Top 7 Vibrant Office Spaces For Rent In Chandigarh For Your Business

With an overwhelming number of start-ups launching in India every year, more and more teams are looking for offices that befit their requirements. The fact that co-working is essentially not employed by the same firm makes the set-up produced here distinct from the office setting. Because it involves a shared working space for completing autonomous activities. With overwhelming odds in its favor, coworking promises to be the future and provides a full explanation of why it will succeed in offering your organization a significant competitive advantage. It has been demonstrated in the past that it is advantageous in running a profitable business while also managing other chores.

Chandigarh, as a major city in North India, boasts a number of interesting coworking spaces. If you’re a freelancer, a solitary entrepreneur, or have a small startup team, you can look for co-working office space for rent in Chandigarh. This new way of working has swept the globe, and Chandigarh is having some of the greatest and nicest coworking places in the Tricity.

Almost all office space for rent in Chandigarh are quite exciting and full of activity. Finding shared office space can be difficult because not every coworking location is right for you. There’s a lot to think about, from the workplace location to the in-house cafe, from open sitting to private cabins. To assist you in finding a coworking space near you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Chandigarh’s best coworking spaces.


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Top 7 Office Spaces in Chandigarh To Unlock Your Productivity


1. myHQ

coworking offices in BEML Layout Bangalore

myHQ has been the workspace expert in India across multiple locations and geographies, housing teams of all sizes and industries. With a stellar experience under their belt, myHQ has been the driving force behind teams adopting more flexible and productive ways of working.

myHQ creates unparalleled and seamless work experiences for users via a growing network of coworking spaces in Chandigarh. Enjoy uninterrupted Wi-Fi, comfortable workstations, beverages, and breakout areas dedicated to teams for leisure and team bonding.

Check Out myHQ Here


2. Regus- Industrial Area Phase 1

industrial area phase l

Regus is a co-working place that focuses on the community. This is where you’ll find the proper kind of environment and materials to spark your imagination and generate new ideas. Despite the fact that this coworking space is located in Industrial Area Phase I, it is at the top of our list because of the amenities it provides to its members.

Regus has created a gorgeous workspace with ergonomic seats, an in-house cafeteria, a revitalizing corner, and a lounge area. With round-the-clock electricity and lightning-fast internet, you can concentrate on your work and delegate these various obligations to their proactive management. There are several facilities to avail in this modern-day coworking space in Chandigarh- Free electricity, high-speed wifi, LAN ports on each seat, and indoor games.

Check Out Regus Here


3. Awfis – Motiaz Royal Business Park

Awfis Motiaz Royal Business Park

Located near the highway connecting Ambala and Chandigarh, Awfis is without a doubt one of the top coworking spaces in Chandigarh. This Chandigarh coworking space provides comfortable and spacious seating options for different team sizes.

The space is well-furnished with meeting rooms, lounges, pods and entertainment and breakout zones. Awfis Chandigarh is the perfect space for meetings, conferences and brainstorming activities with its spectacularly designed and well-stocked meeting rooms.

You can avail dedicated desks and private cabins in this coworking space starting from INR 8999/-

Check Out Awfis Here


4. Regus- Sector 17

Regus Sector 17

Regus offers another amazing coworking space in Chandigarh in Sector 17, the city’s official commercial hub.

You not only become a member of a large working community when you join Regus Coworking space in Chandigarh, but also have abundant opportunities to socialize. This will help you to expand your areas of operations, and thus contribute to the creation of a productive environment that is applicable to the dynamicity of the business field. Printing equipment, a top cabin, and a well-serviced, large seating area are the highlights of this space.

You can rent dedicated desks and private cabins for your teams easily in one of the most popular and hottest areas of Chandigarh.

Check Out Regus Here


5. Next57 Coworking

coworking space for rent in chandigarh

Next57 coworking can be described as a community, a network, and a common space for entrepreneurs to grow and develop their diverse goods and ideas. For those looking for office space for rent in Chandigarh, Next57 Coworking space in Chandigarh offers a solid design. Young entrepreneurs are afforded adequate privacy as well as a positive atmosphere that will aid their performance. The objective of Nect57 Coworking Space in Chandigarh is to build a community that is home to a productive and efficient workforce.

A virtual office costs Rs. 3,999 per month, dedicated desks cost Rs. 6,500 per month in this coworking space.



6. Caryakshetra Coworking Space

Caryakshetra Coworking space in Chandigarh


Another great place to provide shared office space to aspiring entrepreneurs is the Caryakshetra Coworking in Chandigarh. The Caryakshetra coworking space in Chandigarh gives start-up a great environment to work while also providing them with ample options for growth and development.  It also provides its users with an event space, a conference room, and much more.



7. Work Yard

Work Yard office space for rent in chandigarh

Work Yard is a new coworking space in the Tri-City area.  It is centrally located, has public transportation access, is on the ground floor, and is affordable for anyone. In the initial phase, they are offering dedicated desks and virtual office services.

Work Yard is designed with cleanliness and freshness in mind. They have taken the best possible measures to meet such requirements. Work Yard intends to work while keeping the needs and expectations of the coworkers in mind.



Final Words

Chandigarh, has a high per capita income and consumption rate, making it an attractive location for start-ups and new ideas. As a result, the demand for office space for rent in Chandigarh is increasing. Coworking spaces in Chandigarh are an excellent option for anyone who wants to work on their business. It’s the finest method to work from home and have an office at the same time.


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