15 Best Courier Services for eCommerce Businesses

The eCommerce industry in India has been evolving consistently over the past decade. It has led to a sharp increase in the number of courier services for eCommerce platforms that promise to deliver customer-requested orders on time.

Before integrating with a courier partner for your eCommerce business, you must consider various factors. While you may receive orders in large quantities, your success depends on order completion and customer satisfaction. Once a customer places an order, a logistics system becomes productive to ensure that the parcel reaches its destination safely and timely via air, sea, or road.

Many factors contribute to successful product delivery from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep. These factors include the route for the shipment, the product’s safety in transit, and the delivery timeline. With an efficient and trustworthy courier partner that provides expedited shipping options, an eCommerce business can improve the customer experience dramatically.

Today, there are over 100 courier service companies in India, making it difficult for an eCommerce business to make a choice. They all claim to be the best eCommerce courier services, providing quality deliveries. In this blog, we help eCommerce businesses select the courier company right for their business needs. These companies are evaluated on metrics such as cargo weight, cash on delivery, RTO percentage, delivery range and capacity, shipping costs, courier delivery proof, fast delivery of goods, and security.


Top 15 Courier Services for eCommerce in India

1. Delhivery

Delhivery- courier services for ecommerceThe company launched its logistics services in 2011. Today, it has grown to become one of the leading courier services providers. Delhivery offers a full suite of services such as reverse logistics, third-party and transit warehousing, last-mile delivery, vendor-to-warehouse, vendor-to-customer shipping, payment collection, and more. It serves over 10,000 customers throughout the country, 75% of which are top eCommerce businesses.

The company is recognized for its COD and reverse logistics services. But, its prime focus remains on offering several options for express delivery, such as same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and on-demand delivery. Businesses can integrate Delhivery API for automatic shipping label generation, managing shipping exceptions, displaying accurate EDDs, and cancelling orders.

Website: www.delhivery.com



dtdc- courier services for ecommerceDTDC or Desk to Desk Courier & Cargo Express Limited was incorporated in 1990 with its headquarters in Bangalore. It offers a wide pin code coverage across the country to deliver couriers or products for individuals and eCommerce companies. Its courier services for eCommerce companies are customizable with options like heavyweight shipping, bulk shipping, collect-on-delivery, and express delivery. DTDC Express Limited has a significant global footprint as well, servicing 240 international countries.

Website: www.dtdc.in


3. Blue Dart

bluedart- courier services for ecommerce

The service provider is one of the well-known names in the country’s shipping and logistics industry. It is a digital carrier operating since 1983. It offers multiple payment packages that consolidate services together. eCommerce companies can leverage the services for express delivery and time-based/slot-based delivery, automated proof of delivery on order fulfilment, COD delivery, and weather-resistant order packaging. The company also allows close tracking of product returns, failed deliveries, and order delays.

Website: www.bluedart.com


4. DHL

DHL logoDHL  (Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn) is a globally recognized courier company. It optimizes the order supply chain by covering over 26,000 pin codes throughout India. The company also owns well-facilitated warehouses. Its services go beyond just storage, extending to packaging, repairs, international mail deliveries, customized and specialized shipping, etc. The courier company is spread across 220 countries across the globe. Moreover, it uses the concept of green packaging to reduce its carbon footprint and maintains a high standard to reduce wastage in the delivery process.

Website: www.dhl.com

5. Aramex

Aramex- courier services for ecommerce

Aramex is an international logistics services and mail delivery company with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. It was incorporated in 1982. Its courier services for eCommerce are tailored to suit the customer’s needs and the size of the online business. Moreover, using the latest technology, its range of services includes everything from storage of products to order fulfilment through effective supply chain management.

Website: www.aramex.com


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6. Ecom Express

Ecom Express- courier services for ecommerce

Another name in the list of courier services for eCommerce includes Ecom Express. The company covers over 27,000 pin codes across India. It is a favourite for online businesses that need to deliver high-value items like jewellery because it offers services for security and surveillance during storage and transit. Additionally, the company provides services for express delivery, 72-hour guaranteed delivery of products to customers and of return items to the origin warehouse, and doorstep quality checks.

Website: www.ecomexpress.in


7. FedEx

FedEx- courier services for ecommerce

FedEx became popular in the global logistics market before venturing into India. It provides optimum shipping solutions to online businesses and is recognized as one of the leading courier services for eCommerce. It can handle a wide product range, such as high-value products, fragile items, heavyweight items, and hazardous materials. The courier company provides end-to-end logistic services for domestic and international shipments. Its exceptional delivery services are available at competitive prices for delivery in over 19,000 postal codes throughout the country.

