Cafe Soul Garden Is Our New Pick And We Can Bet It’s Your Dream Workspace

Nestled in Phase IV, this was one of the best-hidden gems of Gurgaon up until a year ago.

However, recently, its delicious oven pizzas and interesting cozy movie screenings have got people raving about it endlessly. Living right to its name, Cafe Soul Garden has a beautiful entrance to escape you into another world right in the middle of this concrete jungle.

We won’t deny its beautiful open garden seating with white benches and green canopies always got us re-imagine it as a perfect workspace for creatives in our community. Cafe Soul Garden paints a picture perfect space to work from with its fresh ambiance, cozy food and exciting mix of intellectuals hooked on to their laptops and novels.

Well then, here it is.

Cafe Soul Garden becomes your official myHQ workspace! 

And we’ve prepped it up all the right way to make your work experience as seamless as possible.

The cafe is segregated into two parts to give you a varied work experience. The interiors for the indoors are well lit, simple, clean and compact perfect for small teams to work together productively or hold collaborative meetings. The outside one is the gorgeous garden area, best to get your thinking hats on or catch up on a buzzing idea with a fellow co-worker.

While Cafe Soul Garden already had a creative ambiance to inspire even the dullest of slugs out there, we got our magic wands out to make it the perfect workspace for every creative hustler.

Blazing internet connection:

For the modern workforce of today, everything can be adjusted and tweaked to a certain level – except seamless connectivity. So just like all myHQ cafes, Soul Garden will now give you access to blazing Wifi connectivity of 20mbps+ without any extra cost.

Fixing up Concierge:

When we say we make your favorite neighborhood coffee shop into perfect work zones, we really mean it. A perfect workspace includes your concierge needs of stationery, printing, and scanning fixed too. With cute quirky myHQ stationery stocked up at this cafe, you’d never face a day as dull as your office.

Yummy food, yummier discounts:

While Cafe Soul Garden is already known for its super popular fresh fire oven pizzas and luscious cappuccinos, we didn’t have much to do here except make sure that nothing is too heavy on our enthusiastic new-age hustlers’ pocket.

This is why when you’re out working in Cafe Soul Garden as a myHQ user, you will find an exclusive co-working menu with economical combos and offers. Also, if you follow us on Instagram, you’d know how much we worship coffee. So obviously, when you pay for one latte here, we’ll make sure you get another right on your table.

Bonus: You get a winning 15% cashback on A la carte!

With a super-accessible location at Supermart, DLF Ph-IV, Cafe Soul Garden is extremely convenient because of the nearest metro station being just a few minutes away.

Quick Takeaway:

A quaint garden cafe, this cafe is perfect for someone who loves quiet spaces with ample of creative inspiration. It’s undeniably a hub for freelancers because of numerous opportunities floating away in one of Gurgaon’s most buzzing cafes. You’ll bump into the most exciting breed of writers, bloggers, designers, and creative change-makers here.

So now that’s a news our myHQ co-workers have been dancing onto for a while now, but it’s time you too jump on the bandwagon. Don’t take our word for it, take a free trial, we say. 

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