10 Common Facebook Lead Generation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many businesses rely on Facebook for their advertising due to the capability of the platform for generating leads. Facebook is a significant part of various campaigns due to its potential to boost new customer acquisition. A robust social media platform, Facebook, has led to the massive growth of numerous businesses. Irrespective of the audiences or products one is targeting, Facebook lead generation would surely pay off.

But facebook lead generation can be tricky, especially if you’re starting out. You might go wrong with the budgets, placement, and campaign objective resulting in wasted money and poor ad performance. So before you begin planning a Facebook lead generation campaign, it’s vital to refresh your knowledge surrounding it to avoid the usual mistakes.


What is Lead Generation through Facebook?

Facebook lead generation is the process of generating leads by gaining a better understanding of the audience. It works through Facebook Ads. Once marketers collect information from prospects using Facebook lead generation, they can use that knowledge to make sales. It starts with users clicking on the ad, entering their information (mostly pre-populated) and submitting the same.



What are FB Lead Ads?

Facebook or FB lead Ads let advertisers assemble information from prospects directly using mobile ads. They work similarly to other paid ads. FB lead Ads allow users to stay on the platform while finishing and submitting the lead form.

Using Facebook lead generation, marketers can reach the individuals who’re mildly interested in their offer, as users don’t get redirected to an external page.
It leaves a positive impression on the leads by avoiding the friction of longer click-through paths.

Now that you’ve understood how Facebook lead generation works, let’s get into the mistakes that you must avoid. Here are 10 common Facebook lead generation mistakes that you should avoid.


1. Wrong Ad Delivery Optimization

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In order to target your potential customer, it’s vital to choose the right ad delivery optimization. Doing so allows Facebook to deliver the Ads in a way that they achieve the highest conversion.

So make sure that your ad delivery optimization is in line with the objectives.

For instance, if you want potential customers to download your App, the delivery optimization must include this objective.


2. Not refreshing the Facebook lead generation Ad

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Another common facebook lead generation mistake is not refreshing creative ads. Most users easily tire because of the same ads they’re shown every time and start ignoring them. By refreshing your Facebook Ad regularly, your campaign would have a better chance at succeeding. Revising copies, rotating formats, and editing the images routinely, is essential.


3. Spending Recklessly

facebook lead generation mistakes to avoid

The game of Facebook lead generation is one of trial and error. One doesn’t find leads right away after putting up an ad every time. When something doesn’t work, it’s only natural to go for another technique. However, various advertisers end up jumping to the next format without identifying the problem.

That results in added costs. It’s essential to address the issues rather than indulging in reckless spending. With time, advertisers get familiarized with Facebook Ads and what follows is better results.


4. Faulty Targeting

facebook lead generation mistakes to avoid

Every advertiser wants to get the maximum leads possible. And, one of the best ways to achieve that is by targeting the audience properly.

Before you begin your campaign, understand who your audience is exactly, and then move on to target the right audience.


Ensure that your selected audience isn’t too broad, or you’d end up paying for ads that would yield no returns.


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5. Landing Pages that are non-functioning

non-functional landing pages

The reason numerous advertisers invest in Facebook Ads is for grabbing the attention of their potential customers. So naturally, advertisers want users to spend some time on the landing page. However, many landing pages wind up being too slow, not allowing the users to navigate the page well.

As a result, users don’t spend a lot of time on them. That is why one must ensure that the landing page where the users would end up, is both functional and easy to navigate.


6. Landing page not corresponding with the Ad

facebook lead generation mistakes to avoid

One of the biggest Facebook lead generation mistake you could make is of creating Clickbait content. It is a form of misleading content where landing page and Ads don’t correspond with each other. So make sure that your landing page and Ad, always match and are consistent.



7. Using Facebook Ads for directly selling rather than building connections

facebook lead generation mistakes to avoid

Facebook doesn’t work like Google. On this platform, users might not have strong purchasing intent while searching. Most people use Facebook to relax and entertain themselves. So, instead of trying to make a direct sale, you should use it to create awareness about your brand and building a connection with the audience.

If you connect with your audience over time while subtly introducing your products, you’d have a better chance at succeeding.


8. Failing to consider all the available insights

facebook lead generation mistakes to avoid

Facebook Ads Manager can be excessively tricky to navigate through. As FB leads Ad is not equipped with the tools and analytics, necessary for data study, measuring the performance of your Ads can get tedious. What’s the alternative then?

You can personalize your Facebook Ads Manager by using softwares like HubSpot to get access to all the information you need. This information can be further utilized, to better facebook lead generation in the future.


9. Being Impatient

To put it plainly, Paid Advertising is a marathon, not a quick race. And that’s why you cannot expect it to yield results overnight. To get the necessary insights, you’d have to run Ads for a significant period using a reasonable amount. Don’t be like that marketer who closes their Ads a few hours into running them.

Strategising how much you’re going to spend on a campaign beforehand is essential. It would also help you in running ads without cancelling them for optimization or pausing them. Be patient, and lead generation through Facebook would pay in the long run.


10. Not including an introduction section

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Facebook lead generation allows you to include an intro section in your Ad. And yet, so many individuals don’t cash in on it. Intro section lets advertisers give a quick summary of their service or product to their leads. As a result, users know what they can expect.


Moreover, it also keeps the leads excited, resulting in an eventual follow through and buy. Intro section is a great way to catch user attention and shouldn’t be missed out at any cost.



Facebook advertising can be overwhelming, but if used correctly, it can be exceedingly rewarding. Apart from benefits like native functionality and simple data collection, lead generation through Facebook also yields responsive mobile design and allows for highly targeted segmentation, like demographics and interests.

However, for optimal results, it’s essential to work on the common mistakes for improving your Facebook lead generation attempts. So, take note of the mistakes mentioned above and avoid them whenever you create a lead generation Ad on Facebook next. It would help you in engaging your customers by conveying the right message.


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