Best Web Development In WordPress Trends – A Comprehensive Guide 2022

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the industry and reputed for its minimal code, easy web development in wordpress. There are approximately more than 455 million websites that use WordPress across the globe. The reason behind the success of the WP is its easy-to-use and flexible features. As a matter of fact, WordPress alone powers 43% of all websites on the internet.     

Businesses across the world keep their eyes on WordPress and the latest trends to check up on what’s new coming on their way. In fact, most businesses prefer to choose WordPress for their business website. In case you do not have a website yet, hire software developers now.  

Today, we will unfold “Best Web Development In WordPress Trends” so that you can discover the power of the world’s best CMS. Without any delay, let’s get ahead to the top trends.


Web Development In WordPress Trends

Although some people or businesses may underestimate the strength of WordPress when new technologies appear, WordPress always made its way among every emerging technology. Wondering “How”? Let us help you understand how WordPress is still a popular choice amongst the developer community and businesses. 

WordPress is one of the CMS that never fails to impress with the latest trends to beat other robust technologies or trends. This is how WordPress is still in the market and setting new milestones in the IT industry. For now, have a look at the most popular WordPress web development trends.



What Are The Top 8 Web Development Trends In WordPress?

  1. Drag & Drop Mechanism
  2. WordPress For E-Commerce
  3. Augmented Reality
  4. Voice Search
  5. No-Code Development
  6. Chatbot Integration
  7. Progressive Web Application (PWA)
  8. Blockchain Technology

To understand these WordPress web development trends in-depth, keep on reading and scrolling. As we will elaborate on each and every one in detail so that you can choose and use them wisely. 

Popular Web Development Trends In WordPress 

Drag & Drop Mechanism: Although most people believe that web development in WordPress does not require coding, it does just like in any other tech stack. However, the level of difficulty or length of code is comparatively easy and short.

As there are numerous plug-ins and themes available in WordPress. Fortunately, the drag and drop mechanism in WordPress allows developers to develop a fully-functional WordPress website without writing a single line code.


1. WordPress For E-Commerce

trends of web development in wordpress In case you wish to get an eCommerce website as it is the best business at the current date, WordPress can help. However, many businesses might not be aware that WP can build a great eCommerce site.

The WooCommerce plugin in WordPress is specially designed for eCommerce solutions. In addition, the WooCommerce plugin makes the eCommerce website SEO friendly. Still, the list of features WordPress WooCommerce offers doesn’t end here.

As there are many additional features such as payment gateways, smooth inventory management, various marketing elements, etc.  


2. Augmented Reality

personalized digital marketing strategies- development in wordpressIn the upcoming future, AR (Augmented Reality) is going to be one of the most used technologies. As a result, the TECH or IT industry has reached another level. AR technology has a vital role in converting online stores to another level with amazing features and outstanding outlook of the website/products.

In addition, WordPress is going to boom at the next level with increasing AR-based plugins and widgets in the near future. These tech trends will take WordPress to a great level in the IT sector. As people will be able to foresee (imagine) things with technology to make better decisions.


3. Voice Search

voice search trend for development in wordpressIn the past few years, voice search has been one of the fast-growing, popular, and widely used tech trends. For instance – Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, etc. To walk at the same pace as other technologies, WordPress has also stepped ahead in the voice search trend. This means with the WordPress plugin a business can leverage the advantage of voice search functionality within the site.

However, a business does not have to bother about site optimization with the new voice feature as the core of WordPress is SEO-friendly. Therefore, you can easily optimize the website for voice search.


4. No-Code Development

hire developers for startup myHQ- development in wordpressIn WordPress, the best advantage developers have is that either it requires less code or no code. This means web development process time can reduce up to 90%. Moreover, in the upcoming future, no code or low code platforms or technology have a better future in the IT industry and WordPress is one of them.

In addition, visual page builders such as Elementor and plugins like Woocommerce for e-commerce can help you obtain a fully functional website (shop) in just a few days and under budget.


5. Chatbot Integration

instagram virtual assistant- development in wordpressSince the invention of technology, the demand for user-friendly solutions has always been a priority. In the past few years, this demand has drastically increased and chatbot integration with AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become necessary.

So WordPress didn’t prefer to stay at the back with this trend and it’s also offering a chatbot integration feature with ease.


6. Progressive Web Application (PWA)

startup toolsAnother emerging trend in the WordPress list is PWA (Progressive Web Application). The PWA applications work simply like native applications so downloads aren’t necessary.

When thinking about Progressive Web Application development, consider skilled professionals with vast knowledge of basic to advanced tech stacks. However, WordPress allows users to build similar solutions without tech expertise with some ready-to-use WordPress plugins like Super Progressive Web Apps and others.


7. Blockchain Technology

blockchain- trends web development in WordPress

For online store businesses, it is very common to face a translation issue. To overcome such a problem, Blockchain is the best solution. Moreover, most countries have accepted cryptocurrency.

So in the near future, crypto and blockchain are the common tech trends. To match the market and latest trends, WordPress has many plugins to assist in payment acceptance through cryptocurrency.

Tell us Your Favorite Web Development in WordPress Trend

Now, you are well-versed with all the latest WordPress trends coming in 2022. Tell us which one you find the best and most suitable for your business.

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