12 Simple Saas Marketing Strategies To Target in 2021 

A branch of marketing that’s the talk of the town is Saas marketing. This industry has seen massive growth in the last few years due to its sheer uniqueness. 

As it follows a data-driven approach and pushes marketers to persistently reinvent, this form of marketing has become a norm in the current landscape. 

With over 15,000 Saas marketing companies in the market currently, its impact is bound to accelerate in the coming years. 



What is Saas Marketing? 

Saas or Software as a service is a software distribution model wherein applications are made available to the customers by a third-party provider, hosting these applications. Saas marketing is one of the three main categories of cloud computing. 

Some of the prominent Saas companies include G Suite, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Dropbox, amongst others. Saas marketing becomes vital in a business when you want to individually target customers to get more conversions or wish to stand out from your competitors. 


Saas Marketing Vs Product Marketing 

Unlike Product Marketing, where there’s a tangible product to be marketed, Saas marketing is tougher with no physical product, on display. It’s easier to sell a beauty product than to convince people to integrate your Software into their everyday processes. And that makes Saas marketing more challenging. 


But that’s where Saas marketing strategies come in. And because it’s a rapidly growing industry, there are numerous job opportunities and career growth options available as well. Saas jobs include a wide range of roles. From solution engineers, customer success, sales, and marketing, there are multiple recruitment opportunities available today.

So if you’re a marketer, Saas company or just an enthusiast, remember that a solid marketing campaign must include Saas marketing strategies. But the question is what Saas strategies to implement? 

In this article, we’re going to look at 12 simple Saas marketing strategies to target in 2021 to acquire and retain your customers while growing your business. 


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  1. Detailed pricing plans 

Saas marketing

One of the most dominant factors that customers consider before availing a service is the price. So make sure that your pricing is upfront and direct. Additionally, it must include a list of components for your audience to keep their expectations in check. 

All of us are trying to make things easier for our customers.

So plan out on multiple options and display them in a tabular format for their convenience. You don’t want to confuse them or make them scroll back and forth for calculations. And by organizing everything in a table and having multiple options, customers would be able to take decisions faster.     


2. Extensive feature list 

This is where numerous marketers commit a mistake. They tend to ignore the tiny details. Your features could include great UX or impeccable customer service, but that’s of no value unless highlighted effectively. 

Focusing on your service’s benefits and categorizing them in an organized manner is essential. You could also include explainer videos or trials to display active features. 


3. SEO for lead generation 

SEO strategies for Saas marketing

As we all know, SEO helps in bringing more visitors to websites and make websites visible to the target audience. And that makes SEO another great Saas marketing strategy for generating leads. 

Although using SEO improves your customer’s search rankings, pairing it with a tool can take things to the next level.

We recommended using SEMrush for any SEO requirement that you might have. It’ll help to track rankings, find keywords, and build backlinks. 


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4. Offering free trials 

In today’s day and age, free trials are a must. They act as incentives for your customers to sign-up for your product or service and start using it. And that makes it an effective Saas marketing strategy for customer acquisition. 

So if you want to lure customers into using your service and want them to take the initial step, offering free trials is a great way. Once they’re convinced, paid plans would automatically follow. 


5. Make sign-ups effortless 

sign ups in marketing

People are more likely to do an activity if it’s easy. And that’s what you need to do with sign-ups. If you want more people to sign up, try removing as many hurdles as possible. Sign-ups should have fewer fields and complete information about what the customer can expect. But most importantly, they should be easy to fill.

And because you wouldn’t want your customer’s mind to wander, CTA’s at every step are a must. 


6. Experiment with PPC campaigns 

PPC campaigns in Saas marketing

A hard fact is that not all of us get substantial organic traffic. And that’s why Pay-per-click campaigns for Saas marketing are so vital. A paid marketing tactic, PPC lets you display ads on other search engine portals or websites. They are scalable and allow you to handle your spending with much ease. 

The key is to make engaging ads, defining your audience, and creating a focused landing page. SEMrush is a great tool that can be used to find relevant keywords and optimize your ad performance.  


7. Use Content Marketing 

content in Saas marketing

Another highly impactful Saas marketing strategy for lead generation is Content Marketing. The key is to post quality content on your website that’s relevant to your potential customers. It’ll get you more website visitors. 

Tools like HubSpot can be used for creating unique content regularly.

As it allows you with details of the best performing content on the internet, you end up being more aware of what’s trending. That, in turn, permits you to create meaningful content and get more traction. 


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8. Improving customer experience 

What’s more important than customer acquisition? Customer retention. And to retain your customers, improving your customer experience is a must. You can do that by personalizing your service to give special attention to your customers. 

One of the things you could do is send a personalized email whenever there’s a sign-up or when you notice that active customers are slipping. Another great alternative is to have a live-chat option for query solving on your website. 


9. Attractive deals 

One Saas marketing strategy that has been quite successful in the past is offering attractive deals. By creating great deals for customers, you can incentivize them to go for an extensive plan and become long time consumers of your service. 

Like other popular Saas marketing companies, you should also offer discounts on long term plans. But make sure to highlight them correctly to ensure the customers that they’d be getting a better deal. 


10. Offering fewer alternatives 

Too many options lead to confusion. So make sure that your plans have 2-3 variants ideally to avoid confusing your prospects. 

Additionally, clearly showing the features offered in different plans, along with their prices, is vital. It would help your customers in making the right decision as per their needs. 


11. Referral Marketing 

Referral marketing in Saas marketing

A Saas marketing strategy you shouldn’t miss out on is Referral Marketing. By rewarding customer referrals, you’d be able to generate more leads.  But for this Saas marketing strategy to work, providing your customers with incentives to refer you, and being referral worthy is foremost. Running loyalty programs that provide incentives is a great place to start. 


12. Visible and clear CTAs 

In addition to making the sign-up process easy, equipping your customers with clear, action-oriented CTAs is equally important. 

Because in the end, what matters is making sure that your potential customers are moving to the next action, and not going backward. And adding clear CTAs throughout the website would help you in achieving that.  


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We’re approaching 2021 and Saas marketing cannot be avoided at any cost. This industry is only going to get bigger and better. So make sure you make the most of it by leveraging these efficacious Saas marketing strategies. They’d help you with lead generation, customer acquisition, and customer retention. Go ahead and Saas it out in 2021. 


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