India’s logistics industry has been developing and growing at an exponential rate. By 2025, the Indian logistics industry is projected to account for 30% of the global logistics industry’s income. In India, 3PL (3rd Party) logistics businesses are essential for the e-commerce industry.

For online retailers, the logistics companies are in charge of the shipping and logistics processes. AWB (airway bills) production, order manifestation, pickup, and delivery to the consumer are all handled by logistics businesses after an order is placed. Businesses can use them to retain goods throughout shipping as well as before and after an order is placed. 

Since more than 100 million Indians shop online. eCommerce logistics companies have definitely had to step up their game and increase the quality and scope of the services they offer, to keep up with user expectations. Additionally, they must continue to use better management techniques to handle returned items, unsuccessful deliveries, and RTO reduction. This is done while maintaining a low-cost setup and high client satisfaction.


What is Logistics?

Military personnel adopted the term “logistics” to describe their methods for obtaining, storing, and transporting equipment and supplies. The term is now used much more broadly to refer to all aspects of the movement of commodities along the supply chain and between points of origin and consumption. 

In order to have the items delivered to the correct destination in the right condition, the logistics management process depends on having the appropriate resources available at the appropriate time. Logistics is a part of the total supply chain, despite the fact that the terms “logistics” and “supply chain” are sometimes used interchangeably. 

In a nutshell, moving items from Point A to Point B is referred to as logistics, which involves two tasks: warehousing and transportation. In order to create and deliver commodities, a network of companies and organisations must engage in a series of procedures, including logistics.

Importance of Logistics

top 10 logistics companies in indiaAlthough the movement of commodities is at the heart of logistics, its impacts stretch much deeper. Success in logistics translates in business into higher efficiency, cheaper costs, higher production rates, better inventory control, more efficient use of warehouse space, higher customer and supplier satisfaction, and better customer experiences. 

Each of these elements has a big impact on how successful a business is. Keep in mind that logistics also includes handling returns to maximise the profit from these goods. The supply chain’s logistics are crucial. 

It manages the efficient forward and backward flow of products and services going from the producer to the consumer. As a result, logistics affects how quickly things may be delivered to customers and shipped, giving them another competitive advantage.


Difference between B2B & B2C Marketing 

The goals of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing strategies are to appeal to two different target markets. Businesses that prioritise serving other businesses over themselves are referred to as B2B. Software, industrial machinery, and fleet maintenance services are a few examples. 

B2C refers to companies that concentrate on the wants and needs of their clients, who are frequently individuals. In other words, they market to everyone except for experts. Consider toothpaste, supermarkets, and mobile gaming platforms. Even though these companies might also be appealing to businesses, the majority of their clientele is made up of consumers, and their marketing reflects that. The primary difference between B2B and B2C marketing strategies is how a company interacts with its target clients. While B2B marketing entails fostering relationships and demonstrating an investment’s return, B2C marketing relies mostly on engaging content and efficient solutions, whether it is for a good or service.

Keeping these factors in mind, here’s a listing of the top 10 logistics companies of India in 2022.

Top 10 Logistics Companies in India in 2022

1. Stockarea

stockarea- top 10 logistics companies in indiaDigital Warehouse, a cloud platform from Stockarea, enables users to manage and track their supply chains more conveniently and accurately. Customers are kept up to date in real-time via the Digital Warehouse, which serves as a single control centre and integrates warehouse activities including inbound, outbound, and inventory management. By offering on-demand warehouse and freight solutions, Stockarea gives customers access to liquidity, obligation-free warehousing, and cost optimization without the need to purchase lengthy and onerous warehousing contracts. Stockarea enables businesses to more precisely, transparently, and consistently monitor their operations.


2. Aegis Logistics Ltd.

aegis-top 10 logistics companies in indiaThe downstream oil and gas market in India is dominated by The Aegis Group. The most significant provider of oil, gas, and chemical logistics is its flagship company, Aegis Logistics Limited. To distribute goods and services across five different but connected economic zones, the Group runs a network of bulk liquid handling terminals, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) terminals, filling stations, pipelines, and gas stations. Our clients include many of India’s largest industrial firms as well as regular retail customers who visit our Aegis Autogas outlets. The sourcing and trading companies of Aegis Group, based in Singapore, operate globally.


