Top 12 Qualities on a Digital Marketer’s Resume With Examples

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In today’s society, our lives are significantly more entangled with the digital world than they were even a few years ago. In reality, over half of the world’s population can now access the internet via various mobile devices. With so many players watching, learning, and shopping online, it’s no surprise that digital has gone to the top of the marketing dept’s priority. Companies and organizations are beginning to engage heavily in digital marketing in order to stay relevant in their customers’ minds and establish a successful brand. This also leads to bagging potential vibrant jobs in digital marketing in India.

Whether you’re aiming to land high-paying jobs in digital marketing in India or simply want to improve your abilities, there are some methods and measures you can take to succeed in any position. There is a range of employment accessible to people with relevant and up-to-date skill sets, ranging from working for yourself as a freelancer to earning a high-level digital marketing role in corporates.

So, how can you become the adaptive, in-demand digital marketer that businesses are looking for? Here are twelve crucial pointers to help you specialize, strategize, and streamline your career in digital marketing in India


Top 12 Qualities on a Resume for Getting Jobs in Digital Marketing in India

where to apply for jobs in digital marketing in India

A Digital Marketer’s job is to conceive, implement, and manage marketing campaigns to raise brand awareness and promote a company’s products. You’d be helping to build brand trust in the digital realm, increase website traffic, and attract new customers. We’ve included the most critical rules to follow in order to land your dream job as a Digital Marketer.

Beginning with the must-have hard talents and concluding with the traits that the very best Digital Marketers earn overtime—often in unrelated fields—the following list outlines the skills a top-tier Digital Marketer should have:

1. Search Engine Optimization

It doesn’t matter how hard you work as a digital marketer if no one sees it! The first and, probably, most important step in connecting with your audience is driving traffic to your web assets, particularly your landing pages. To be a successful Digital Marketer, you must be adept at utilizing SEO to its full potential.

2. Social Media Marketing

It should go without saying that Digital Marketers should be well-versed in all of the social media platforms they utilize to distribute content and engage with customers. And each site has its own characteristics. You’ll need to know what works and what doesn’t, and how to modify your tone to appeal to the various sectors of your audience who use different platforms. Digital Marketers can prioritize numerous strategies within the area of social media marketing, such as social listening, live-streaming, and direct messaging.

3. Data Analytics

While they may not require the same level of expertise in data analytics as, say, a Data Scientist, Digital Marketers must be able to use Google Analytics and other analysis tools. The Digital Marketer’s most valuable source of audience insight is their detailed information about where your traffic comes from, keywords, and detailed information about the audience.

4. Email Marketing

It is very beneficial to communicate with your customers via email. It’s simple to send out email campaigns; it’s far more difficult to send out efficient email campaigns. Having great efficiency in email marketing is essential to land jobs in digital marketing in India.

5. Paid Marketing

If a Digital Marketer’s budget includes advertising, they’ll need to know what to spend it on and where to spend it to get the most return for their investment. This covers both direct advertising on Google, as well as social media platforms.

6. Content Generation

Excellent storytelling abilities are always a plus for a Digital Marketer, whether it’s tagging an Instagram post or authoring a thousand-word thought leadership essay for your corporate blog. It’s critical to be able to express your ideas not only coherently, but also in a way that seems compelling to the individuals you want to attract.  Especially when it comes to content marketing—longer articles on themes relevant to your audience are a key tool in SEO.

7. Designing

While larger teams may have a dedicated art department with Graphic Designers or even UI/UX Designers, smaller companies are generally left the job to the Digital Marketer. Basic design abilities, such as how to organize information for legibility, are extremely useful in this situation. This frequently starts with an instinctive grasp of the customer’s experience.

8. Selling

Your duty as a marketer is to persuade individuals to change their beliefs. Obviously, learning the art of selling will benefit you! But the power of persuasion isn’t restricted to the hard pitch; it’s also vital when building a strong brand image over time, or even trying to persuade your colleagues to support a new campaign idea.

9. Thinking out-of-the-box

Whatever you’re aiming for as a Digital Marketer, your competitors are almost certainly aiming for the same thing. Your competitive advantage comes from your capacity to innovate and out-think them. You also need to develop innovative answers to all of the other difficulties that arise throughout the day.

10. Leadership Abilities

Given their engagement in numerous digital campaigns, Digital Marketers must be able to guide these initiatives through multiple phases, across multiple platforms. This necessitates leadership abilities as well as a high level of organization. There are solutions to help automate certain processes and keep you on top of things, at least when it comes to efficiency and organization.

11. Adaptability

Digital marketers always have a lot on their plates, and knowing how to prioritize requires acrobatic agility. However, this ability to respond is put to the test on a daily basis. Long-term changes in the digital landscape also necessitate the ability of a Digital Marketer to adapt to new and unexpected developments, think in terms of contingencies, and be ready for anything.

12. Forward-thinking

When a Digital Marketer creates a multi-phase plan that will be implemented over weeks or months, all of these abilities come together. This, of course, necessitates meticulous planning, a forward-thinking approach, and a keen eye for future trends. Successful digital marketers are insatiably curious about how things operate and how they’re changing, both in their own industry and around the world. Keeping up with these trends necessitates continuous study.


Networking Sites for Finding Jobs in Digital Marketing in India

networking platforms to find jobs in digital marketing

Successfully applying for jobs in digital marketing in India, you also need to network with other industry professionals,

Let us now find out various Networking/professional sites for a digital marketer to interact with industry specialists.


1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a well-known professional networking platform. With more than 610 million users in more than 200 countries and territories, it is the world’s largest professional network. You will be able to connect with all of the people who are proficient in digital marketing on a daily basis.

2. Meetup

Meetup is a fantastic website that lets you find local meetups. When you register, you need to indicate areas of interest. Meetup will then alert you as new local meetups are created that you might be interested in. The events include a wide range of topics, from business to hobbies to everything in between.

3. Xing

Xing is a similar professional network to LinkedIn. You can join groups with like-minded professionals to network and discuss ideas after joining up. You can keep up with the latest industry news and find related seminars, conferences, and tradeshows.

4. Bark

The bark is a platform that connects local professionals with those looking for their services. Are you in need of a professional’s help?  Bark will contact local professionals and get back to you with estimates. You may create your own profile and be matched with prospects who are looking for the services you provide.

5. Opportunity

Opportunity is a networking service that claims to specialize in professional-matchmaking. It aims to bring individuals together based on their requirements. Users, for example, can be notified whenever someone in their target market expresses an interest in their offer. Users can also be notified of job openings that are relevant to them.

6. Jobcase

Jobcase has access to a lot of information about open positions and firms that are hiring for various positions. You can create a profile on Jobcase and gain access to a large job database. You may also join groups or browse the community to take part in discussions.

Summing It Up

In India, digital marketing has a lot of potentials. It has the ability to help businesses expand and reach out to new clients for a fraction of the cost. The digital marketing business is about to undergo a change. Now is the best moment to jump in and bag best-in-class jobs in digital marketing in India.


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