The ‘Remote’ Of Remote Working Is In Your Hands

While remote working has long existed, and even more so beyond India – there’s been a large section of the working class who haven’t practised the same. There’s been an unspoken & unidentified hesitance towards it & that it will most likely compromise on our team’s productivity. However, the global pandemic has bought us no time to evaluate our opinion & switch to remote working overnight.

A challenging and immediate transition indeed – being forced to work from home has also helped us put a finger on the cause of hesitance expressed over all the previous work-from-home requests & identify the stemming cause to be lack of trust or not having enough organized processes that do not hamper the team follow-ups or their productivity.

And yet in this seemingly challenging time, the cherry on the cake is for companies to recognize that those who’re willing to adapt now are more likely to succeed moving ahead. Watching ourselves join the missing dots of trust & and moving 5 steps ahead in getting more organized most certainly does the convincing.



Barring aside the multifold benefits of increased trust and output due to the sudden increase in processes – companies have already started identifying what may be some other advantages if remote working were the way ahead, post the lockdown.

An increased fondness among coworkers due to distanced dynamics will first and foremost contribute to our company’s cultural health. The reduced pressure to get ready & commute long distances will not only be adding time to our lives, but also improving our energy levels. With freedom & flexibility as the foundation for this incoming & expected change; we can assume our team’s productivity levels & mental health to surely spike up.

Companies can now look forward to hiring global talent & adding to their diverse pool of teams – which will also influence the number of interested job applicants. Speaking financially, we can also anticipate a drop in multiple expenses such as employee costs, salaries, office space & other office expenses like electricity & added facilities. And last but not the least, it appears evidently that remote working will have a lasting impact on the environment, making us the socially responsible leaders everyone’s been hoping for.


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This accelerated transition to remote working has triggered an increasing approval towards the idea of remote working. However unannounced, the current practice mode of remote working is constantly changing our teams’ working style & their expectation settings. 6 out of 10 founders are now open to the idea of pursuing it post the lockdown phase. Having said – another change we need foresee & be prepared of – is the way ahead.

Because remote working is here to stay.

And while working from home may not be perfect because of its shortcomings such as not having a pre-built work corner or enough privacy or extremely organized reporting processes – it’s all about addressing them and also understanding that work-from-home is just a subset of remote working & not the entire experience.

A great way to accelerate through this incoming wave of change is to recognize the advantages & visualize how each one of us would like to pursue the culture of remote working in our startups & companies.

One suggested way is to first go back to our teams, understand their experience so far, what has worked out for them & what hasn’t. With 5 to 6 days straight out of office – to a time where we’re working 5 to 6 days straight out of home, maybe the way ahead is to meet in the middle?


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