3. Allcargo Logistics Ltd

allcargo logisticsAnother name in Top 10 Logistics Companies in India, Mumbai-based Allcargo Logistics Ltd was founded in 1993. It belongs to the top logistics companies in India. It offers transportation using a number of modes. This industry leader is owned and run by the Avvashya Group. Less than container load, non-vessel operating common carrier, and full container load are among the available multimodal transportation alternatives. Additionally, it offers services for ship ownership, storage, chartering, inland container depots, and third-party logistics throughout India.


4. Apollo LogiSolutions

ALS- top 10 logistics companies in indiaThe business offers end-to-end integrated services through its vast global network, which includes several locations. 

In order to achieve a global presence, cutting-edge technology, and operational excellence through best practices, ALS has teamed with international partners. This aids the business in becoming a full-service provider in the dispersed logistics sector. Thanks to a global joint venture and the early purchase of an Indian logistics company, ALS has the resources throughout the supply chain to live up to the expectations of its customers.


5. Blue Dart Express Ltd.

blue dart logisticsIndian logistics company Blue Dart Express Ltd. is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Mr. Tushar Jani launched the company in 1983. Around 36,000 pin numbers are used by Blue Dart Express in 225 different countries, including India. They offer a variety of payment options that cover a wide range of services. Some alternatives include cash-on-delivery, automated proof-of-delivery during order fulfilment, weather-resistant order packing, rapid delivery, and time-based/slot-based delivery. 

Blue Dart promotes environmental protection (GoGreen), disaster relief (GoHelp), and education as part of its awareness of its social obligations (GoTeach) which also contributes in making it one of the top 10 logistics companies in India.


6. Container Corporation of India

CONCOR- Container Corporation of IndiaThe Container Corporation of India is a company based in New Delhi that was founded in 1988. Container handling and container transportation (by rail and by road) are two of the company’s main industries. Dry ports, container freight stations, and private freight terminals are all part of the company’s infrastructure. Train, road, air, and reefer freight are among the company’s international services, along with round-trip block booking. Train travel, door-to-door delivery and pickup, and terminal handling fees are examples of domestic services.


7. Mahindra Logistics

Mahindra LogisticsMahindra Partners, the USD 1 billion private equity division of the USD 20.7 billion revenue Mahindra Group, owns Mahindra Logistics Limited (MLL), one of its portfolio companies. MLL specialises in solutions for people mobility and supply chain management. MLL works with more than 350 firms in a variety of sectors, including e-commerce, consumer goods, engineering, and the automotive industry. The company’s business strategy focuses on tailored, technologically advanced solutions for the supply chain and workforce mobility.


8. TCI Express Ltd

TCI Express- top 10 logistics companies in IndiaOne of the most notable divisions of India’s most respected transportation organisation, Transport Corporation of India, TCI XPS was founded in 1996. (TCI). The multimodal solutions offered by TCI include transportation, storage, warehousing, and transportation assistance. The business offers customers a single-window door-to-door service and specialises on quick delivery. With approximately 3,000 pickup stations and roughly 13,000 delivery locations, our containerized trucks offer speedy options. Over 200 nations are served by the business. The value-added options that are accessible to B2C and B2B distribution models include cash on delivery (COD), pick and pack, late-night, and early-morning deliveries.


9. VRL Logistics Ltd.

VRL LogisticsWith activities in 23 states and four union territories, VRL Logistics Limited, often known as the VRL Group, is an Indian conglomerate with its headquarters in Hubballi, Karnataka. The VRL Group’s primary businesses are publishing, logistics, and road transportation. 

It is said that VRL’s Vijayavani is the most important newspaper in Karnataka. The 3PL and warehousing solutions provided by VRL are specifically designed to meet the individual requirements of each of its many clients. For many enterprises, the parcel service provided by VRL is essential because it has India’s greatest network for moving goods. With properly placed transhipment hubs, this covers the entire nation. They serve our devoted customers through a network of 875 offices and franchisees, and we are currently expanding our services to reach even the most remote areas of the world.


10. Gati Limited

Gati LogisticsOne of the top express distribution and supply chain management companies in India, Gati Limited is committed to offering seamless, end-to-end solutions supported by cutting-edge digital tools and technology. 

Using cutting-edge digital tools and technology, Gati Limited, a significant express distribution and supply chain management firm in India, is committed to providing smooth, end-to-end solutions.


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