Website: www.fedex.com


8. Gati

GatiA list of eCommerce courier services in India is incomplete without the mention of Gati. The courier company was incorporated in 1989 to optimize retail distribution and now focuses on online businesses. It covers over 19,000 pin codes throughout India. eCommerce companies can choose from a wide range of distribution options, including warehousing solutions, transportation mechanisms, and express delivery options. Many business enterprises prefer to hire Gati because of its experience in handling COD orders and customized supply chain solutions.

Website: www.gati.com


9. Shiprocket


Shiprocket is one of the cheapest courier services for eCommerce. The company has partnered with Ecom Express, FedEx, and 14 other delivery partners to ensure seamless shipping for online businesses. Using the automated solution, eCommerce brands can select a delivery partner for every order. The carrier decision depends on pick-up or delivery region, price, and preference. Additionally, companies can sync their orders from various channels and ship from a single platform. Currently, Shiprocket covers more than 12,000 postal codes throughout the country.

Website: www.shiprocket.in

10. Safe Express

Safe Express- courier services for ecommerce

Another renowned name in the eCommerce logistics industry is Safe Express. It is one of the oldest courier companies in India, with over 20 years of experience. It serves over 28,000 pin codes across India.

Safe Express provides the most efficient supply chain solutions to businesses. It equips every vehicle with PRS-enabled smart devices. Consequently, eCommerce companies receive real-time updates during order shipping. The service also lets transportation units select the optimal route for delivery, resulting in faster delivery. Online businesses partnering with Safe Express enjoy an added advantage since its secured delivery services provide a receipt of proof of delivery on order fulfilment.

Website: www.safexpress.com

11. First Flight

First Flight

First Flight started in 1986, becoming the first Indian courier company. It claims to be the largest courier company in the country with 1200 offices. Its services are highly affordable for e-commerce ventures, with shipping coverage spread across 220 countries. The courier services for eCommerce are available in 4500 pin codes across India.

With over 30 years of experience in the courier logistics space, the company prides itself on reliability, timely delivery, unimpeachable honesty, and reach.

Website: www.firstflight.net

12. India Post

India Post- courier services for ecommerce

India Post Service is a reliable name with the most extensive coverage across the nation. It was established in 1854. The Government-operated postal system delivers posts and parcels to most parts of the world. When it comes to pricing, it is one of the most affordable courier services you will come across. Moreover, it has been appreciated for its ability to send packages to the remotest of locations.

Website: www.indiapost.gov.in

13. XpressBees


XpressBees is one of the fastest-growing logistics service providers in India. It was founded in 2015, and it provides end-to-end supply chain solutions. The company is proud to be amongst the industry pioneers for SDD and NDD deliveries in India, establishing connections through all airports of the country and 35,000+ feet on the street to offer flexibility and personal touch to customers. The company also has a distribution network spanning over 20,000 pin codes, making it easier for you to cater to your farthest customer.

Website: www.xpressbees.com

14. eKart Logistics

Ekart Logistics- courier services for ecommerce

eKart started operations in 2009 as Flipkart’s in-house supply chain arm. Ranked among India’s leading courier service providers, the company provides end-to-end supply chain and fulfilment services. Currently, it offers first-mile and last-mile deliveries across 3800 pin codes in the country. With eKart Logistics’ tech-driven supply chain, you can excel at timely and hassle-free deliveries. Moreover, eCommerce businesses can use the eKart Logistics API to integrate numerous online marketplaces and storefronts and offer several payment gateways to customers. The API allows easy transfer of order tracking information and provides real-time order status notifications to customers.

Website: www.ekartlogistics.com

15. Gojavas

gojavas- courier services for ecommerce

gojavas was founded in 2013. It aims at providing time-bound logistics and reliable supply-chain solutions to business partners. While the company started as a courier service provider for Jabong, it now offers services to other eCommerce platforms as well. The rates are competitive with dependable delivery and pick-up services for eCommerce orders. Its coverage spreads across over 2500 pin codes and 100 cities. Moreover, its strong technology platform provides real-time tracking, seamless integration, and instant updates, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Website: www.gojavas.com


India is a booming marketplace, with many businesses launching their eCommerce store. The most prominent benefit of an eCommerce business is that anyone can start it. It doesn’t require a heavy capital investment, workforce, or other resources, and you can grow it with time. Nevertheless, as with any startup, an eCommerce business comes with its own set of challenges. These include problems with quality control, inventory management, suppliers, and delivery.

Delivery, in particular, is a pain point. Our list of the top 15 courier services for eCommerce can help you resolve all your delivery and logistics concerns. The list is detailed and comprehensive to cater to the needs of all kinds of eCommerce businesses. You can choose a suitable courier company for your business based on your coverage needs and budget.

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