We are a generation of “woke” youngsters who are driven and motivated, we define unconventional.

There may be many people working day and night to get that promotion and be listed in the 30 under 30 lists and there may be even more working unimaginable hours to get their voice heard, to make a difference, to create something new. It’s become a very competitive world because we are all a bunch of hustlers in our own sweet way, we want to be the Queens and Kings of our fields.

That being said, we’re also a generation bitten by the travel bug, we explore, we travel, we see and learn. We’ve had a lot more exposure to various walks and cultures than our parents or grandparents did. Breaking convention comes quite naturally to us. And what better way to do that than go for a successful career in freelancing rather than a fixed 9 to 5?

The ease of access to the internet has made sure the biggest bloggers, YouTube sensations, social media influencers are people from the present generation and yes, we know our way around the internet!

But apart from these cliche careers, we have a lot more freelance ideas to choose from. These careers have a high potential in the present Indian market but a dearth of quality freelancers. Explore where you can spread your wings:

1. Health and Fitness 

Living in a fast-paced world majority of the working people know the importance of being fit and healthy but hardly ever have the time. Here is where being a certified fitness trainer can transform into a successful freelance career, helping chart their diet, workout routine and making sure it suits their specific body needs, lifestyle and time constraints.

freelance ideas personal fitness trainer

2. Bookkeeping and Accounting

Every business big or small needs account keeping. To record all financial transactions of the business and to analyze, interpret, classify and report on it to have accountability and help in tax returns. A lot of people prefer hiring freelance professionals for this task.

3. Mountaineering Entrepreneur

If you’re a mountaineering enthusiast, this may be one of the perfect freelance ideas to start your career in freelancing. As you keep exploring trek routes, combine it with luxury travel there you have an exciting and adventurous career.


4. Translator

Globalisation, international business collaboration, online education etc are areas where translators are an essential part of the process, this field has an immense opportunity if you have good command over and understanding of another regional or foreign language.

5. Voice Over Artists

Ever wondered if you can do radio advertisements better than the person on air? If you’ve got a catchy voice and good communication skills, this field has big bucks and ample opportunities to turn into a successful freelance career! Recording commercials, radio advertisements, television advertisements, dubbing for television shows etc.


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6. Search Engine Optimisation:

Websites need the traffic to survive and make money, SEO experts are hired from time to time to make sure they rank on the first page of search engines. If I’m an Italian restaurant owner in Gurugram, I’d hire an SEO specialist to optimize my web address at the top of the list for the search results for “Italian Restaurants in Gurugram”.

7. Executive Search Specialist

The middlemen HR executives that help companies find suitable candidates to save the time and resources of in-house HR teams are paid much more handsomely than one might assume.

8. Customer Care Executive:

Firms have begun a trend of outsourcing customer care services to appropriately equipped and trained personnel to cut down on infrastructure and management costs. With the required command on interactive skills and spoken skills one can turn this into a successful freelance career.


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9. Vintage and Antique Item Restoration:

If you have the skills, contacts, and avenues to dig up vintage items, tools and parts required to patch them and turn them into “Vintage Gold” then this may be one of the perfect freelance ideas for new age millennials. Repair and restore antique and vintage items, appliances, furniture, lamp fixtures and custom items.

freelance ideas vintage item restoration

10. Medical Transcription :

Medical transcription industry is growing very fast in India. The biggest advantage is that a trained and reliable Medical Transcriptionist can also work from home and choose convenient working hours. It has a great potential of turning into a successful freelance career.

There is a lot to do out there and the growing world of opportunities has ensured that we have all the means to break stereotypes and create a footing of our own at whatever gets our blood pumping. If you don’t fit in boxes or roles created by the society, make your own path, hustle and grow by exploring a successful career in freelancing.

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