Top Job Hunt Tips For Everyone Looking To Transition In Their Career

Getting out of college and setting foot in the industry for real-life work experiences is a roller coaster of mixed feelings as it can be both really exciting and intimidating.

Job hunt tips include sending out resumes, an endless line of interviews, repeated rejections can sometimes be frustrating. The process sure seems challenging but if one follows a systematic and professional pattern, fetching a job in the desired workplace becomes easier. Hard work alone can’t do all wonders it’s the vision and an intelligent approach that gets you what you deserve.

Although, before starting the process one must understand that the key is to keep oneself calm, patient and optimistic during the entire course and things will automatically start falling into place.

1. Construct a professional CV
The idea is not just to create a document with only important details but also to represent your personality and your unique selling points through a piece of paper or two and not more. Yes, it’s essential that you mention your qualifications and marks but also your hobbies and the work ,that you have been doing in your college. Your resume must highlight your skills, your activeness in events, the range of events you have participated in and your passion towards the field. Designing an interesting resume is where your creativity kicks in and half the judgment is made by a glimpse of it.


2. Online presence
In this age where businesses are shifting to digital platforms, one must give importance to the online presence for easier reach. LinkedIn is the most successful and reliable platform to broadcast oneself and find a job. Create a profile on LinkedIn and follow all your target companies and connect with their HR’s directly. Send out your resumes via personal messaging and get your interviews scheduled. Also, observe what other people are following and get notified every time your desired company posts for a vacancy.

3. Hiring and Placement agencies
It’s advisable to not just rely on college placements and look for off-campus opportunities as well. Connect with the top hiring and placement agencies in the country to become more visible in the market. Consultancies like ABC Job placement consultants, Kelly services, Team Lease allows candidates to find the best employment opportunities.

4. Job Portals
It might sound cliche and common to make a profile on job portals but hiring agencies and HR’s look for suitable candidates on job portals like,Internshala,,4jobz and many more. All you have to do is create an account, upload your CV, mention your expected salary and companies will reach out to you for interviews. It’s always good to have multiple options so keep your hands full before choosing your right catch.



5. Networking and References
Stay in contact with your seniors and inquire about how they landed on their dream job and what all it takes to come out sincere and apt during an interview. If you’re unclear speak to your professors and ask them to help you solve your dilemma.

Creative companies are constantly looking for fresh talent and young minds who can bring in new ideas and make brainstorming sessions more fun and productive. Don’t settle for less just because you don’t have industry experience but aim at learning and improving your skill set every day. Work with a plan but never stop exploring new opportunities, you never know what adventure might land up your way.

Good luck!

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