Welcome To Paw-ffices by myHQ: Home Of The Good Bois

The purr-fect office doesn’t exi—

Welcome to myHQ Paw-ffices where your colleague is your actual best friend!

myHQ Paw-ffices will allow users to choose their favorite workspaces along with their favorite Dog Partners. All you have to do is book a pet of your preference while you book your space.

This dog partner will greet you at the door, accompany you to your seat, share your meals, always be available for petting and raise the woof as your biggest cheerleader!


myHQ paw-ffices

What Is This New Paw-ffice Policy?

As a team committed to improving workspace experience for everyone, we soon realized the paw-sitive impact a beloved pet can have on your morale. We then set out to make everything possible to get these furry little partners to our workspaces.

Pet-friendly workspaces were the easy answer but many of our users had no access to pets at their homes and we simply couldn’t bear that.

That’s when we decided to tie-up with more than 100 kennels and foster homes across India to ensure every myHQ user gets a furry partner for their own.


How Does It Work?

To take one of your furry partners to work, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Go to the myHQ app.

Step 2: Look for a paw icon on our workspaces.

Step 3: Book Your Seat.

Step 4: Choose your Furry Partner

Step 5: Confirm your booking.

Step 6: Your Furry Partner will meet you at your chosen workspace.

Our Furry Partners are fostered by responsible kennels and are highly trained to tackle your work environment. They are quick, active and responsive to instructions. Each furry partner also has a designated caretaker at the workspace all the time who will help you out.

myHQ paw-ffice dogs will sit with you while you work, ask for treats and will be available for petting or a quick game of fetch between breaks.

Book a Pet Partner at myHQ paw-ffice here.


dogs at office


Why Should You Have A Pet Partner At Office?

According to the Washington State University, pets improve workplace morale and encourage a stress-free environment. As per multiple studies, pets in the workplace:

– Bring down stress levels in employees

– Improve communication and team bonding

– Increase productivity and employee engagement

– Improve people’s attendance in office

Many organizations have pets as their designated Chief Happiness Officers or Chief Engagement Officers because these furry little animals can boost the spirits of the room with a simple wag of their tails!


What’s next with myHQ Paw-ffices?

We’re on a mission to revolutionize the way people work and we will not stop at dogs!

In the near future, we plan on launching many such initiatives for pet-loving office-goers everywhere.


myHQ Purr-ffices:

Purr-ffices is an attempt to bring your feline partners to office with a myHQ Flexi Pass. Cats are dispellers of loneliness, anxiety and are great for cardiovascular health.

All cat-loving myHQ users, keep a close watch on myHQ Purr-ffices!



The lockdown saw work-from-home establishing itself as an unshakeable reality for the foreseeable future. It was also reported that people’s intent to have a pet at home doubled in the lockdown. While many brought their furry partners home, lots of others adopted strays and abandoned pets from their vicinity.

Woof-from-home is our endeavor to help you feel less isolated at home and re-create some of that office scenes magic! We honestly believe our furries are a huge improvement over your office neighbors and that you deserve their company.


Collar Of Duty:

dogs in officeRemember how we spoke about pets holding important offices at work?

Well, Collar of Duty lets you have that for your own team. If you’re a bunch of dog-loving people working together, you can book a Dog-In-Chief with myHQ Collar Of Duty and the dog will visit your entire team for the day.


What Are You Waiting For?

Our furry partners will be ecstatic to meet you. These foster kids have been kept inside for too long and deserve a day with you. What’s a better way to start work than to have our furries jumping up in joy at your office door, wagging their tails and waiting to be cuddled.

These good bois will ask for rubs and petting if they see you down, take you for walkies and help you get more active with their undying energy. All you have to do is book a pet partner for your new paw-ffice now!


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