Why Should You Choose A Managed Office As A Start-Up Owner?

The advantages of owning a company are attracting an increasing number of professionals to prefer entrepreneurship over a stable and comfortable 9-5 career. There are no time limits, you can be your boss, you can carry out wild ideas and experiments, and the list goes on. There are increasing numbers of individuals in India who have recently embarked on the entrepreneurial path and achieved success. However, as soon as the thrill of the honeymoon period wears off, the true obligations of becoming an entrepreneur become apparent. Remember, entrepreneurship isn’t only about being free of constraints; it’s also about taking on a lot of obligations like office admin issues and  addressing them with the help of a new age solution like managed office space for rent.


Workplace Management Issues faced by the Entrepreneurs

problems faced by the entrepreneurs

In today’s ultra-competitive business climate, entrepreneurs face numerous obstacles. Entrepreneurs who wear many and often all hats can have the most trouble managing their time. They face multiple challenges in their journey, and books have been published about how to solve them.


Entrepreneurs have a clear job description: they may build the company of their dreams, but they must first overcome organizational and time management challenges. It is very difficult for entrepreneurs to handle workplace management issues like power/internet supplies, bills, seating plans, office structure, and daily office administration issues. However, entrepreneurs, thankfully, today have more tools than ever before to fix these issues.

Remember, your allies are perseverance and intelligence; use them to your benefit to keep working toward your goals. Understand that you aren’t the only one who has faced challenges. As a matter of the fact, there are countless tools available to assist you in getting through your toughest days as an entrepreneur so that you can enjoy the immeasurable benefits of running your own successful business.



The Concept of Managed Office Space for Rent

managed office space for rent

Working from home could tend to be the most realistic and cost-effective choice for a solo entrepreneur or startup. However, for others, the endless distractions and isolation make it unsuitable. It’s also not a realistic option if you want to broaden the organization and recruit more employees. Also, entrepreneurs pursue an environment that allows them to easily switch into ‘work mode’ and concentrate on completing tasks to fulfill their various commitments.

As a result, India has seen a substantial increase in the number of co-working and managed office spaces in recent years. The different types of workplace models are the product of the growth of the sharing economy, knowledge-intensive employment, and a mobile-driven workforce. The key pillars of co-working spaces are flexibility, development, and networking.

Managed office space for rent, offers the ideal atmosphere for fostering commitment and high-spirited energy. So, may we say that these managed office spaces for rent or shared office spaces are just what Entrepreneurs want in an office space?

Let’s look more closely at the unique benefits of managed office space for rent. If you’re a young entrepreneur working on a startup, the following details would be useful to you.


Leasing by co-working operators to rise 42% in 2021: Savills India

Benefits of Managed Office space for rent

managed office space for rent for entrepreneurs

A managed office space for rent, also known as a serviced office, is a pay-as-you-go office space. Such spaces, which are usually run and supervised by an operator, rent out single offices or even an entire floor, allowing customers to use office space on a flexible basis.


1. Flexibility

If your organization is dynamic, such an atmosphere would be perfect for you. When all you need is enough space to set up a bean bag and plug in your laptop, why pay for an entire floor? Entrepreneurs with managed office space for rent have the right to go about their business as they want. These office spaces are rented for a limited period as little as a month in some cases, making them suitable for companies that are likely to grow or contract in the near future.


2. Cost-Effective

In managed office space for rent, you pay a single monthly fee that includes all facilities. There are no different energy bills or housekeeping to think about. The managed office space supplier is responsible for everything, which in the longer term is more economic.


3. Enhances Networking

Any company that wants to succeed needs to network in some way. You never know who you are going to run into when your business is on the move. In a managed office space, you could even meet a customer who has the ability to help you grow your company in the long run.


4. Scalability

In a managed office space for rent, the size of your office varies depending on the company. If your superiors determine that your managers need more room, they will make the necessary arrangements. Scalability is something you wouldn’t find in a typical office environment.


5. More Productivity

Shared office spaces foster the mindset that is essential for productivity. It is regarded as a location where people adhere to a strict regimen in order to achieve optimal results. Everybody seems to work to the fullest extent possible and the environment inspires employees to work hard.


6. Professional Support at the Office

One of the benefits of renting a completely equipped office space is that it gives the company a much more professional picture. You’d have a private room to call your own, and your startup office space would be well run. When it comes to conducting corporate meetings and conferences, this is a huge plus. Furthermore, you would not be responsible for such expenses as cleaning and repairs.


7. Improved Communication

The problems with remote working that existed previously have now vanished! With modern managed office space for rent,  you can hold conversations and meetings with your team over Skype and interactions are almost seamless. Thanks to continuous network access, interactions are no longer muddled or disrupted by technical glitches. You also get a professional address for business communications without paying for a dedicated room!


8. Office Facilities

To perform at their best, people must keep their minds active and fresh all of the time. This means that during breaks, they will need refreshments, like drinks or snacks. These services are included in the company’s membership of the managed office space.

Also, basic facilities are available, such as lockers, projectors, printers, fax, and mailboxes. These services are included in a shared workplace, so you can concentrate on your primary work target. Overall, our spaces offer a supportive atmosphere for you to get the most out of your endeavors.


9. Prime And Employee Friendly Location

Shared working spaces offer solo entrepreneurs and small businesses access to high-demand spaces in prime locations that they would not otherwise be able to afford. This allows small business owners to choose the types of offices and places in which they want to work.


10. Pay Per Use Model

To take part in the brainstorm, the entrepreneurs need to organize weekly team meetings, close deals, or hold seminars and activities. Small and medium-sized enterprises and individual entrepreneurs can choose from a variety of plans, meeting areas, conference rooms, concept rooms, and themed terrace cafés. And better, they can pay when they use the co working spaces.


In Conclusion

managed office space for rent in Bangalore

Managing a permanent office room is a burden that your company should avoid. Workplace culture is shifting toward a more productivity-focused approach. Given the aforementioned advantages, setting up your company in a managed office space for rent seems to be a whole lot more successful if you happen to run a dynamic business. It may not only save you a lot of money, but it may also save you a lot of tension, in the long run, keeping you from being tired.

Managed office spaces, co-working, or shared spaces provide the ideal atmosphere for innovation and efficiency as well. They are the perfect combination of fun, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. It’s a perfect fit for entrepreneurs and small companies with minimal capital and lots of ideas that need just the right atmosphere to thrive.

myHQ is the place to go if you’re searching for an end-to-end-run office space provider. Send us a short message with your requirements, and we’ll get back to you with the best choices.


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