20 Companies That Hire For Part-Time & Remote Work From Home Jobs 

At some point in our lives, we’ve all daydreamed of escaping our established workplace to embrace the remote work culture. Some of us have turned this into a reality. Others, not so much. The one’s who have succeeded, owe it to the rise in digital technologies and the opportunities that came with the rising nomad work culture in India. 

Technology today dictates the influence and impact on human beings. One such effect is the change in our social fabric which is a direct result of the incentives offered by technology. 



Due to this rapid change in the social fabric, our nature of work has experienced a transformation. More and more individuals are opting for online work from home jobs or part-time jobs while traveling, resulting in the nomad culture becoming a lifestyle.  

Part-time and online work from home jobs has witnessed such unprecedented growth due to the plethora of benefits that come with them. Apart from the flexibility and freedom factor, they also allow you to balance outside responsibilities with much ease. 

These days work-life-balance is a priority, especially amongst millennials. And online work from home jobs come with that balance; not to forget the cosy outfits, money-saving, and custom environment. Plus, you get to spend more time with loved ones. 


Part-Time Remote Work Vs Full Time Remote Work 

online work from home jobsRemote work is not as linear as it sounds. There are various factors associated with it.

One such factor that every professional looking for online work from home jobs must consider are the types of remote working options. 

There are humungous differences between working remotely full time and working remotely part-time. The levels of freedom, flexibility, and work-load vary immensely. Part-time remote work comes with a steady paycheck, flexible hours, and time for work-life balance. 

On the other hand, full-time remote work, in addition to offering flexible hours and work-life balance, also lets you make your work hours. So before opting for the type of remote work, understand your expectations and analyze the pros and cons of both. If you have more responsibilities, studying, or want to have more time for work-life balance, choose part-time remote work. But if you’re looking to earn more while making your work hours, full-time remote work would suit your needs. 


Companies hiring for Online Work from Home Jobs

Lucky for you, there are numerous companies in today’s day and age, who provide flexible and impressive online work from home jobs. So if you’re someone who’s looking for companies that allow remote work options, this list has been curated for you. Here are 20 companies that hire for part-time, remote work from home jobs.  


1. Dell

online work from home jobs

This Texas, U.S based multinational company has offices all over the world. They provide the necessary infrastructure to companies for their IT growth and digital transformation. And because Dell understood the role youth would play in the digital future, they started offering various opportunities in online work from home jobs that are both flexible and new-age. 


2. United Health Group 

United Health Group is synonymous with quality care. A Fortune 500 company, they’re on a mission to improve healthcare globally while providing easy access. Their work from home opportunities come with great benefits. They provide online work from home jobs in Strategy, Healthcare, Telecommunication, amongst other fields. 


3. Kaplan 

This education company is on a mission to empower students by equipping them with the best of resources. From higher education programs, educational services to test preparation guides, and more, Kaplan provides everything. They provide part-time and full-time online work from home jobs in fields like Teaching, Accountancy and Client servicing management. 


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4. Kelly Services 

This American company provides consultancy and staffing services. Operating globally, this company has a carved a niche for itself and become a global leader of sorts. Their remote jobs come with a decent salary and benefits. They provide online work from home jobs in Sales, Consultancy, and Technology, amongst other fields. 


5. Pepper 

A prominent content marketplace platform, Pepper connects organizations with content creators. Your content requirements could be text, voice, video, or graphic. Pepper is going to provide you with it all. You can also become a content contributor and get projects suited to your capabilities and expertise. They provide online work from home jobs in Content writing, Graphic Designing, Translation, and Video Editing.


6. Hopper 

This organization eases the process of booking flights and finding accommodation. They are an award-winning company that sends you alerts on the best time to buy minus those annoying advertisements or silly Popups. The culture at hopper is flexible with a significant work-life balance. Their online work from home jobs varies from Data Analyst, Software Manager to Customer Service Training Management. 


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7. Cactus Communications 

Cactus is a Mumbai, India based organization that help researchers meet their publication goals. Their mission is for researchers to get their due recognition by extending support via their platform. The culture at Cactus is open and the managers, exceptionally supportive. They offer a host of remote working opportunities in Editorial and Translation. 


