The Office Chair – A True Love Story

They say it is true love when you miss someone even more after letting it go. It does not let you work, stay at peace throughout the day. The other side keeps on taking care of you without asking anything in return. You do not really need to say “I love you” to make them realize your feelings, it comes in automatically – day in and day out, you both become inseparable.

Now that this lockdown has kept us away, I have realized its true power. Being miles apart, I think it is best that I express it before you start developing the same love for others close to you when I am not there. I need to hold on to you. I need you back post this lockdown. 

My black mesh office chair, I love you! ❤️


office chair myHQ

And you may ask, what all do I love about you? I would say that you mean the world nothing more. If it’s not the absence that makes your heart grow fonder, I can’t say what does it anymore.

It’s been tough not having you around, resorting to an alternative with no strings attached is not what I need. The dining chair with all pomp and no show is no substitute for you. It’s good for momentary use, but not when it becomes a huge part of your day. It hurts my back, the neck pains and I curse the time you got away. 

There’s nothing like your black sleek mesh that would hold me when I was down, your lumbar support was just perfect for me!

Your arm-rests comforted me through the most crucial aspects of my workday. But with a fancier facade I have is all about colours and zero emotions at play. Even the physical connection has swayed! I want it all back, that emotional combination and connect once again.

Do you know what is even worse? The chair at my home is controlling my thoughts, it’s restricting the pace of my day. With thy beauty on wheels, I flew all the time. Fetching that hot cup of coffee without stepping out a dime. None of which is possible anymore. I want to get rid of these shackles right now. For I was a free bird before, free of the chains of monotony. Most of which, came with the love you gave me.

Agreed, I might have betrayed you a few times, choosing somewhere else to sit in the office must have felt bad, but I am deeply sorry for that. It won’t happen ever again. I will inscribe my love for you with my name and ensure that we cannot be swayed. A bit possessive eh? Yeah, this lockdown has changed me a bit.

Oh, I wish the world allows us to be back together. They do not know what you are to me. And when it’s a matter of love, even the world cannot keep us apart for long. 

Remember those times when you had a problem with me gaining weight? Have shed all those kilos while remembering you! Have learnt some amazing things we can work out together, can’t wait till you see a fun version of me. Come May 18th, we will be inseparable – just need a day and I will bring you home to be together forever! 

Just a few more days, till we meet again.


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