills. Through this game, one can judge the teamwork put forth by the employees because it requires exceptional communication skills to solve the puzzle.

The activity requires the players to stand in an inward-facing circle. Each player must reach out with their right hand and join hands with someone opposite them. Repeat the same move with your left hand and join hands with a new partner. It is important to note that the players shouldn’t join hands with someone on their immediate right or left.

The point of this exercise is to untangle the knot without releasing each other’s hands so that it results in everyone standing in a full circle with joined hands. The only way this result can be achieved is through maintaining communication as the players twist, turn, and pass through each other’s hands.

2. Office Trivia 

Office trivia is a quick team-building activity that can not only be conducted in a physical office space but also over Zoom, Meet, or Teams for employees who work remotely. This game of trivia facilitates team bonding, encourages employees to show off their observational skills, and allows them to engage in a fun competition.

To conduct this activity, you will need to come up with 20–25 workplace-related questions, such as “What color are the kitchen tiles?” “How many chairs are there in the cafeteria?” “What month of the year is most common for birthdays among the employees?” “How many colleagues can you name with a certain alphabet within 10 seconds?” and so on. Make sure to mold your trivia questions according to the workplace environment.

3. Back-to-Back Drawing 

This activity was created to promote communication and creative thinking among team members. To carry out this game, you will require paper, markers or pens, and images of basic drawings or shapes.

For this activity, you need to split your team into pairs and make them sit with their backs to each other. One gets the image, while the other has to draw it using a pen and paper. The trick here is that the member holding the image has to give verbal instructions to their partner on how to draw the image without directly revealing what the image is. After the allotted time is up, each set of partners must compare their images and see which pair was able to replicate the image.

4. A Shrinking Vessel

A shrinking vessel activity was created to gauge the creative problem-solving abilities of your employees. You will need a rope, blanket, or tape to mark a space on the floor. First, make space on the floor for your group to stand in that space. Then, gradually start decreasing the space, provoking the team members to be quick on their feet and figure out how to keep everyone within the shrinking boundaries. This game should be conducted with a small group or a set of smaller groups.

5. Company Coat of Arms

This game allows employees to have a team-bonding experience and share their ideas and values regarding the company. Let your employees draw your company’s coat of arms. In the first space, ask them to draw a recent achievement, and in the second space, something that shows your company’s values or beliefs. Finally, in the third space, ask them to draw something that shows the company’s future endeavors. Once they are done, hang the completed coat of arms in your office. This activity will not only make the bonds between the team members stronger but will also encourage workplace discussions. You will require paper, pens, or markers to carry out this game.

6. Won in 60 Seconds

Won in 60 seconds, this contest provokes competition to create team spirit and teamwork. Players are required to communicate and find innovative ways to achieve goals within a time constraint. It is not one but a series of team-building exercises where they need to compete against each other and complete various tasks within 60 seconds or less.

A few examples of challenges are:

  • Transfer as many beads or peas from one bowl to another using chopsticks.
  • Line up and take turns trying to keep a ping-pong ball bouncing in a cup.
  • Keep a balloon up in the air for a whole minute without letting it touch the ground. But the players are only allowed to tap the balloon once or twice.

One team member will keep the score throughout the games and tally the score at the end to find out who won the game.

7. Office Debates 

It is critical to understand and handle differences and disagreements among team members, as resolving them will result in a more harmonious office environment.Office debates are the best way to improve the communication skills of your employees and encourage them to show off their public speaking skills.

It should not be conducted for more than 30 minutes, otherwise it can get boring. You might provide them with a projector or whiteboard to deliver their presentations, unless it is an on-the-spot debate. Gather your employees in a meeting room and select members that would go head-to-head with each other. The topic could be work-related or something stress-relieving and silly, but make sure it’s not a heavy topic that would dampen the energy of the room. Let the audience choose the winner.

8. Campfire/Memories 

This activity is great for team bonding and ice-breaking sessions. You will need post-it notes or a whiteboard. Write a few work-related topics on the whiteboard, such as “first day at work” and “work travel,” and ask your employees to share stories of their memories. This is a fun activity that would not only bring the team members closer to each other but also foster a sense of comradeship. They can also write down their memories and positive remarks on post-its and pass them around.

9. Scavenger Hunt 

A scavenger hunt is a fun activity that can encourage team bonding and promote the use of collaboration skills; all you will need is a pen and paper. Divide the members into teams and give them a list of fun things to find outside the office, which they must photograph as evidence.The first team to complete the scavenger hunt within the time limit wins.

10. Common Interests 

Finding common interests not only leads to team bonding but also helps create a comfortable environment. This activity is a quick team-building exercise that will help solidify relationships between your teammates in record time. You can ask the participants to gather in a certain place if they have done a certain thing or are fans of something. For example, participants who own pets can stand together, or horror movie fans can sit together. These questions would lead them to have conversations with each other and create a warm relationship.

FAQs About Team-Building Activities

The frequently asked questions on Team building activities are as follows:

What is a fun team-building activity?

Team lunch is a fun and simple team building activity.Building interpersonal relationships while enjoying food boosts the morale of the team.

What is your preferred team-building activity?

In my opinion, scavenger hunts are the most fun activity, as they not only require creative thinking but also promote teamwork.

What are some team-building ideas in the workplace?

Some team-building ideas in the workplace would be:

  1. Stop-Walk 
  2. Field day
  3. Murder Mystery
  4. Community Service
  5. Masterpiece Murals 

What are the four major types of team building activities?

The four main types of team building are:

  1. Communication activities 
  2. Problem solving and decision-making activities
  3. Trust-building activities 
  4. Adaptability and planning activities

What activities are planned for Have Fun At Work Day?

A few activities to conduct on National Fun at Work Day are:

  1. Sponsor a team lunch.
  2. Standup Shows
  3. Give out amusing office awards in public.
  4. Office Olympics 
  5. Trivia Time

Team-building activities exist to help create a sense of community among employees and polish experienced team members’ critical thinking and leadership skills. These challenges are a great way to build morale and make the working environment positive.

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