8. Wikimedia Foundation 

online work from home jobs

This non-profit is responsible for supporting some of the world’s largest platforms and free knowledge projects like Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikisource, and Wikidata, amongst others. They protect the policies and values that allow free knowledge to prosper. You can find online work from home jobs in Strategy, Legal Services, Data Analysis, and Operations. 


9. Rosetta Stone 

Rosetta Stone has carved a niche in the market by providing individuals with an easy and efficient way of learning a second language. They provide remote work opportunities that come with immense freedom. You can find online work from home jobs as a Tutor, Content Editor, and more. 



VIPKID, also known as ‘VIPkid’, is an online education and teaching company. With no commitment or minimal hours, this company is the perfect place for individuals looking to teach online. They also provide decent salaries and immense flexibility on the job front along with the teaching material. 


11. Duolingo 

This American company has a language learning app and website. One of the largest learning organizations in the world, Duolingo provides free language education software and is utilized by over 100 million people globally. They offer online work from home jobs in Content Writing, Language Management, and more. 


12. Protocol Labs 

An open-source research and development laboratory, Protocol Labs has consistently pushed the envelope in making human existence orders of magnitude better through technology. Their online from work home jobs include roles like Project Operator, Startup systems engineer, amongst others. 


13. Amazon 

online work from home jobs at Amazon

One of the biggest names in the world, Amazon, also provides online work from home jobs and part-time opportunities. They provide roles in Customer Support, Virtual Assisting, Software Development, Logistics, and even sales. For India, Amazon also has a separate platform for remote work. 


14. Toptal 

A well-known labor marketplace, Toptal connects employers with freelancers and content contributors. They have worked with big names like JPMorgan Chase and Airbnb, amongst others. They have online work from home jobs in Social Media, Content Writing, Support Specialisation, and more. 


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15. Upstack 

This freelancing software development organization helps fast-growing startups with recruitment. They take pride in working with a variety of technology like Android, IOS, PHP, Angular, Python, to name a few. They provide flexibility in remote work with high-paying jobs. Some of the roles in their online work from home jobs include UI/UX Designer, IOS Developer, and Java Engineer. 


16. Quora 

Yquora logoes, this famous Q&A platform also offers numerous online work from home jobs. Quora has carved a place for themselves by connecting people with different experiences and mindsets in one place so that they can learn from each other. Some of their remote work roles are Product Designer and UX designer. 


17. Intuit 

This U.S based company develops and sells software in Accounting, Tax, and Finance. Their mission is to power prosperity around the globe. The remote work roles at Intuit offer time flexibility and competitive pay. You can find online from work home jobs in Design, Data Science, Software engineering, and more. 


18. VocoVision 

VocoVision is a platform that provides therapy services using video conferencing, games, and interactive sessions. When it comes to therapy, they believe in breaking location and language barriers. That is why they have experts in every specialization working with them who make connections effortlessly. Their part-time and online work from home jobs includes roles like Teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing, School Psychologist, and Speech Pathologist, amongst others. 


19. Great Learning 

great learning- online work from home jobsThis Gurgaon, India based organization is known for offering career-relevant programs from world-class universities. Their mission is to make people around the world proficient and future-ready. With online work from home jobs in Teaching, Software Developing, and Operations, this company also provides impeccable benefits. 


20. Edvizo 

This online marketplace helps parents and students find and compare the best universities in their localities. Apart from that, they also soothe the enrollment process for students while enabling institutes to get more through the platform. Edvizo provides remote and part-time jobs in Digital Marketing, Blogging, PR, and Talent acquisition. 


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Although Part-time and remote jobs provide you with flexibility and freedom on the work front, finding the right opportunity can be a hassle. The companies mentioned in this article would provide you with tons of opportunities if you’ve got the correct skillset. 

However, it’s vital to have access to platforms that have job listings every day. Some of the platforms you can check out for part-Time, remote work from home jobs include LinkedIn, GlassDoor, FlexJobs, Indeed, and Shine. So go ahead, browse through the tons of remote jobs, and find the perfect one for you.  


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