7 Serviced Offices in Coimbatore for Your Company

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu’s second-largest city after Chennai, is a burgeoning commercial hub. A Tier-II city in Tamil Nadu, it is also developing itself as a startup hub. It has got a wide spectrum of talent accessible for all types of enterprises. In Coimbatore, both hybrid and fixed workforces are available for businesses or individuals. The fixed workforce prefers to work from traditional offices. Whereas, the new hybrid workforce like remote employees, freelancers, and other independent professionals, works from coworking space in Coimbatore.


Benefits of Working at Coworking Space in Coimbatore

Coworking spaces are an excellent place to meet and network with highly skilled professionals from a variety of fields. Also, you can take part in exciting coworking activities like mentorship programs, incubator programs, and training events.

Coimbatore offers a wide range of amazing coworking spaces. Also, it offers different types of spaces for corporates, startups, entrepreneurs, remote employees, and freelancers. Coworking spaces in Coimbatore are also working as growth accelerators for the city’s thriving startup ecosystem. Remember, when it comes to features like office equipment, event space, and more, coworking space in Coimbatore saves a lot of money.



7 Best Coworking Spaces in Coimbatore

Check the top seven coworking spaces in Coimbatore, each with its own set of services. However, all of them make it a great place to work for all kinds of businesses.


1. Regus

regus coimbatore

Regus is a well-known international coworking space provider. It has two locations in Coimbatore, both of which are located in historic commercial buildings. Whereas their first location is in Hanudev Info Park C, and the second is located in Srivari Shrimat. Their shared office spaces include plenty of natural sunlight and ventilation, making their coworking spaces more lively.

Also, it helps to provide the best work-life balance to its participants. It is equipped with facilities such as cafés, breakout zones, open terraces, and more that help you unwind. Remember, all of these amenities assist you in de-stressing after a long day at work. Also, it will help you to return to work the next day with a clear mind and plenty of energy.

Facilities offered:
  • Meeting Room
  • Onsite Cafeteria
  • Parking
  • Onsite Restaurant
  • Outside Seating Area

Avinashi Road Door No.1045, 3rd Floor, Srivari Shrimat, Tamil Nadu 641018.

Check out Regus Here

2. MyBranch

MyBranch Coimbatore

MyBranch redefines the way co-working space in Coimbatore is seen, thanks to its strategic location. This coworking space is a growth accelerator for Coimbatore’s developing enterprises. Also, it is technologically driven and has a beautiful design, and having ergonomic furniture.

It is almost certain that your team will benefit from the gorgeous, noise-free, and distraction-free coworking atmosphere. Remember, these facilities makes operations simple and allows you to perform at your best.

Also, its varied community of coworkers, who come from a variety of professional backgrounds, provides excellent networking opportunities. It fosters a culture of sharing and healthy knowledge exchange.

Facilities offered:
  • Parking
  • Security
  • Meeting Room
  • Games Room,
  • Lounge Area

2nd Floor NO.512, Shamims Towers, Thadagam Main Road, RS Puram, Coimbatore

Check out MyBranch Here


3.  Hive

hive coworking space in Coimbatore

Hive is one of Coimbatore’s most innovative, adaptable, and collaborative coworking spaces. This coworking is also having options of a dedicated desk, private cabin, as well as the pre-booked conference room. Furthermore, their plug-and-play office solutions are offered on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis. However, this large coworking space in Coimbatore is ideal for groups of any size.

This space is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help its coworkers and members to become more productive. It is located in the prominent commercial district of Cross-Cut Road. Also, it is home to a thriving community of professionals that are eager to help you at every level of your career.

Facilities offered:
  • High-speed Internet
  • valet parking
  • power backup
  • security
  • conference and meeting rooms

No 726/1, Sri Venky complex, Second Floor, Cross Cut Rd, Coimbatore


4. VShare

vshare coworking space in Coimbatore

VShare is a hassle-free and simple to set up coworking space located in Business Today, Gandipuram. Furthermore, their offered coworking solutions can be rented on a flexible basis to meet your specific needs. Also, with this space, the management of your workstation becomes a seamless experience because of their personalized services.

They also host community events on entrepreneurship, IT, and other topics. This empowers their coworkers with the knowledge, skills, and exposure that they need to grow their businesses.

Also, this coworking space is near ATMs, banks, financial institutions, and other civic facilities. Remember, this is important for your business because it helps to form a great impression owing to its location.

Facilities offered:
  • Power Backup
  • Reception
  • High Speed
  • WiFi,
  • Air Conditioning

68-70, Business Today, 4th floor,7th street 100 feet Road, Gandhipuram.


5. Innovspace

innovspace coworking space

Innovspace coworking space in Coimbatore welcomes you with its exquisite lounge area and reception. It offers spacious and professionally decorated coworking options for all types of companies.

Choosing this workspace as your business location gives your company both business and workspace benefits. Furthermore, their beautifully designed conference rooms equipped with modern technology are suitable for hosting crucial business meetings and presentations.

As a startup-friendly coworking space, it also offers services like compliance management, branding, mentorship, and more.

Facilities offered:
  • Lounge Area
  • Cafeteria
  • Meeting and Conference Rooms
  • 24*7 Secured Office
  • High-Speed Internet

277/1A, Annamalai Industrial Park, Kalapatti Main Rd, Kalapatti.


6. Cultiv8

cultiv coworking space in Coimbatore

Cultiv8 coworking space is a well-known shared office space provider in Coimbatore. This coworking space provides a complete startup ecosystem, including incubation, acceleration, and funding options to entrepreneurs. Furthermore, its thriving network of professionals and coworkers can assist you in developing the expansion strategy for your business.

Also, a balance of sitting and standing workstations gives coworkers with pleasant working options. Not only that, but Its well-designed workstations foster collaboration and an open sharing of ideas among its coworkers.

Facilities offered:
  • Printer
  • Car Parking
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Reception

5/30, 2nd St, Sri Thiruvengadam Nagar, Ganapathypudur, Coimbatore.

7. The Syndicate Space

The Syndicate Space coworking space in Coimbatore

The Syndicate Space coworking provides workspace alternatives for all types of businesses. It has a lively atmosphere, modern infrastructure, and cutting-edge amenities.

Furthermore, this coworking space in Coimbatore has all of the amenities needed to provide a great working environment for its coworkers. It is also set in a lush green natural setting and was designed to be environmentally sustainable.

Dedicated desks, private cabins, and complimentary access to the conference rooms make this space ideal for all kinds of teams. Also, this coworking space, is close to all main public transportation destinations, making it convenient for its coworkers.

Facilities offered:
  • Conference Rooms
  • Cafeteria
  • Power backup
  • Reception
  • Security

38, Tatabad 3rd St, Hudco Colony, Coimbatore.


Final words

When it comes to selecting a coworking space in Coimbatore, you have a lot of choices. However, all of these spaces have distinct features and benefits that set them apart. Remember, the easiest thing to do is to write down your criteria and then find a coworking space that can easily accommodate them all.


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