What are Virtual Coworking Spaces & Communities?

Since the onset of COVID-19, virtual coworking has instantaneously witnessed immense growth. The reason for that is its sheer ability to bring together the community via digital means.

Simply put, virtual coworking means coming together to work online. Using a virtual coworking space, people can work at their convenience from wherever they want. It could be a home setup, physical coworking area, or a hotel room. Virtual coworking ensures that a working professional doesn’t feel lonely and makes them feel like a part of a group again.

Now you may wonder it differs from physical coworking. Coworking became popular due to the remote workers’ need to enjoy a social working experience. As a result, coworking spaces gained prominence. They allowed individuals to rent an area, get their work done while interacting with other fellow workers. Additionally, they got to enjoy amenities like printing and coffee.

However, these were limited by the physical factor. With a virtual coworking space, one gets to enjoy all this and more. From attending meetings virtually, visiting virtual locations like meeting rooms, and interacting effectively, virtual coworking has entirely changed the coworking landscape. Read on to know more about the growth, need, and benefits of virtual coworking spaces.


Birth and Growth of Virtual Coworking Spaces

Virtual coworking spaces had been present for a few years. All they needed to grow was a heavy blow which came in the form of the coronavirus pandemic.

As more and more individuals started working from home last year, online services and tools, had to fit in the changing world.

Not to forget that the pandemic left the motivations reserves of many of us somewhat dry. Enter virtual coworking spaces. These spaces came as a modern solution that blended the benefits of working together and remote work. The growth of virtual coworking spaces is a direct result of the digital community that it helps build.

They ensured that the social interactions kept rolling, and we didn’t feel lonely or left out. Moreover, these spaces made sure that we stay focused and productive.


When do you need a Virtual Coworking space?

1. For emotional needs or connections

why do I need a virtual coworking space

One of our sizeable needs that virtual spaces satisfy are connections, person-to-person contact and the art of collaboration. In times of turmoil, every individual wanted to be close to one another and interact. So if you’re looking to stay close to your community while fulfilling your emotional needs, virtual spaces are what you need.


2. Replicating the office experience

virtual coworking offers an alternative to office experience

Although remote work comes with its own set of benefits, it’s not exactly like the physical office experience that most of us are accustomed to. Be it brainstorming or the random banter, all in all, it is a unique experience. However, virtual spaces allow us to log into virtual rooms and even knock on doors before entering a meeting. Some tools like Sorocco even permit you to make a virtual office.



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Benefits of a Virtual Coworking Space

Virtual spaces come with a variety of benefits. Some of them are as follows:

1. The Social Factor

video conferences

One of the foremost benefits of a virtual coworking space is its ability to makes us be around other people without being physically around them. From engrossing work sessions to virtual celebrations, they push you to participate by adding a social element. Moreover, there’s a sense of belonging that comes with a virtual space.


2. Interacting with People from Around the Globe

virtual global interaction

Another crucial advantage that virtual coworking has over regular coworking is that it allows individuals to interact with people sitting in some other corner of the world. Virtual coworking allows easy communication between someone sitting in Asia with someone in South America. In that sense, it is geography proof and beneficial for those with oversees manufacturing and markets.

3. Increased Productivity

virtual coworking increases productivity creating an office environment

Virtual spaces are highly efficient and ensure productivity amongst teammates. They allow individuals to connect in real-time and share sensitive knowledge safely while allowing one to do everything possible in a physical space and more. Moreover, they promote camaraderie and teamwork. All of this ensures that people stay motivated and engaged.

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Ideas for Virtual Coworking Communities

virtual coworking communities

The best part of virtual coworking spaces is that they serve multiple purposes. Here are some of the ideas that you can use virtual coworking communities as. You can use them depending on your need while forwarding the virtual coworking movement and re-inventing your own office experience.


1. Accountability check-ins

By sharing what you’re working on with your team members and sharing your progress, you’d be able to add a nice bit of peer accountability.

2. Learning while lunching

You can also share an afternoon meal with fellow individuals while sharing insights around a definite topic.

3. Workshops

Using a virtual coworking space, you and your teammates can learn a new skill or enhance an existing one.

4. Virtual Happy Hour

Many of you might be missing happy hour Fridays at the office. So why not invites some members for a virtual session with drinks and let the conversations roll.

5. Coffee Break

In the conventional world, talking with our mates near the coffee machine used to be a thing. You can try to replicate that experience with virtual coffee breaks.

6. Work sprints

An impeccable way to get a lot done in a short time is work sprints. You can do this using zoom. To get the most of your time, set a timer of 20-30 minutes or more depending on your need.

7. Celebrations

Who says you can’t have celebrations virtually? You can find creative ways to enjoy birthday parties, work anniversaries, awards ceremonies, and much more.

8. Meditation sessions

One thing that can take a toll on anyone working remotely is mental peace. Virtual guided meditation sessions can do wonders for you and your fellow teammates.

9. Morning check-in

Virtual spaces allow you to conduct a morning check-in with your teammates and clients. It’s a great way to start your day on a positive note and keeping the community close.

10. Bringing experts on-board

Every community and industry is full of experts. You can bring these experts for a virtual session to your teammates.


Virtual coworking is an efficient way of being around people without actually being physically around them. They provide both the inspiration of teamwork and remote work benefits.

However, as great as the benefits may be, virtual spaces require a significant amount of caution. The foremost being the temptation to work consistently. It’s vital to resist this temptation to have a healthy work-life balance. Doing so would ensure that you don’t reach burnout. Another important aspect is to respect the boundaries of your fellow teammates.

If these cautions are handled with care, virtual coworking can be an exceedingly rewarding experience. It’s a great alternative to physical coworking. Thanks to virtual spaces, you can get the community spirit at home with virtual events and networking.


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